water supply system in apartment

Therefore, in the case of apartment buildings, the main will be ample in size if designed to supply two1/2-in. Kamstrup Meter Advantages over traditional mechanical meters: Utility Technologies, LLC - Products for Efficient Utility Management, Water Submeters & Reading Systems for Apartment, Condo, and Mobile Home Communities, 64 Seconds WaterPoint PLD Wireless Pipeline Leak Detector Kit, 64 Seconds WaterPoint LNC GIS Integrated Leak Noise Correlator Kit, SXBlue GPS/GNSS Satellite Receivers & Software for GIS, MIcronics Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Business/Municipal Credit Applications & Sales Tax Exemption Info, Events and Trade Shows 2017 (Spring-Summer), Malls, Commercial Strip Centers, and Multi-tenant office buildings. Increments between 800 and 4000 just require a small one time software license fee. Typically, the water meter is located outside the apartment building. If that pointer or wheel moves continuously (or intermittently on a continuing basis) that is an indication of a leakage condition. On contract work the 30-gallon boiler is much used, but 40 gallons is a better size for apartment buildings having individual range boilers. For example, by keeping daily records of individual apartment water consumption, it is possible to ascertain graduated increases in water consumption associated with continuous water leakage, e.g. In a multi-apartment building it can be difficult for the building owner to detect water leakage in any particular apartment unit. and 2 1/2 in. Daily water consumption that abruptly increases from a normal steady state value is an indication of a potential leaking water condition. It contains software, memory, and an radio receiver. Some of the cold water is sent to the central water heater, where it is heated before being distributed to the apartment units. Separate headers are used for the cold supply, hot supply and return. a continually dripping faucet or toilet that does not shut off. Compression faucets, however, are much slower in closing, and from them none of the above annoyances is experienced. In circulation work, the supply … On ordinary work, the hot-water supply is run from the hot-water main, and ends at the fixture which it supplies. Conduits 24 are in parallel flow relation. said in-line water meters for each dwelling unit, grouped as a pair consisting of one for hot water and one for cold water, are combined together as a unitary assembly. FIG. Both reading systems work with all Kamstrup RF meters, and upgrade from the USB to the Cloud based system is simple and seamless. Large hot-water boilers are generally of the horizontal pattern, hung from the cellar timbers by heavy wrought-iron hangers. In supplying hot and cold water to apartment buildings and other similar work, each group of fixtures should be supplied by a separate line. fixture supplies per apartment. For example, the meter can be a drum type meter that includes a rotatable chamber of known volumetric capacity that alternately fills and empties to produce shaft rotation that can drive a counting mechanism. Kamstrup Ultrasonic Water Meters - The Kamstrup meter is perfect for submetering. A somewhat similar situation exists with regard to cold water consumption. This invention relates to a water supply system for multiple dwelling units, e.g. For instance, many office buildings, hotels, etc., in the large cities, are of such great height that the pressure on the street mains is not sufficient to force water to the upper floors. This application claims the benefit of U.S. In the first place, it must be remembered that all fixtures are not in use at any one time. 8. We can help you if you are non-metered, are upgrading from manual read to AMR meters, or have another reading system you would like to switch from. In circulation work, the supply is run from the main also, but it is returned by a circulating or return pipe, into the boiler. Kamstrup READy - Ready is a smart phone or tablet based reading system. by pressure-responsive devices, by flow detectors for pipes, cables or tubes; for pipe joints or seals; for valves ; for welds, Investigating fluid-tightness of structures by using fluid or vacuum by measuring rate of loss or gain of fluid, e.g. A water supply system for multiple dwelling units comprising: a cold water source that includes a main water meter; a cold water header from said main water meter providing a common supply to each said multiple dwelling units; a water heater receiving cold water from said main water meter; a hot water header from said water heater providing a common supply to each said multiple dwelling units; a cold water supply conduit for each dwelling unit connected to said cold water header; a hot water supply conduit for each dwelling unit connected to said hot water header; each said cold water conduit and said hot water conduit having an in-line water meter for measuring water flow characteristics therethrough and providing electronic readouts of said characteristics; and. In the use of range boilers on the direct or street-pressure system, supplies are taken directly to the boilers, while in the use of the tank system the supply for the boilers is taken direct to the tank and from that point delivered to the boilers below. A water supply system of the present invention includes the conventional water meter at the building water intake point, as well as ancillary water meters located in the cold and hot water supply conduits for the individual apartment units. Specific features of the invention will be apparent from the attached drawing and description of an illustrative embodiment of the invention. Plate XXXIV. By means of such an appliance, the temperature of the boiler heated either by steam coils or coal-burning heater, or by both, may be regulated to a certain temperature. PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362. Plumbing For Apartment Building-Systems Of Hot-Water Supply-Range Boilers, Etc. The meter reads are either immediately or in batch sent to the Kamstrup READy Secure Cloud Suite server and are ready for billing. This avoids much annoyance, for if otherwise, the making of repairs in one flat might result in the shutting off of the supply in others. In FIG. In the event of bursts or other emergencies, the keyboard shows at once the valves that control the piping that is to be shut off, and often saves damage to the property that would result if the proper valve could not be found quickly. Regulation Of Plumbing Construction In Tenement Houses, Lodging Houses, Etc. For instance, in large toilet rooms of hotels, railroad stations, etc., the demand at times is large and at other times small. The following will be of service in estimating the necessary size of main to perform given amounts of work. By comparing the visual readouts of the various ancillary water meters, the building owner (or operator) can determine which tenants are using relatively small amounts of water (hot or cold). The dwelling units depicted in FIG. Main water meter 12 supplies cold water to a cold water header 26 that connects with multiple cold water supply conduits 28 leading to individual apartment units 16. Meter 12 is used by the water utility company for the purpose of billing the building owner for total water used by all apartment tenants. never motionless) there is an indication that one or more of the water consumption devices in the respective apartment is leaking. 3 shows in somewhat detail, a water supply system embodying the FIG. There are no ongoing software or support fees required. All return or circulation pipes are connected to the return header, and the latter connected to the boiler return. 3 is a top plan view of a housing for a pair of water meters of the type shown in FIG. will be required to supply this system. One or more meter routes are loaded on the stick and you simply walk by or drive by the meters to read them. Each hot water supply conduit 24 contains, or includes, an ancillary water meter 30 that measures water flow through the respective conduit. Black arrowheads denote hot water flow. The schematic depicted in FIG. 34 and 35, the construction of circulation work is of very great advantage, as it is in almost any system of plumbing. A keyboard, as the above arrangement is called, is a very convenient thing, especially on large work, and is much used in nice residences, apartment buildings, office buildings, etc. The visual readouts of the ancillary water meters can also be used to pinpoint water leakage points in the building. The latter naturally causes much less annoyance to the person desiring to draw hot water. Each conduit includes a water meter that enables the owner of the apartment complex to accurately determine the hot water usage and cold water usage of each apartment tenant. In old buildings it is common with gravity storage tanks on the top floor of the building. One of the annoyances in this work comes from carelessness or inattention to the heater on the part of the attendant. The meter system can also be used to locate leakage points in the water supply system, e.g. Boilers used on tank systems may usually be of lighter construction than tank boilers, although this is not true in the case of high buildings. 2002 and entitled “Water Supply System for Multiple Dwelling Units”. Each ancillary water meter provides the building owner with information on cold water consumption and hot water consumption by each apartment tenant. It is highly accurate, long life, has data logging capability, is highly tamper resistant, Easy to install in any orientation, light weight, compact, and has no lead content. The range boiler, to be in keeping with the other plumbing fixtures of such work as shown in Plate 34, should be of copper. A route is loaded into the Android app, and meter locations are overlaid on a Google map. Each apartment has its own cold water supply conduit 28, that connects to the common cold water header 26. 2, numeral 50 denotes a hot water meter and cold water meter grouping or assembly for one dwelling unit. Kamstrup USB Reader - The USB reader is a small USB stick device. In another scenario, each ancillary water meter can be calibrated to measure very small water flow rates associated with water leakage conditions. This is somewhat unfair to those apartment residents that tend to economize on hot water usage. In FIG. If you are building in the cost of water In addition to the “individual tenant water usage” problem, there is also a problem relating to water leakage. Thus, each kitchen should have its own supply, and each bath room also, each line having a shut-off. The following types of properties will benefit from submetering. The water supply system shown in FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram of a water supply system constructed according o the invention. the problem of determining water consumption in individual apartment units, and the problem of pinpointing or locating water leakage points (i.e. In such a unit, water flowing from an inlet to an outlet is forced to flow through a rotary impeller. The location of a suspect water leak can be ascertained in one or two ways.

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