what qualities do you look for in a life partner

This feeling will put you into your comfort zone instantly, and they will do it with ease, without putting any efforts. Interestingly I can relate to most of the qualities you stated here. High Functioning Depression |Symptoms, Effects and Treatments. The information on The Wellness Universe is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice in part or in whole. Below are 11 recommendations to consider before choosing a life partner. Choosing a laid-back person could cause problems in your relationship. I never believed this until I met my then-BF (now husband) 12 years ago. That special feeling, and why I am saying a special feeling this means really special. Whether it is adapting to you losing your job or adapting to you moving cities, a partner that you can rely on to change and grow with you is a partner you want to keep. Choosing a laid-back person could cause, Having a network of true friends provides perspective as you prepare for a relationship. Love does not always revolve around sex, kissing and other intimate stuff. Furthermore, you need to ascertain the qualities of a good partner in marriage before choosing the right partner for a lasting relationship. Take your test today. This was really sweet. They won’t ask you directly, but constantly try to improve your mood without even telling. During strife, emotions are running the show. This is a special connection, you will never feel the same with fake peoples. How to find a life partner or choosing the right life partner is a high stake decision and it starts with understanding what to look for in a life partner. They might not the first one to plant themselves into you but they surely can be your last. He could tell when her mood shifted for the worse. People in relationships cannot realistically meet all of the needs of their partner. But there will be one person from your little world, you look to see your future with. Out of all the factors to consider in choosing a lifetime partner similar intellectual prowess. To wrap up, if you are wondering  how to choose the right partner for marriage, you have to use both your heart and brain when choosing a life partner. Not registered yet? Can relate to all the points in the post. Cheating Girlfriend- What are the Signs & How to Deal with it? Do you feel that the person is right in front of you when you hear their voice on your smartphone? For example, Wayne knew just the right time to use humor with Jenna. When relationships are strained, humor can diffuse a struggle and transform a moment from bad to better. I think the timing is probably the most important thing when meeting the right partner. Feels like unreal! First look, it is also the unspoken language of love. We’d love to connect with YOU at The Wellness Universe! Before choosing your partner you should opt for Purity test. Great post! This will be going to amaze you that how effortlessly you can be yourself with this person without trying to pretend what you are not. 5 Qualities to Look for In A Life Partner: The capacity for empathy. If he or she cannot cope with your family members, you might be, 7. What I learned changed my life. These qualities help ensure you will be able to move through the tough times and even grow closer as a result. Each party must be determined to make the relationship work. You will feel that you might know this person, maybe from another timeline. This goes for all levels of communication, both verbal and nonverbal. If he or she cannot cope with your family members, you might be choosing a life partner who is not right for you. When you know, you know 🙂, Duh a great value post, especially for those who are currently in relationship they may or may not be health and for those having doubts. Jenna all of a sudden became critical of Wayne, nitpicking at things she usually didn’t mind. Furthermore, you need to ascertain the qualities of a good partner in marriage before choosing the right partner for a lasting relationship. 10. You can trust them on hiding something, for the late-night conversation, a surprise meets out of nowhere and the best part is you will never have to guess again their move or thought. The first look, when you see each other and you can’t stop staring and you don’t know why? They can tell if your prospective life partner is suitable or unsuitable for you. Your partner knows that you have imperfections and he/she accepts you just as you are, without needing you to change anything at all. how to choose the right partner for marriage, Willingness to invest in the relationship, Consider a life partner keen on your life, Assess the intellectual level of your partner, Prevent Arguments from Escalating- Decide on a ‘Safe Word’, 12 Reasons Why You Need to Build Friendship Before Relationship, 9 Ways to Manage the Ups and Downs in Your Relationship – Expert Advice, 14 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong, Healthy, and Happy, How to Resolve Trust Issues in a Relationship – Expert Advice, How to Renew a Relationship After a Breakup, 6 Ideas To Reconnect with Your Most Important Friend: Your Spouse, Learn to Feel Free in a Committed Relationship, Pros and Cons of Dating a Person from Overseas, 4 Step Parenting Books That Will Make the Difference. When my relationships were going smoothly, it was easy to act nice and get along. If you had already found your soulmate, that’s amazing and if you are still single remember, it doesn’t take a lifetime to find your partner, you will meet that person when the time is right, don’t rush! Remember to employ the 11 things discussed above in order to make a good decision. This might be the reason why you didn’t trust people anymore. Arguments are deemed to occur in one way or another. This is a rare feeling and can’t be described. As pleasant as it may sound it can be very confusing to choose your life partner. Nice and positive list. Especially the time is right,because Even if the timing is awful as it was in our case,it was still right. My training as a psychotherapist taught me the value of positive communication. Well done, Ijust love this post. There is something within them that will make you trust them. A relationship is a two-way street. Below I’ve shared 5 important qualities to look for in a partner. It’s the connection of heart which will give you a feeling that you are in the same place and close enough. Your blog is very appreciative. Humor is not always the right approach. They can sense your energy and feelings. Mutual respect is one of the defining traits to look for in a life partner. It is only after emotions ignite that we have some choice about how to respond. You might end on the same page with the right person. I was tough on guys. You were ready to eliminate the negative permanently and want to focus on what is positive and want something new to your life which could possibly result in a better future. By continuing to browse the site you consent to the use of cookies. Keep calm. Want to have a happier, healthier marriage? Also, read 10 reasons why you should not let your partner watch porn. A conversation isn’t over until both people feel understood and better. But somehow, you were ready. It’s all natural. Ensure that your ideal potential partner stands a fighting chance by looking at the facts right now. Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW is a Certified AEDP Psychotherapist and Supervisor in private practice in New York City. This will make you be around with them more. If you are a high achiever and aggressive in pursuing your dreams, consider a person with the same attributes. You know that this person is coming, without seeing them coming. Dating tips for finding emotional intimacy and connection. Life Is full of ups and downs, you should be positive in every situation. Closely related to anger management skills is your partner’s ability to forgive and forget. Everyone have these kinds of persons in their own small world. How your potential life partner reacts to anger reveals a lot about future reactions. Research by The Gottman Institute showed that how we handle conflict is a major predictor of relationship longevity. Even when things aren’t going too good, there is so much comfort in knowing I’m near him . Two people who love each other and who are motivated to stay together have the power to work out virtually all conflicts. By continuing to browse the site you consent to the use of cookies. Look for a comprehensive guide about Rice Purity test to get more useful information. Others pause to think before they act. I love this post. This just is! It’s such a great article, it’s very well written and easy to understand. These are so true. LOVE VERSUS THE WILL OF GOD IN CHOOSING A LIFE PARTNER. I agree and empathise with many of these points! Whatever you think, your actions, your work and everything you do not only for yourself but also for them too. For every man, there is a woman who stays with her forever and she is known as a wife. Loved this post and recognized a lot.  This post is for all the women visitors by Geethica Mehra owner of “Do you feel that they might be sitting just next to you while texting and telling you that how was their day?” Yes, I Do! Finding the right partner is essential for a, 3. Problems have to be talked out until both people feel better. Content is based upon the opinions of the respective author and contributors. How to find a life partner or choosing the right life partner is a high stake decision and it starts with understanding what to look for in a life partner. Your potential life partner should be supportive of your plans to advance your career or pursue a worthy course. There are very few people on the earth who bothers to you, who’s happiness is your success. Everything comes so naturally, talking, smiling, laughing even you’re the anger is also pure. Emotions are hard-wired in all of our brains the same way. Timing is the most important thing in this world, you should have a perfect timing for doing anything. This is beautifully written. Without a capacity for empathy, treating you with compassion, kindness, and consideration will likely be hard for your partner. Recently I was thinking about how I used to behave in relationships — before I learned about the science of emotions and attachment. As an individual you need to know what do you look for in a relationship and how to choose a life partner. Wayne could sense Jenna was irritated with him. It is difficult to lead your life with someone who disrespects you, your personality or downplays your ambitions in life. Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are for entertainment purposes only and based upon the opinions of the owners, unless otherwise noted. Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when you are with the person who you want to be in a relationship with? Thinking before we speak or act is best because it gives us much more control over the outcome of our interactions. To build a culture of honesty and trust in your relationship, choosing a life partner who does not refrain from open and genuine communication is important. Makes me fall in love with my partner again 😀, Fantastic post! But that’s not your fault, you will have trust issues, and to solve your trust issues here are 9 signs that you had already found your better half and unlike everyone, this person might just stay.

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