sky cable internet review

To put it simply: you get a lot with Sky. It's fair to say that without those things that make a broadband providers' offering unique, one broadband service can in most of the important ways be much like another. Sky’s survey results placed it second for reliability with only Plusnet doing better. If it's within your budget and your household loves to watch telly, we'd say Sky's worth it. That means no usage cap, no 'fair usage', and no traffic management to slow your speeds. It's very comprehensive, though - you get an awful lot, including around 300 channels. Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards 2020 survey. We don’t have any Ofcom data for Sky’s Ultrafast services yet, but in the superfast category there are faster options out there. Absolutely tons of channels come with Sky TV. Whether this is worth the extra £5 is up to you. Just tell them who your old provider is and it will all get sorted within two weeks. If you want a provider with a track record for good customer service and reliable broadband, then Sky gets a big tick. In comparison, BT offers 1Mbps with its standard broadband, 9.5Mbps on its Superfast Fibre (previously BT Infinity 1) and 19Mbps on its Superfast Fibre 2 (previously Infinity 2), while Virgin Media provides just 3Mbps with its 54Mbps service. Try to inquire if they still offer it. That's ideal. Sky has deals and special offers going on pretty frequently, so do look out for those. Once the router arrives and your broadband is activated you will need to set it up yourself. Take a look at our. If you want to get close to 20Mbps upload speed with Virgin Media, you'll need its fastest, most expensive M350 package. The firm's best-value broadband offerings are the ones that include a TV package but there are also a few broadband-only deals to choose from. However, its set-up costs are on the high side, and if you aren't planning to bundle Sky TV there are cheaper (and faster) providers. Nearly half of Sky’s customers said they were very satisfied with their connection’s reliability, with another quarter describing themselves as satisfied. Sky Cable used to have a Free Trial Period where you test their cable modem internet service for 2 weeks without paying anything for it. Sky’s basic ADSL broadband package – Sky Broadband Essentials – is an unlimited package with 11Mbits/sec average download speeds. is a registered trademark of Decision Technologies Limited. Three mobile review 2020 - is Three any good? As the most prominent supplier of premium TV in the UK, Sky doesn’t need much introduction. For TV, Sky is one of the best you can get. It costs a fair bit more than BT TV, for instance, but what you get is quite amazing. We won't share your postcode with anyone. That’s a little more than you’ll pay for similar speed services from Plusnet or EE. If you’ve ordered Sky Broadband and you don’t have a suitable phone line, then an appointment will be made for an Openreach engineer to come and install a new one before your services are activated. It has been recognised by the likes of YouGov for its customer service and Ofcom reports also show it ranks as the best provider when it comes to handling complaints well when they arise. The exception to this is if you are moving from Virgin Media. Sky Broadband gives a good service but the "gotcha" pricing is a bit of a turn-off. Sky could do more to answer support calls quickly – its 84 seconds is well above the industry average – but Sky’s score for how well complaints were handled is actually the best in the business, with 54% of complaining customers coming away feeling satisfied. It is recommended that you place your router in an open, ventilated space and close to your master phone socket in order to get the best speed. See our privacy policy. Need buying advice? Sky also does well with customer satisfaction. Clearly, there's nothing wrong with Sky’s performance, nor its customer service. Call our Sky experts free now on. We The only restriction comes from the speed you choose. You can contact Sky customer service seven days a week either on live chat between 7am and 11pm or through its telephone contact centre, which is open between 8am and 9pm. That's not half bad, especially for the fibre packages, though ADSL speeds can really vary quite a lot depending on where you live. Many times my internet has been shut off for several days. The connection gets poor as soon as you step three metres away from the router.

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