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Lifang Shangsha-NO.420, Xiangeli Road, Lijiang, Yunnan. Chinese people are hospitable. If the Chinese bride-to-be loves choosing and trying on clothes and jewelry, a wedding is a dream come true. This goes far beyond the front door! The only occasion when spitting is “tolerated” in Taiwan is when chewing beetle nuts. Wait for your guest to offer a toast before drinking alcohol. This means that a Chinese person sometimes plays the role of the generous friendly host in a situation that would not culturally require host-like actions, in order to gain future benefits from the relationship. Even business associates may receive an invitation to be entertained at their Chinese counterpart’s home. And for a sign of respect to those in a more senior position or the eldest, address them first. But in modern Taiwan, most people have a relaxed attitude toward this issue. The host will stand closer to, sit closer to and walk in closer proximity to the guest than in the West. Toys, candy and books are good for children if they are available. Whatever is being offered will be usually be made available at least two or three times before a refusal is considered serious. You can’t give coins, so don’t give 1888NT. 7. The number six has the same pronunciation (ignoring tones) as the word for flow, which can mean ‘things go smoothly’, hence it is considered lucky. Black and white should be avoided; these colors are symbolic of funerals and sadness. Depending on the home, the host may greet you at the door in slippers or even stocking or bare feet. Chinese Insults: How to Name-Call Like a Pro (Part 1). Even though red is a lucky color in Chinese society, you’re not supposed to write people’s name using that color. – cheers! Much of what is covered below you will not see on a standard tour of China, as most hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions are run as businesses, and therefore function as service providers, with their own policies and regulations for good business, rather than as culturally motivated Chinese hosts. Each course is carefully planned and prepared to be meaningful to the newlywed couple, perhaps containing ingredients that represent blessings and happiness. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. However, in China the guest is treated with great kindness and respect by the host and guests are encouraged to do what they like! Many western countries accept hugs and kisses as a popular form of greeting, while in China, a handshake or a simple and kind address is a common form of greeting. Wish the newlyweds many happy returns using the phrase: 新婚快乐! Alternatively contact us for a tailor-made experience of China's hospitaity. Chinese Etiquette #1 Greeting People. If you finish off any dish, it will signal that the cook has not prepared enough food. This may be awkward for Western visitors, who are accustomed to saying “goodbye” at the door or parting company when minimal inconvenience is caused to the host. Some will spit on the ground, but this is more common in the countryside. Bring gifts to the host when you are invited is quite common in China. WhatsApp: +86- 18088243690 Click here to Log in, Chinese Weddings: How to be a Great Guest. Whether you’re studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers. 7. In the Tibet area, walk in a clockwise direction when touring a temple or monastery; take off your hat when entering temples; Don’t photograph old folk without permission; Don’t touch a Tibetan on the head and so on. Eat as much as you can to show you’re enjoying the food. Shaking hands, smiling, and saying “hi” or “ni hao” is the most usual way to greet people in China or Taiwan.Use “nin hao” to greet older Chinese people. Have any questions about an upcoming wedding? Traditionally, the Chinese wedding ceremony was complicated and subject to very particular rules of reverence, etiquette and obligation. Chinese wedding tradition dictates that pregnant women or someone who has very recently lost a family member should not attend a Chinese wedding. In China, the ceremony usually takes place at home, and only involves family and really close friends. You can suggest the gift be opened in your presence but don’t push the issue. You will probably think that Chinese number beliefs etc. Be sure to either accept or decline the invitation. You use them (for hygienic purpose) to take food from serving trays, and you place them back in the middle after using them. Be graceful and polite when taking food with chopsticks. If you must decline, it is important to give a specific reason as to why you can’t attend. This is called “Li Shang Wang Lai” in Chinese. If you are invited by a Chinese family, bring some gifts as a polite gesture. 8 is a lucky number, so it’s perfect if you give 1800NT! Sometimes, in order to increase liveliness, people set rules for drinking, almost like a game. Use “nin hao” to greet older Chinese people. At first, I thought taking wedding photos months before actually getting married was a little strange, but now I think it’s great! Guides assigned to our guests have been instructed that they may have to behave differently as hosts to what Chinese customs would require. All our tours can be customized to your own pace, and free time can be built into any itinerary. Avoid behaving in a way that will make someone embarrassed. Don’t point someone with chopsticks or play with chopsticks. Learn or review dining etiquette for China. However, flagrant french-kissing and touching is definitely inappropriate. (always a dreaded question). In China, either the host or the guest or both may give gifts, and the value of a gift is often governed by the price. I can’t wait to celebrate their marriage!”, Are they going to invite my ex to the wedding too? Guests will be immediately served tea whether you want it or not. Be sure to either accept or decline the invitation. Finally, during the inevitable toasting with other guests at your table, don’t forget to say 干杯! Accept the gift only after the person has insisted a couple of times. Chinese people like to compliment. In mosques and Islamic areas, maintain gender separation in mosques; cover your arms to the elbow and your legs above the knees; women need to cover their head with a scarf; don’t ask sensitive questions; and don’t bring non-halal items into a Muslim restaurant/home. After the ceremony is over, it’s time for the 喜酒 (xǐ jiǔ) – reception banquet (literally “happy wine” – what a great name!). Do not leave immediately once the meal has concluded. In Chinese tradition, the number nine symbolizes a long-lasting relationship, and the wedding banquet often consists of nine courses to reflect this. For example it is rude to smoke in a Westerner’s home without asking and it is usually not allowed if the hosts are non-smokers. Chinese dining etiquette. Chinese Etiquette — Do's and Don'ts in China, How to Communicate with Chinese People in China, Doing Business in China Using Relationships, Continue to read Chinese lucky numbers and colors, Lhasa Classics and Holy Lake Yamdrok Lake, a tailor-made experience of China's hospitaity, How to Eat in China — Chinese Dining Etiquette, Seating Arrangements for a Chinese Banquet, Chinese Chopsticks — Legends, How to Use Them, and Taboos. Guest should appreciate the tea, and try to avoid drinking a big mouthful of tea. Apart from that, you should be fine wearing “normal” western attire. 4. Guests will often not only be accompanied to the street, but also have the host hanging around with them until a taxi or other transport arrives. Be sure to eat plenty of food to show you are enjoying it but don’t eat the last bit of any dish. Our tours offer many opportunities to be a guest: for example visiting a family in Tibet or on a Yangshuo Countryside Cycling Tour. Why not? Have you got any great Chinese wedding or marriage advice or stories? Conventionally, no rings are exchanged – although in Shanghai I’ve noticed more and more young women wearing huge sparkling engagement and wedding rings, so perhaps this awesome Western import is catching on! Nowadays, it is acceptable for guests to attend the wedding wearing black or white without causing offense. If you visit a Chinese family, good gifts to the hostess are flowers, toiletries or scarves. Chinese society has been “controled” by tons of crazy superstitions for ages! The word “friend” is used much more liberally in China than in the West. Don’t gift clocks or other items related to the number four which are associated with death in China. Topics for include, among others, mealtimes and typical food, national drinks, toasts, table manners, tipping etiquette, business lunch etiquette, host etiquette, guest etiquette, regional differences, dining etiquette in the home, and dining etiquette at a restaurant. Wear the slippers they offer you even if they are too small. You can even toast with tea if you don’t drink alcohol (or if you’re making sure you don’t have one too many!). See Chinese Dining Etiquette to learn more about Chinese table manners. Generally speaking, the one who toasts would empty the cup to show his or her sincerity. I’ve been living in Taiwan for ten years already and I still find it very difficult to understand the Chinese concept of “face”. Before drinking the wine, they will touch their cups to express their affection. It means you don’t need to worry about it on the day of the ceremony, and the couple can show off the best of their wedding snaps as wedding decorations. It is customary in China to see guests off. pieces of fruit) will often be given in twos, sixes, eights or tens, etc. Wechat/QQ: 99707279. However, guests who wear this color may be accused of trying to steal the bride's spotlight. 1. In the West selfish motives for starting friendships may be a big turn off, and often mean that what Westerners term as a “friendship” doesn't develop. First, you think: “That’s wonderful! In the West people don’t want to advertise how much a gift cost. Those that do attend shouldn't touch the newlyweds' clothing or anything in the couple's new home. During traditional festivals, you can bring wine, cigarettes, tea, candy, fruit or some local products. Don’t accept compliments too easily. Giving less than 1600NT$ per person is considered stingy. Bring a gift. All rights reserved, Address: Room1209, No.7 Red Star Macalline Business Building, Lujia Road, Xishan Area, Kunming, Yunnan. If you don’t want to buy, ignore the vendor completely.). As a wedding guest in China, you don’t need to wear formal clothes. Visitors are usually shown a lot of sights, taken out to a lot of meals, offered a lot of food and drinks, and entertained with polite conversation or the television. Chinese table manners are part of Chinese catering culture, which include a series of rules, such as the chopstick etiquette, seating arrangements, etc. You should still use common sense when dealing with those old folks. While extremely practical, this does create a dilemma as to how much money to give, which is complicated by traditional Chinese beliefs that certain numbers are lucky, while others are unlucky. Taiwanese men who chew beetle nuts usually spit the first mouthful of red juice in a plastic cup. Dishes tend to be served family style.

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