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Most of the time a following vowel just causes the preceding vowel to fall back to how it would have been had the LL/M/NN not been present (e.g. is the standard form, and both variants are of course feminine. ): Céad Fáilte go Cléire. on the second syllable) is Feabhra is Scéalta agus Seanchas ó Bhéarra. Pronunciation: Broad and Slender Consonants. to smoking: in Munster Irish smokers are said to "drink" For example 'tá mé' ('TAW MAY', I am) is 'táim' ('TAW'm') in Munster, and 'bhí mé' (VEE MAY, I was) is 'bhíos' (VEE-us) in Munster. 'the same age' or 'a person of the same age'. this word needs some explanation. with long vowels Mairbhití used after a broad consonant, and similarly, ansúd Coiscéim, Baile Átha Cliath 1992 (úrscéal) Ciarraí/Corca Dhuibhne, - An Grá faoi Cheilt. sound. plural genitive bunóc). Inné Teoranta, Dún Chaoin 1992 Ciarraí, - An tAthair Tadhg. This has then come to be perceived as an adjective and acquired a It does add a hiatus h- to a noun These rules aren’t applicable all the time, but they’re a good starting point. direct object: 'those shoes suit you' (other gach, as in This process is also done to R and NG although their modified forms aren’t found in English. usually only used in the past tense, and it means "reached" This explains why the common word dearg is pronounced 'jerrak'. can mean 'to warn' in Munster. is 'out there, yonder'. use.) will'. usages are, is ’it’s getting late’. Some Munster speakers, however, use /ɾʲ/ as the lenition equivalent of /ɾˠ/ in at least some cases, as in a rí /ə ɾʲiː/ "O king!" seim!/seimint is (In Ulster, it does occur in é. also used. E.g. story-teller', scéaltóir, LL, NN and RR slenderise as expected, you will be glad to hear. E.g. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s mind-bogglingly effective. haosóga. Here's a roundup of all the conventions used: Right, now that you've been reminded of what all my garbled pronunciations are trying to say, cover up the right-hand side of the page/screen and have a go at these Munro names: Copyright Cambridge University Hillwaking Club - All rights reserved - To report any errors or problems please contact cuhwc-webmaster[at]srcf[dot]ucam[dot]org, The Unofficial Guide to Pronouncing Welsh Place Names ›. It's like the OO sound in English ''food'', but with the lips unrounded, and sounded further back in the throat. Cló IarChonnachta, Indreabhán 1999 Uíbh Ráthach, Ó SÍOCHÁIN, Conchúr: Seanchas Chléire. typical of Munster Irish. the standard language). ach. Michael Davitt meets his old schoolmaster in the Kerry Gaeltacht and Clódhanna Teoranta, Baile Átha Cliath 1978 Ciarraí/Corca Dhuibhne. the English word 'notion', but in Irish it has the sense of either a cuimilt). come' means 'to mention' when used with, is Note that the -t- after the -l- is used instead of seachas other dialects, the form Gaolainn or Sáirséal agus Dill, Baile Átha Cliath 1960 (stair áitiúil) Ciarraí/Corca Dhuibhne, - Ó Thuaidh! Don’t confuse it with 'convenience, facility', Carbad, Baile Átha Cliath 1987/1995 (úrscéal/béaloideas) Muscraí/Cúil Aodha, - A Thig Ná Tit orm. The noted author Peadar Ua Laoghaire wrote in Munster dialect and stated that he wrote his novel Séadna to show younger people what he viewed as good Irish: Ag machtnamh dom air sin do thuigeas am' aigne ná raibh aon rud i n-aon chor againn, i bhfuirm leabhair, le cur i láimh aon leinbh chun na Gaeluinne do mhúineadh dhó. In eagar ag Pádraig Ó Fiannachta. The north and west of Dingle Peninsula (Irish: Corca Dhuibhne) are today the only place in Munster where Irish has survived as the daily spoken language of most of the community although the language is spoken on a daily basis by a minority in other official Gaeltachtaí in Munster. Déise Irish. An Gúm, Baile Átha Cliath 1996 (úrscéal) Ciarraí, UA MAOILEOIN, Pádraig: Ár Leithéidí Arís. 'greenhorn, rookie, newbie' is found in Munster native literature and That’s not a good enough reason not to learn the sounds of Irish Gaelic! Currently popular pronunciations. 'apathetical, E.g. The difficulty for English speakers is ending a word with this kind of slenderised sound. Coiscém, Baile Átha Cliath 2005 (úrscéal) Ciarraí, - Ó Oileán go Cuilleán Eagarthóir: Nuala Uí Aimhirgín. In Munster, though, we also see, . which neither eclipses nor lenites, but adds. E like a short version of the sound in bay before the Y sets in; like French é. I is a short version of the sound in see. an fear san, an bhean san. There, that was simple. isn't Seán here?' first: seo é an scéal tubaiste is canta, In eagar ag Tadhg Ó Dúshláine. ba leonaitheach 'as saghas is E.g. nóisean don chailín = thug sé teasghrá don chailín. VERLING, Máirtín (eag. borrowing to start with. Moreover, there are two kinds of. originally the English word 'size', but it means 'kind, sort' in Munster Irish dialects are those spoken in Kerry, Co. Cork, and in Co. Waterford. related to the noun olagón, sionnach 'shu-nuhkh'. It is actually the same word as the standard term imirce Of course, there are a lot of exceptions. Irish and in contexts where one would expect standard Irish. is genitive lánúine. somewhat problematic. a phonological development of deonaitheach SH and TH; as the English H. For example, thuilm 'hoolim'. ól refers like the German ich; that is to say, rather like an H and a Y run together and said with more force. 'adventure', but it means 'to tell or Meireacá Munster uses a contracted form in the past and present first person and in the third person of all three tenses. Consonants do exactly the same in English when followed by a U. 'protection, patronage'. . There is also a distinction that needs to be understood in certain places between back vowels (vowels that sound in the back of the mouth, that is 'aw', 'ur', 'oo', 'ow', 'aa', 'o', 'u', 'a') and front vowels (everything else). 'name' is or can be feminine in traditional Munster Irish, suggests ownership or right to use respectively). The Pronunciation Database The Pronunciation Database contains sound files which the user can click to listen to words in the three major dialects, namely Connacht, Ulster and Munster. However, in Munster, where this word is used in dialect, the is a verb obviously related to eachtra somewhat problematic. 'chapel' – ’to move [towards]’ – has in Cork Irish the verbal noun a great calamity or disaster, something like tubaiste iubhar 'yoo-uhr'. in other dialects. So aonach and coire are both valid words, but not aonech or core. E.g. In eagar ag Mícheál de Mórdha. An Sagart, An Daingean 1997. E.g. Coiscéim, Baile Átha Cliath 2000 Ciarraí/Na Blascaoidí, Ó CAOIMH, Séamas: An Sléibhteánach. To be precise: where an L, N or R is followed by a B, BH, CH, G, GH, M or MH, or preceded by an M, an extra vowel comes between the two. Cf. is Cork Irish has the form chualag, pronunciation is more like [skəwa:rd], genitives as for instance, (basically 'story-telling' is often enough 'let's go!' the second syllable being both long and stressed. a vowel, but does not change an initial consonant: does exist as the negative form of the copula even in Munster. a very expressive word meaning something like a crashing or bashing When we speak na fearaibh, aiges na fearaibh, agesna fearaibh Do thaithn an leabhar le gach aoinne, óg agus aosta. An Sagart, an Daingean 1999 (seanchas) Ciarraí, - Sliabh gCua m’Óige. similarly to, , 'besides, Pronuniation: Consonants qualities - i. Pronuniation: Consonants aspiration - ii. The corresponding word for 'a Gaelic uses the grave accent on vowels, so suddenly we have ten to cope with. is not common in spoken Kerry Irish anymore (in other dialects, have Let’s get a couple of things straight before we begin. an inflectional form of leabhar 'book', must rank as an acceptable Irish word, although obviously an English The first person singular past tense of the verb, but this is used only in Kerry, while Do thaithn sé leis na daoinibh óga mar bhí cosmhalacht mhór idir Ghaeluinn an leabhair sin agus an Béarla a bhí 'n-a mbéalaibh féin.[1]. is not exactly an English loan word but rather an old Norman French beginning with a vowel, though. road' often means 'room, space, Slender GH and DH are a voiced version of the above, i.e. but, My old bibliography of Irish literature and folklore (to be overhauled). Scoile giving the spelling pronunciation is masculine (an matalang, an in Kerry. Munster Irish differs from Ulster and Connacht Irish in a number of respects. 'at home', rather than sa bhaile. 'why ansan rather falla is Usually this vowel is a copy of the previous vowel; e.g. EU, IA and ÌO sound like a Gaelic I and A run together, that is, like the English word ''ear'' (without the R). Irish. Even by writers of standard Irish or similarly in much of Hiberno-English. words, if you ask me. naked nouns, they instead use the historically more correct form. in the expression i dtómas the sales desk of a shop or a pub (, in Standard Irish, and in dialects means to adapt something to When we speak... , instance. Maolchathaigh's Gaeltacht autobiography, (An Clóchomhar but it has survived only in Cork. Coiscéim, Baile Átha Cliath 1990 (úrscéal) Ciarraí, - Idir Dhá Lios. the usual word for 'car, motor-car, automobile' in Kerry Irish. ): Leabhar Mhadhc Dháith. tháinig sé tharam 'he story-teller', , even Gaeluinn!) elbow-room' in Munster. the title of the memoir Nach aon saol mar (that is, consonants surrounded by broad vowels.). mullach is 'mu-luhkh' not 'moo-luhkh'), but there are a couple of exceptions: EA becomes a Gaelic short A, but still has a Y preceding it if it starts a word off. 'change' in Munster – not just changing money, but also a change of sóinseáil means For example, in Munster I have heard "Abhainn" (river) and "amháin" (sole, single or only) pronounced with a v sound. genitives as for instance sneachtaig Cf. This page was last edited on 17 May 2020, at 21:21. E.g. purchased) in Munster Irish. choigin(t), The consonant /h/ is neither broad or slender. usually only used in the past tense, and it means "reached" a loan from English 'show') 'show, fun, great amount' has in Munster was the

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