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I would imagine that it all changes year to year, as well. Students who take a leave of absence from the university must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing to protect their remaining scholarship eligibility. You are allowed only one probationary period for GPA or unit requirements. Kai can provide tips and support as you research and apply to colleges, and explore majors and careers. He was not selected for this great award. Columbia University not appearing on IDOC. Coordinating USC Merit Scholarships with USC need-based financial aid. 3601 Trousdale Parkway, STU 300 Los Angeles, CA 90089 Tel: 213-740-9116 3601 Trousdale Parkway, STU 300 To recognize and support the academic abilities and excellence of students from all over the world, the University of Southern California has developed competitive and advantageous scholarship programs. By winning one of these scholarships, students can make the most of their learning time at USC and gain recognition for their hard work and undertakings. Objective: … 10 awards. Los Angeles, CA 90089-0911 If you are awarded more than one, you will receive only the one with the greatest value. Candidates are selected by USC faculty and staff from an extremely competitive international pool. 2. The following criteria must be met for the USC Merit Scholarship to be renewed each year: The maximum terms of eligibility depend on the number of transferable units completed before enrolling at USC. USC has to offer a huge range of scholarships both to domestic and international students. “Whether it be need-based scholarships, merit-based scholarships, or working on campus, there are numerous ways someone could tackle the financial obstacles they are faced with. What type of applicants get chosen for USC merit scholarships? Ranging in value from a few thousand dollars up to full tuition, merit scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, leadership, service and talent. Regardless, only about 20-30% of nominees accept anyway (I didn't). Trustee Scholarship We recognize the two processes are intertwined and our goal is to educate families on all aspects of admissions and funding so they can make smarter college financial decisions. All students who submit a complete application will be automatically considered for a scholarship. Academic Honors and Fellowships provides general advising and programmatic support for students with Presidential, Trustee, Mork and Stamps scholarships. © 2020 Road2College. Best of luck to everyone interviewing for scholarships in the next two weeks. Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served, and a special thank you to two veterans working in our office, Bru…, University Park Campus Administered through the Office of Admission, USC Merit Scholarships require students to apply for admission to the university by the December deadline. USC has to offer a huge range of scholarships both to domestic and international students. All rights reserved. Additionally, they must show leadership and active involvement in the Latino community. Percentage of students with no financial need: 62%; Percentage of students with no financial need who were awarded merit scholarships: 40%; Average dollar amount of non-need based merit scholarships: $20,066 . The University’s full non-discrimination policy can be found on the Web at, Annual Security & Fire Safety Prospective Student Notification 2019. USC is involved in very high-level research activity and thus has promptly ascended up the ranking. First-generation college-goers 22% Scions (legacy students) 15%. You must uphold USC’s conduct and academic integrity standards. The earlier the FAFSA is completed, the more opportunities for scholarships you may avail. Again, congratulations on the receipt of a USC Merit Scholarship! $28,628). It is your responsibility to apply on time each year. Students eligible for need-based financial aid may receive a combination of grants, work-study and student loans. 3601 Trousdale Parkway, STU 300 Los Angeles, CA 90089 Tel: 213-740-9116 Other awards designated only for tuition may be combined with these merit-based scholarships, provided your total scholarship funds do not exceed your USC tuition by more than $8,000. USC’s Merit Scholarships Tel: 213-740-9116 USC Merit Scholarships may reduce these aid amounts, however, depending on the source of the scholarship and the student’s USC-determined financial need. © 2020 University of Southern California, The University of Southern California admits students of any race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability or mental disability. 213-740-1111 These include the full-tuition, four-year Trustee scholarship, the half-tuition Presidential Scholarship, and the one-quarter tuition Deans Scholarship. If you have any questions regarding the impact of a USC Merit Scholarship on a financial aid package, please contact the Financial Aid Office at Once your financial aid eligibility has been determined, the Financial Aid Office will post a Financial Aid Summary to your Financial Aid account online. Los Angeles, CA 90089 (~10 awards per year) Learn More, Full-tuition scholarship awarded based on academic excellence, leadership, service and talent. We recognise and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. Kid #2 is a junior in 2019. Rejected! Best wishes for a successful academic career at USC. If you receive state grants restricted to tuition payments (such as the Cal Grant), your USC Merit Scholarship will be reduced so that the total of scholarships and state grants does not exceed your cost of tuition and mandatory fees. I wonder if having a sibling with a large merit scholarship could actually count against #2, I guess in the interests of spreading out the merit and not doubling up to one family? Some kids will win the jackpot! Most USC Merit Scholarships are renewable for each subsequent year of the undergraduate degree program. New first-year students 3,460. 200 awards, Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision Admit Rates, Application, Financial Aid, and Housing Deposit Deadlines, College Planning Checklist For 9th & 10th Grade, College Planning Checklist for 11th Grade, College Planning Checklist for 12th Grade, Admissions Policies at Test-Optional Colleges, Helping Your College and College-Bound Kids Cope Through the Pandemic. 0. Finding individual college merit scholarship information can take a lot of time. Read through this guide to gain an understanding of how your scholarship works. Students must reapply every year by March 2 to receive need-based financial aid for the following academic year. It is a crap shoot. Summary: The Lambda LGBT Alumni Association Scholarship is awarded to students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Make smarter college financial decisions. Deadline: Applicants must submit USC as their first choice to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by May 31st. Posted by 2 years ago. However, depending on when you applied for financial aid, the original summary may not reflect all scholarships awarded at the time your financial aid eligibility was determined. 12 awards. Once you have accepted your scholarship and registered for classes, half your annual award will be credited automatically toward your tuition during each eligible full-time semester at USC. Generally, scholarships will be reserved for leaves of absence up to one year in duration. When my nephew applied (legacy), the family was told that he’d likely get a merit they happily awaited the big red acceptance envelope.....that never came. FOLLOW US. What if you just divorced Jeff Bezos? I would imagine that it all changes year to year, as well. The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report includes Clery Act crime and fire statistics for the preceding three years for locations owned and or controlled by USC, the required policy disclosure statements and other important safety related information. Generally, scholarships are reserved for students with special qualifications, such as academic, athletic, or artistic talent. Here is a great announcement for students who want to pursue their higher education from the University of Southern California. A student who receives USC tuition assistance benefits may also receive a USC Merit Scholarship, provided that the total amount of tuition assistance benefits, when combined with the USC Merit Scholarship, does not exceed the student’s USC tuition by more than $8,000. Please pay close attention to how the award amounts may affect or be affected by other scholarships and need-based financial aid you may receive from USC and other sources. You must make normal academic progress toward your undergraduate degree during the academic year (not including summer). This amount cannot exceed USC’s calculated cost of attendance for your program of study. Percentage of students with no financial need: 62%. Qualifications: All applicants must attend school in Hong Kong. Students may also be selected for the Presidential Scholarship through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation on the basis of their PSAT performance. Although implementation of these policies may necessitate reducing the USC scholarship, awardees still receive all honors and benefits described in the award letter. Application instructions are available online at beginning in November. (~200 awards). What type of applicants get chosen for USC merit scholarships? The application for the admission process and the scholarship are the same. Not considered for USC scholarships with the following stats: Close. (~100 awards per year), Half-tuition scholarship awarded based on academic excellence, leadership, service and talent. Coordinating USC Merit Scholarships with funds from other sources. USC Class of 2024. Students will lose one semester of scholarship eligibility for every semester of coursework completed at another institution during a leave of absence. Note: No scholarship funding is available for audited courses. Students sponsored by ROTC also receive an additional $4,000 toward their cost of attendance. If your initial financial aid eligibility was calculated—and a summary posted—before your scholarships could be included, you will receive a revised summary to reflect your scholarships and any other changes to your financial aid package. If you will not attend USC, please visit to withdraw your application. Summary: The USC Associates Scholarship is awarded to students who achieve at the highest level with the most demanding curriculum. The combined amount of scholarships and all need based financial aid cannot exceed your USC-determined financial need.

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