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Elector Name: Valaiyapathi When I visited Alappakkam office I was asked to check status online but I was not able to access however much I tried : PLEASE. Acknowledgement of my application No 17 9559017 Dt.25.09.2016 SUBMITTED AT OUR ANGEL SCHOOL VALSARSAVAKKAM. I HAVE APPLIED FOR CHANGE OF ADDRESS BY ONLINE. Status : Application received – Pending Enquiry, MY APPLICATION NO:EM15035607 You are required to select the kind of form you completed when you applied for a voter ID. 3. The photo shown in the above card is mine but details mentioned in the card pertain to my son -Enoch Daniel. Form 8A has three sections, all of which should be filled. ** To download your Form Visit the CEO Tamil Nadu website and Click Our Services How do i apply name correction in vote id? Please guide me. 1950. to Search Name in Voter list,  How to Download NOW I WANT TO ADD OUR NAMES AGAIN WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE, AND MY QUESTION IS, HOW THEY REMOVED OUR NAMES IN SPITE OF WE ARE STAYING IN THE SAME PLACE. How do I apply for name & address correction through online? 8. NAME : JAICHAND My name in Tamil is correct but wrong in English. 10. Address was changed to correct Part where to be change. In voter identity my name in English is correct. 2. DATA ENTRY NOT YET AVAILABLE The two serve different purposes. What Shall I do for? I have election card that was incorrect my name and address. You can see the status online by two ways. Click here see the steps to apply for Voter ID card Online in 6 minutes. In such circumstances what you would need to do to update the residential address is to transpose the voter card by filling a form known as Form 8A. Relation Name: Ranjith (it should be Renganathan) Only one copy of the application is to be filed. The Electoral Commission of India has consequently put in place measures that make it possible for voters to update their personal details online. The Election Commission of India through National Voters Service Portal or through the State’s and Union Territories CEO portals provides this facility. 7. In the first section, you should indicate the Serial Number and the Part Number of the electoral roll in which you had previously registered. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); How To Change Address In Voter ID Card Online. Sponsored Links Change of Address on Voter ID Online: Visit the NVSP portal or your State’s CEO portal or your Union Territories CEO portal. I gave my application in Form 8A for address change & Correction. Note : Documentary proof of age will be required only in those cases, where age of the applicant is between 18 and 21 years. Now choose the correction option as an address change. Now select your State, Assembly Constituency and your Name as per the Voter Id. My complained number is TN/23/396327 dt 29\03\2015. JEEVAN BHEEMA NAGAR Epic no : IVZ0102848, CORRECTION TO BE MADE FOR EPIC NO:XCX2493724 When it will be updated? Kindly update my Application as soon as possible. My date of birth is wrong in voter card. The application can be filed after draft publication of electoral roll of the constituency. I previously given form 8 , three times to change my father’s name as V Renganathan from Ranjit which was wrongly printed in the voters card but name not changed yet. Thank you. I have applied for corrections in my Voter ID no XBG2305183 vide Form-8 no A 15 6168400 on 4-10-2015. It is illegal and you could be liable to punishment. Besides being required in elections a voter ID card can be used as a proof of identity as well as proof of residence. In case of unmarried female applicant, name of Father / Mother is to be mentioned. Application Form : The details In both the cases, you should be able to produce the new address proof document while applying for it. I want more modification What can I do? 2. Type of Facility : Application for Correction To Particulars Entered In Electoral Roll / Voter ID I want to correct my husband’s name which is wrongly entered at the time of data entry at Taluk office, Tambaram recently in Pallavaram constituency. How can I apply? How can I amend that? I have election identity card but my name is not in the election list. There are two ways to change the address on the voter id first one is if you have moved to a new place within the same Assembly Constituency then you can apply for the change of address by using the Form 8A application form and the second one is if you have moved to the new place outside the Assembly Constituency then you have to shift your Assembly Constituency by using the Form 6. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY COMMUNICATION. You should also indicate your EPIC(Elector’s Photo Identity Card) Number. WE TRIED FORM 8 FOR NAME CORRECTION, BUT IT IS SHOWING SERVER ERROR AFTER SUBMITTING THE DETAILS. can you guild me, Your email address will not be published. SO PLEASE KINDLY DO MY VOTER ID CORRECTION AND GIVE ME NEW CARD, I have changed my address online But once you apply how do you track the process in order to find out when its ready for collection? Process of Change of Address in Voter ID online in Tamil Nadu. During revision period, the application can be filed at the designated locations where the draft electoral roll is displayed as well as the offices of the Electoral Registration Officer and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency. Voter Registration Online Voter ID Application Forms Duplicate Voter ID card. Now what shall i do? Does it require corrections? How to add comment : 1) Type your comment below. Changing residences without relocating to a different assembly constituency and thus only requiring having the particular detail updated for purposes of using the. Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer has released final electoral roll for Lok Sabha Elections 2019. EPIC NO:XCX2493724. How Could I change my name & also I need Color Voter Id As like latest version. But truth date of birth is 22.6.90, I am from Alasanatham. How to change the photo? Hence as advised, I have submitted fresh FORM-8 ON 25.09.2016. Applicants of voter ID cards can also check the status of their documents on the state election commission websites. You can use the above link to do correction in your particulars. This is the office which issued it to you, it is possible it may have changed its location. The web address is You can update your correct address via online link given above. Now enter your reference number or application number and click the track status button. When considering changing your residential address it is important to ensure that your name does not appear in more than one voter list. Applicable For : Tamil Nadu You have to (1) surrender your old card at the place where you got it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. A 14 6175709, I want to change/ do correction in my name, I have applied for change of name and address by online. You can use Form 8 for applying for corrections of any entry in Electoral Roll/Voter ID Card such as mistakes in spelling of name, age or any other particular. I want to change my voter card address from delhi to uttarakhand please help me. It is better to check the voter id status as and when the Election Commission releases the election notification. How to delete the old application and create new form 8 change request? In voter identity my name in English is correct. How can I apply for correction in vote ID card ? CURRENT STATUS? app no.EM15095001 On this website, applicants will be able to track the status of their voter ID as long as they have an acknowledgement number. Use Form 6 to apply for inclusion of name in electoral roll after draft publication of roll. It’s also used when there’s a complete change in the residential address of a voter. The application is to be filed within the specific days provided for the purpose. After submitting the application form, the acknowledgement will be displayed download it for further reference. I’d date of birth 22.6.1985. My application id is(ET15006073) But in a situation where the assembly constituency is being changed as well, you would have to go online to for a new voter application. I need to know the status. Checking the voter id status option can be used for 2 options. Both online … But in Tamil it is not my original spelling. 2) Type your name. Part No: 134 Strike out the inapplicable options in the column. I am paskal. Now by using this wonderful facility you can check the voter id application status of a recently applied person with the help of application number or reference number. 1. (iv) Postal department’s posts received / delivered in the applicant’s name at the given address. My father name is Pown Raj but it printed as Pon Raj in my voter card. Notifications; Tenders; Officer's Login NVSP Online Correction of Entries in Electoral Rolls Form 8. The electoral map of India consists of electoral units known as assembly constituencies. Will someone help me & guide me to know the status ? SEEKING CORRECTION OF MY PHOTOGRAPH. You can also check the voter id status of the existing voter by using his name or EPIC number. ** Then select Download Forms and fill the following details. My ID is RMM0841577. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a24225585c36b4d98e5e93753f04954a" );document.getElementById("ia920cc004").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To track you Voter ID card status you can send message by typing EPIC< Space>< Voter ID > number to 9211728082 and for any query you can call to the helpline 1950 toll free and is available on all working days between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. In the third section, you should indicate the new polling booth or the Part Number of where you intend to be voting henceforth. Select Sex But so far no correction done. My father name is Gangaian. Enter Age What should I do? You can correct your details online using the above link. NO. MY WIFE VOTER ID NO IS XAG0383158. Those who applied for their Voter’s ID in Uttar Pradesh are required to log on to this website for the Voter ID status: But nothing. There are two common circumstances which may cause the holder of a voter ID card to decide to change their physical address. Does it require corrections? Change my date of birth I’d no:yss0532556 In case of married female applicant, name of Husband is to be mentioned. Home Page :, Application for Correction To Particulars Entered In Electoral Roll / Voter ID, Related / Similar Facility : Kindly update my application status. Select Form 8A option from the main menu. Steps for checking the Voter ID Card Status TamilNadu: Online Mode. ID Card No: NCC0339655 Please check it. Constituency Explained on YouTube: UP Voter ID Address Change Online                         MP Voter ID Address Change Online, Bihar Voter ID Address Change Online                    AP Voter ID Address Change Online, Maharashtra Voter ID Address Change                  West Bengal Voter ID Address Change Online, Gujarat Voter ID Address Change Online               Rajasthan Voter ID Address Change Online, Haryana Voter ID Address Change Online             Assam Voter ID Address Change Online, Tamil Nadu Voter ID Address Change                     Karnataka Voter ID Address Change Online, Kerala Voter ID Address Change Online                 Telangana Voter ID Address Change Online, Odisha Voter ID Address Change Online                Chhattisgarh Voter ID Address Change Online, Jharkhand Voter ID Address Change Online        Uttarakhand Voter ID Address Change Online, Chandigarh Voter ID Address Change Online      Delhi Voter ID Address Change Online, Puducherry Voter ID Address Change Online      Tripura Voter ID Address Change Online, Goa Voter ID Address Change Online                      Nagaland Voter ID Address Change Online, Mizoram Voter ID Address Change Online            Manipur Voter ID Address Change Online, Meghalaya Voter ID Address Change Online        Sikkim Voter ID Address Change Online, HP Voter ID Address Change Online                      Arunachal Voter ID Address Change Online, Dear sir

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