what are the effects of increased carbon dioxide

Allen, L. H., Jr., K. J. Boote, J. W. Jones, P. H. Jones, R. R. Valle, B. Acock, H. H. Rogers, and R. C. Dahlman.

A chronically elevated CO2 level in the blood is common with certain disease processes such as … Chem.

Berkeley, California: Trans. Carbon Dioxide Enrichment of Greenhouse Crops, Vols. More serious symptoms may include high heart rate and rapid breathing resulting in an excessively high cardiac output (the amount of blood pumped through the heart in a minute), which can lead to elevated blood pressure and, eventually, damage to the heart. (1990) also reported that evapotranspiration decreased 12 to 17 percent for a 40 percent increase in stomatal resistance. Pp. But the fact that climate is variable over time is well known. Meteorol.


285. Port Washington, New York: Water Information Center, Inc. Gleick, P. H. 1990. If your blood becomes saturated with too much CO2, you develop the condition known as hypercapnia.

All of the GCMs predict a temperature increase for the Unites States for a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide. It is the waste product generated as your body uses up oxygen, and it is expelled from the lungs when you exhale.

Effects of Air Temperature on Atmospheric CO2-Plant Growth Relationships--TR048 . Arkley, R. J.

Also, except for in the Pacific Northwest and the upper Colorado River basin, the ratio of ground water overdraft to ground water recharge is large (averaging about 0.42). The potential effects of global climate change on the United States. 1990a. Based on comparisons among existing climates, we can expect that transpirational water requirements of plants will increase if climates get warmer. Hilgardia 34:559-584. The cause-and-effect relationships can be summarized as follows: Any reduction in stomatal conductance due to increasing the carbon dioxide concentration will restrict transpiration rates per unit leaf area. Appendix C (Agriculture), Vol. 1984. 29. Guinn, G., and J. R. Mauney. SOURCE: Adapted from Bennett et al., 1964. Jones, P., L. H. Allen, Jr., J. W. Jones, and R. R. Valle. First, a canopy of leaves generally has leaves oriented in all directions, so that much of the total leaf area is exposed to much less irradiance than in single leaf exposure systems. 493-500 in J. C. Topping, Jr., ed., Coping with Climate Change: Proceedings of the Second North American Conference on Preparing for Climate Change. (1990a,b) used a soybean crop growth model, SOYGRO (Wilkerson et al., 1983; Jones et al., 1989), and a maize growth model, CERES-maize (Jones and Kiniry, 1986), for predicting growth and yield responses to doubled carbon dioxide climate change scenarios in the southeastern United States. TABLE 7.5 Direct carbon dioxide fertilization effects plus climate change effects (for a doubled carbon dioxide concentration) on simulated maize yields (bushels/acre) averaged over four locations: Charlotte, Macon, Meridian, and Memphis. Pp. For whole-season processes, it is best defined as the ratio of dry matter (or seed yield) produced to the amount of water used by crops. Transpiration and Crop Yields. These models can provide projections of crop response to future climate change scenarios in comparison with baseline climate records of the recent past. 1986. Jones, P., J. W. Jones, and L. H. Allen, Jr. 1985c. 1986. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Agriculture. Filled circle: The Netherlands. Brazel and Idso (1984) considered that vegetation would reduce transpiration to about two-thirds of its current value with a doubling of the carbon dioxide concentration, which led to predictions of increasing Arizona streamflow from about 63 to 460 percent. J. It is an essential ingredient in photosynthesis, the process by which plants make food and energy. 1987. These curves suggest that a combination of rising carbon dioxide concentration and rising temperature should lead to greater photosynthetic rates and hence greater biomass growth rates.

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