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3, Baek Hee-sung is the accomplice (What a coincidence that Hee-sung hit Hyun-soo with his car). Ji-won agrees, saying that they can go home and start over, no matter what happens. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Hee-sung stands up and when he removes his face mask, Hae-soo remembers him from her father’s funeral and her hand begins to tremble. Hae Soo wants her brother to live a good life under his own name and she's the only one who's seen the accomplice before as far as they know. Hee-sung must have been jealous of that flash of paternal protection which is why he became angry enough to kill his mentor and teacher. Plus, if Hyun Soo showed up with Ji Won, Sang Chul already saw her before when their previous deal went bad and heard her call Hyun Soo 'Honey,' so, assuming he remembers, he might know they're in a relationship at least and not trust him. This is too much coincidence. Thanks for the recap and your insights @teriyaki! That thought occurred to me too. Last week, Beanies were hating Jae-sub and Moo-jin(! Seeing Hae-soo’s torn sleeve, Ji-won throws her jacket over her shoulders. . Ji-won warns it’s not the time to get emotional and Hyun-soo unintentionally points the knife at her when he shouts, “I couldn’t possibly be more rational right now.” After setting down the knife, Hyun-soo informs Ji-won that Jung Mi-sook is alive and that Sang-chul has her. This is a problem that always pops up in dramas with competent female leads that can fight, strategize, etc.

He sneaked up behind him and struck his head with a rock,” he realizes that Min-seok didn’t commit suicide and finally checks his coin. So yeah, Moo-jin is Hyun-soo's age. Also, I hate what they are doing to HaeSoo. That would mean the real Heesung is 38. It's not that I loved it, but I liked it. Or maybe Hee Sung wasn't allowed to drive and asked him a favor while hiding his true intentions. The show hasn't yet really offered any hints how Hee Sung and DMS met, nor about what might have happened to give DMS such power over Hee Sung. Hyun-soo is gone and Sang-chul is standing over a handcuffed Sang-chul. I hope they add this as comic relief at some point, lol. It’s still just as dazzling.” When Hae-soo promises to see him soon, a thrilled Moo-jin picks up her suitcase and practically floats away. At this point, i'm just here for the ride. He orders Hee-sung to stop chewing his nails, and when he doesn’t, Dr. Baek slaps him, hard. Though I get their intention. Hell, even superman needs help from the justice league.

We also haven't seen any flashbacks or scenes that directly showed DMS committing the crimes?? i wouldve been okay with Hae Soo dying.

I also would have prefered that the identy of the accomplice would have been revealed a few episodes later. all i want is a satisfying conclusion, whether it's sad or happy or something in between. I feel it creates a dull in the storytelling. Fait enough, the midnight visit was weird.
Poo Eunha I hope she is protected. Going home meant being arrested but it was still such a beautiful moment because of what home means and what it obviously means to Hyun Soo.

Combining their efforts would increase the chances of both of their survival. There is hope that he may have a version of the quiet life he wantee for himself and his beloved family. HyeonSoo, put himself in horrible situation in taking up HeeSung's identity and registering his fingerprints as HeeSung's. Ugh! With disappointment in her eyes, Hae-soo asks, “Why do you always turn into a coward just when I need you the most?” After Hae-soo gets on the elevator, Moo-jin runs back to his apartment to grab his phone. In the morning, Hae-soo shows up at Moo-jin’s door, demanding to know what happened last night. And how can he actually panic at the sight of running his car unto a person? That flashback scene where Jiwon asked for Hyunsoo(fake Heesung) Id and commented he looked young for his age. This is another good episode where the real accomplice of Do Min-seok is revealed to be Hee-sung (I've guessed correctly :P). I promise to be back.” When Ji-won shouts, “You held a knife to my neck,” Hyun-soo explains that he did it to keep her from looking like a willing accomplice. Him dramatically taking off his mask and taking the time to tie his hair before stabbing Hae-Soo was an 'eh?' Their confrontation was raw and exhausting but understandable, because they have to build a new relationship based on honesty and trust. I loved the twist that they both held out on the whole fugitive Hyunsoo idea for all of five minutes, lol. This line was about infant Eun Ha but it fits Hyun-so too, with the way his whole body was wracked by sobs. Hee-sung’s mother fights her husband and screams at him not to hit Hee-sung, and Hee-sung asks in a daze, “Mom, why did it have to be Do Hyun-soo that I ran over that day?”. When an officer walks in with Eun-ha, Woo-chul informs Ji-won that her mother is in the hospital. I had a lot of emotions built into a giant twisted yarn after watching this episode but now, reading the recap, I feel numb.

Why wouldn't Hae Soo go off on her own? Though a bit put off at first, I understand that Hae-soo was just trying to help when she reached out to the Beak's based on how little information provided by Hyun-soo about the family. Woo-chul asks for media silence about Ji-won’s return to keep the existence of the recording a secret. As Min-seok walked away, Hee-sung hit him in the back of the head with a large rock and while he hit him again and again, Mi-sook broke free and got away. We now know without a doubt that Do Min-seok did not commit suicide and it was his demand that Hee-sung never mention Hyun-soo’s name again that sealed his fate. And finally, and not less important, I don't respect at all HeeSung as a villain / psycho / killer: There's just so much genuine love and tenderness and emotional intimacy between them, that despite everything (and there has been a whole lot of everything), anything else but being together just doesn't make sense to them. He asks her again why she stayed, and she throws her arms around him saying that it’s all she could do. Jae-sub soon joins them and while he scolds Ji-won for worrying him, Hae-soo hovers near the door. What Moo-jin is sure of is that Hyun-soo won’t be able to prove his innocence. So the fact that all these details are leading to something way bigger. As Ji-won pulls it over her head, a passing bicycle causes her to drop it and it gets run over, making her photo impossible to see. LJK played his early 20s self. The most terrifying bit for me in this episode is when Ji-won consigns Eun-ha to the care of the weak and listless Hae-soo. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { I'm 99% confident that Jiwon's crew will be able to look past the stigma/societal views attached to Hyun-so and strive for the truth.

Woo-chul and Ho-joon have to physically pull Jae-sub off of Ji-won, so he orders Ji-won to follow him to the roof to talk further. Never at any point was their love and devotion in question, they just need to ask each other tough questions and deal with the answers. And in the glare of the press, there would have been some pressure on the police to quickly find someone to pin the murders on and close the case, so they didn't have a lot of motivation to look too closely at DMS' possible innocence. I hope they don't write her that way. It would have been disconcerting if he'd shoved his wife away and kept on trying kill him, but he didn't. You both devastate me in the best way possible.
I didn't get her visiting the Baeks before telling her brother and MoonJin what she had discovered, mainly when I'm sure HyunSoo didn't told her how nice and warm his fake parents were, and because it's stupid to expose the situation, late in the night, when your brother and your ex boyfriend are in danger (they both almost die that night).

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