wooden museum display cases

Do not consider Acrylic as a CAPITAL investment. Always specify rod based hanging systems. Specifying a particular brand such as Starphire by PPG will increase the cost of your cases by restricting choice. Toolless adjustment is far better than using a tool to adjust the shelf supports. Security- Security is as important as environment or lighting. The glazing can be either acrylic or glass, but considering the investment of an in wall case, consider glass. Very often the display cases will be the center piece of the show since they will house your collection. Long life- A good quality museum glass case can have a lifespan of 25 years or longer. However they are difficult to change colors or repair when damage occurs. Gaskets and proper building techniques are used in museum casework to keep air exchange rate down to 10% per day or less. Some acrylic is coated with an anti-reflective coating similar to glass (see below), but this creates big problems when bonding acrylic into cases and should be avoided. click here gallery & museum display lighting systems. Case specifications can be one of the more difficult parts of creating a new gallery or renovation. PS-30 or UV bonded- These bonds are also known as “bubble free” or “museum quality”. click here retail display systems & solutions. HPL- High pressure laminates such as Formica or Wilsonart offer affordable surface solutions that are very durable. Counter height display cabinets are ideal for displaying museum books. This means that we can produce a one-off piece that is unique to our client, or we can tool up for larger production runs. While some units are built with MDF wood and acrylic covers, our museum display cases are suitable for elite art galleries. Abloy security lock with hardened catches gives the most strength, Emission free materials including sealing strips made using silicone. Very few museums consider this acceptable anymore, but it is considered a bare minimum. It is always preferable to specify a nonproprietary color system such as RAL ( or NCS ( RAL is more common. This will lower the heat a little. If you are interested in this option, consider asking for AR coating as an optional price. And it’s estimated that the scheme saves museums and galleries £15,000,000 each year. Consider using this judiciously in a project on your centerpiece cases or high light areas such as lobbies or atriums. You may even get a few more cases out of the deal. Perhaps the best museum finish, this can only be applied to metals and can be used inside and outside a display case. However, consider additional flexibility by making a freestanding case with a removable back panel. Longer lead time- When ordering museum cases made with glass, plan on a longer lead time. Anti-reflective coatings- Glass can be coated at the point of manufacture with an antireflective coating that reduces glare by up to 98%. As museum exhibition design suppliers, we can help you with any requirements you have. We are happy to arrange a site visit to discuss our service in more detail. Wall mounted museum displays complete with uninterrupted sliding doors. This glass typically adds less than 5% to the total cost of a case project and is worth the extra cost. Buying high quality glass cases that last 20 years or more will be far cheaper than building acrylic cases every year or two. Heating and cooling a case environment is problematic and should be avoided at all costs. Solid Surfaces- Solid surface materials can be applied over wood constructions to minimize off gassing of formaldehyde as well as create a decorative surface. Optionally, consider a pedestal inside a freestanding glass case. The scheme offers cost-free indemnity cover against loss or damage for items on loan. Operated without affecting the case’s security zone, The entire side of the museum display case opens. These cases are almost 100% glass case types. This is a common fail safe to make sure cases are not left unlocked. Doors should be gasketted like all other museum cases.

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