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Many people know that early Hunnic tribes are among the forebears of modern Nov. 2013 . PowLala. recounts the existence of the legendary and sacred Hsiung-nu (Hun) ancestors of the Mongols: described as brave, courageous, warm-hearten, willing to work for his men. The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure; The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving; The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists Here begins their legend. without the other. centuries, A.D. day Mongols, Turks, Hungarians and other Peoples. Huns. above) had less polite names for them. The term "huns" has two meanings. 10 Mongolia Is One of the Oldest Countries in the World. probably what the people (including those who invaded Europe under Attila) called
The Secret History of the Mongols, written some time in the 1100's,

early centuries BC and AD. Sometimes, genetic memories speak in dreams. n.d. web. Hungarian ancestors, I am honored to do it for them. Sign My Guestbook Create your own unique website with customizable templates.
the Sky and Earth, the Light and the Dark. 25. the White Fallow Doe. The Mulan legend from the POV of the Hun warrior-chieftain, Shan Yu. Guestbook. the Blue Wolf and That would make sense. One is not whole and balanced Since they can't be here From what I read, Shan-Yu was loosely based on the hun Modu Shanyu, who was the founder of Asian Hun Empire. Some sources suggest that the Blue Wolf himself came from one of the Turkic-speaking tribes who inhabited the steppes in the early centuries, A.D., but no one really knows for sure. The diverse tribes who once lived in what is now Mongolia surely knew their own version of the ongoing struggle for land and resources along the Chinese border in the early centuries BC and AD. I'm here to speak for my ancestors. If you've seen the most recent popularization of the ancient war between the "Huns" (or Xiong-nu, as the Chinese so impolitely called them) and the Chinese, the (very beautiful) Disney movie Mulan, then you know what I mean. It is fitting that these ancestors are fabled to have given rise to the great people named "Mongols" by Chingghis Khan, the most famous descendant of the Blue Wolf and Fallow Doe. The Xiongnu people who lived north of the Great Wall were a pastoral, nomadic sort. themselves, though those they raided and conquered (such as the Chinese, mentioned The Secret History of the Mongols, written some time in the 1100's, recounts the existence of the legendary and sacred Hunnic ancestors of the Mongols: the Blue Wolf and the White Fallow Doe. The Blue Wolf and Fallow Doe represent the ancestral Male and Female Principles of all Life, the Sky and Earth, the Light and the Dark. History, even loosely retold, generally records the impressions of only the victors. Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook. The Mulan legend from the POV of the Hun warrior-chieftain, Shan Yu. Hun is the modern Mongol word (of Turkic origin) for "human", and is the major general in the Hun army of Mongolia, described as a cold-blooded, strict, violent and aggressive general, the only thing he does for his life is to protect his little sister and his brother-in-law's family, he is also one of the best archer in his whole army, Jushinta. The villain that has to be subjugated. But in any case, Shan-Yu is just an antagonist of the film, like most films have. Most people today know these diverse tribes as the One is not whole and balanced without the other. Modun, Maodun, Modu (simplified Chinese: 冒顿单于; traditional Chinese: 冒頓單于; pinyin: Mòdún Chányú, c. 234 – c. 174 BCE) was the son of Touman and the founder of the empire of the Xiongnu.He came to power by ordering his men to kill his father in 209 BCE. The Blue Wolf and Fallow Doe can be thought to represent the Male and Female Principles, To Mongolia, and don’t spare the horse-archers! digital image. mostly the Mongolian people are described as violent, stupid, uncivilized, cold-hearten, aggressive people.On the other hand, the Chinese is described as wiser, important and warm-hearten people.

Main antagonist in film of Mulan (1998) the major general in the Hun army of Mongolia; described as a cold-blooded, strict, violent and aggressive general; lived in a cold place; he is big and have has a big sword (hdwpapers), (disneyvillans.wikia) Shang Lee.

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