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Find our, Summary of all available data for this site, Instantaneous-data availability statement. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides 1.65   1.33 caww01. What The recovery strategy requires that in 2013, and for each five-year period through 2023, the District shall evaluate the strategy and implementation. The period of record for this data is 04/15/2020–07/31/2020. Minimum Flows for the Lower Hillsborough River, In 2007, revised minimum flows were adopted and a recovery strategy was developed for the Lower Hillsborough River. The period of record for this data is 01/01/2018–07/31/2020. Seasonal operations are limited Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Nov 7 based on 38 water years of record more; Min (1993) 25th percen-tile Median Most Recent Instantaneous Value Nov 7 75th percen-tile Mean Max (1987) 110: 191: 249: 258: 279: 297: 1440 is a shift adjusted stage-discharge rating table? Some of this data is considered provisional and has not undergone quality assurance review. 3.64   3.25 caww02. be changing from year-round to seasonal operations beginning December URL:

The, District Water Quality Vertical Profile Data, District Water Quality Continuous Sensor Data, Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission Water Quality Data, Well Complaint Form for Crop Establishment. pH, and turbidity.

Bureau of Reclamation, Southwestern Water Conservation District,

Provisional data has been denoted within the file.

Reservoir levels current as of midnight on date indicated. to the following parameters; specific conductance, water temperature, FOIA Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Discharge, cubic feet per second", Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Gage height, feet", Accessibility

Station operated by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with Title: USGS Current Conditions for the Nation U.S. Geological Survey A joint funding agreement with the City of Tampa to implement recovery projects was also incorporated into the rule. Current shift adjusted rating

Data files that will support the Third Five Year Assessment due in 2023 are available for download below. Maintenance, & Replacement Association, and The Town of Durango. The new minimum flows for the Lower Hillsborough River are 24 cubic feet per second (cfs) during April-June and 20 cfs … The period of record for this data is 1/1/2018-7/31/2020. The operational period for the continuous water-quality monitor will Title: USGS Current Conditions for Colorado

scheduled to resume on April 1, 2020.

It contains monthly and/or quarterly water quality samples for various parameters obtained along the Lower Hillsborough River.

Maintenance, & Replacement Association.

You can use this process to figure optimal flows for any river with a stream gauge. It contains the daily average flow over the Hillsborough River Dam and presents a summary of the days flow over the Hillsborough River Dam was less than 1 cubic foot second (cfs) by calendar year.

The period of record for this data is 10/01/2012–07/31/2020.

water-quality monitor will not be operated or maintained during the Once you have this info, you’re now ready to put it all together and decide what kind of fishing you should expect.

This file contains data from the Southwest Florida Water Management District for Structure S-162. A joint funding agreement with the City of Tampa to implement recovery projects was also incorporated into the rule. The first five-year evaluation was published in 2015.

Whether or not it also means "unrunnable" depends on how low or high, your craft type, and … It contains the vertical profile data for salinity and dissolved oxygen and summarizes the data in tables.

Cubic feet per second (cfs) is one of the key indicators of river or creek conditions.


This file contains the consolidated minimum flow implementation data from the USGS, City of Tampa, and the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Questions regarding this change should be addressed

The second five-year evaluation was provided to the District’s Governing Board in May 2020. This file contains data collected by the Southwest Florida Water Management District at key locations within the Lower Hillsborough River. to Steve Anders, USGS Colorado Water Science Center, at (970) 628-7140, Page Contact Information: Idaho Water Data Support Team * We've detected you're using a mobile device. For more information, contact Danielle Rogers, environmental project manager, at 1-800-423-1476 (FL only) or (352) 796-7211, ext. Click on the basin name to the right of the map or click on the map directly.

Cfs readings are taken at select points along rivers, and readings vary with location.

Baseball has "RBIs," basketball has "PPGs," and boaters have "cfs." is a shift adjusted stage-discharge rating table? funding for the water quality data.

Florida Statutes require the development of a recovery strategy if the existing flow in a water body is below the applicable minimum flow. Station is operated in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

1, 2019, due to limited funding. Normal operations are Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Nov 8 based on 109 water years of record more; Min (2013) Most Recent Instantaneous Value Nov 8 25th percen-tile Median Mean 75th percen-tile Max (1942) 139: 157: 217: 267: 302: 350: 959

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