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I’d like to put it on my Wii U but when I use a FTP server (FileZilla) the game is in SFROM format. 17.5K+ Users. Alternatively, you can do a kernel dump and load it onto your classic, but the former gives you the best of both worlds IMO. 5.3K Users and growing! Good job, only problem is people are still gonna post their questions without searching for/ seeing this. Experience the old look and layout by clicking here. So I first modded my snes classic, i used my old computer, but its since stopped working. Get support from the developers of Hakchi 2 CE on their Official Discord Channel. I am trying to flash the custom kernel and I get the step by step box that shows up on the screen (hold reset, turn on power, release reset after a few seconds) then I click on the "install driver" button and I get the black command screen with the following: Frequently Asked Questions. Yeah, if it can be in the side bar I think that would be the best bet. How do I revert my SNES Classic back to its original state? How many games can I fit on my SNES Classic? Rather than repeating it here, check out this thread. I really want to load [some program] onto my SNES Classic. The emulator processes the key combination first so depending on the combination, the emulator will process the keys in game before the Operating System can pick it up and take you to the main menu. Official Hakchi Reddit Community. Thanks in advance, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. You should be able to FTP into your Famicom and copy the backgrounds out of there and then FTP them into your Classic. Short answer is "it depends". I'm a Mac guy, but have one old laptop with Windows XP. ? Rather not hack my SFC Mini. Or would it be permanently bricked? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Score for me, but the games he put on it are terrible (Wayne's World is one of the games he added). Is there a way I can get the Super Famicom Mini backgrounds and colors on my SNES Classic (I can dump my Super Famicom mini as well if i can get the files from it.) Hoping someone can help here with my snes classic but here is where I am stuck at. Can I load PAL games onto the SNES Classic? Get help with everything classic on the largest Classics Discord Server! Slight correction to your FAQs: On question #6, it should be noted that Japanese ROMs are also NTSC. I've been wanting to try and get a specific TG16 game working on the SNES Classic, being Castlevania Rondo of Blood. Press J to jump to the feed. The tool that hakchi2 is based off will work on macOS, but is far less intuitive as IIRC it's command line based. Cluster M says the inbuilt emulator has support for about 75% of games. This community will hack, mod, and extend the NES classic to … SNES Classic Preset ID List. Only MAIN issue I had was the Google search feature for box art didn't work.... so I had to snag the box art from that spreadsheet that's floating around. Is there some way I can get the Star Fox 2 rom off this system and make it in SFC or SMC format? Press J to jump to the feed. Search here on the subreddit to see if others have done it, try google as well. You've most likely got too many games on one screen, try keeping it under 40 or so. A home for the discussion of SNES Classic mini modifications, both hardware and software such as Hakchi2 CE. Resources for box art and other UI customization's. Games come in different sizes and you have around 260MB to work with. Doesn’t necessarily need to be stickied or whatever. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Now i want to add to it... not redo it. Is there a way to do it? One of the above I think will at least help reduce the clutter a bit and if people do ask they can be pointed to a central place.

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