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0 %--Fat. The best part about the South Bay is the affordable sushi selections, and perhaps none does the bang-for-the-buck better than Chitose, which sits in a standalone building along Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach. $('#submit-a47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51').click(function () { window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){ That means a devotion to truly amazing meat quality, like dry-aged or even Wagyu cuts, served in a fantastic step-like cutting board on the table. //Form and Confirmation Page Background Color Nutrition Facts. Perhaps it could be appropriate to call it Kappo-style, a bit more involved than an izakaya, but not as rarefied as a kaiseki. }); Sides are great too, with kimchi and other banchan that aren’t quite as aggressive as one might find in Koreatown. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. var gen_form = $('input[value="a47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51"]').parent().closest('.generated-form'); confirm_msg: "Please confirm your selections below. Sit at the tempura counter and watch chefs expertly fry bite-sized pieces of fish, vegetables, and meat, all under what one would pay at a similar place in Kyoto. The service and ambience are definitely nicer than the strip mall spots. The relaxed atmosphere is quiet and restrained with expert sushi chefs preparing omakase meals well under $100 a person. send_msg: "Send", 12 Destinations for Impeccable Cambodian Cooking in Long Beach, 20 Amazing Takeout Meals in LA and All the Nearby Picnic Spots to Enjoy Them, 22 Exciting New Restaurants to Try in LA Right Now, Torrance, Gardena, and Redondo Beach are the epicenter of great Japanese cooking in LA. Toyota and Nissan have since moved, but Honda continues to operate their national headquarters in Torrance, which means a significant Japanese-American community remains in the area. if("" != "") Serving. }); var form_args_a47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51 = { On the southern edge of Torrance, King Shabu Shabu serves an especially good version of the classic Japanese hot pot, with cuts like ribeye all way the way down to ultra-expensive (and delicious) Wagyu beef. The yakinuku feel more like an everyday Japanese barbecue, with heaping piles of banchan and big plates of reasonable priced beef ready to grill on the tabletop. $('#form-a47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51').css("background-color",'#000000'); { The menu is pretty small, with a great selection of kushiyaki and an excellent hot pot. Prices are reasonable and the place stays open late most nights. $(this).prop("checked", true); It’s a bit smokier in here, with a casual family vibe versus more expensive places like Tamaen. Sure, there’s sushi. Log In. There’s excellent sashimi and sushi, incredible udon and soba noodles, and whole lot more. 13 %7 gProtein. Ingredient. This upscale Japanese restaurant is another place to bring a date or have a dinner meeting in South Bay. One of Gardena’s longtime izakayas, this virtually hidden restaurant is hugely popular with the after work salary employee crowd, though it’s also a fantastic place to try homestyle Japanese dishes and handmade noodles. Don’t mind the karaoke singing — it’s coming from next door. 58.07 g. 58.07 g. soba noodles. Udon Noodle Soup with Chicken San Sai 1 full order 505 calories 99 grams carbs 8 grams fat 47 grams protein 2 grams fiber 59 mg cholesterol 2 grams saturated fat 4156 mg sodium 0 … grams Serving oz. Torrance, Gardena, and Redondo Beach are the epicenter of great Japanese cooking in LA ... Torrance’s humble soba and udon … FormMethodsa47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51.validateWithoutConfirm(); 229 Cal. This boisterous izakaya in the heart of Torrance serves a lot of office workers looking to escape the drudgery of cubicle life. Nutrition facts and Information for Udon Noodle. Sign Up. Log Food. $('#submit-confirm-a47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51').click(function () { $('input[value="a47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51"]').parent().closest('form').informakersForm2({ NUTRIENT BALANCE INDICATOR™ This symbol offers a visual representation of a food's nutritional strengths and weaknesses, with each spoke representing a different nutrient. While sushi might seem like the main star here, Wadatsumi feels less like a straight up omakase spot and more of an approachable kaiseki destination. 100g of udon noodles have about 124 calories (kcal). 0 grams trans fat. It’s a credit to the longtime history of the Japanese-American population here, which grew in large part because of the big three automakers, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, having their U.S. headquarters here. selected_msg: "Selected", gen_form.ready(function(){window.parent.postMessage(['message', (gen_form.height()+150) + "px" , 'a47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51'], '*');}); form: $('input[value="a47071703318fc0375783f024ba55b51"]').parent(), There are 190 calories in 1 serving, 1/4 package (1.9 oz) of Japanese Udon. Torrance’s humble soba and udon factory is a wonderful place for a casual lunch in Old Torrance. The lunch and happy hour menus are a fantastic draw for anyone in El Segundo looking to break away from all the chain restaurants. Show full nutrition information. There’s other simple Japanese dishes that come in bentos and lunch sets. translation: {lang: 'eng', file: ''}, 195. How does this food fit into your daily goals? $(this).attr("checked", "checked"); A southern offshoot of West LA’s beloved Hamasaku, the food here is more focused toward every day eating, with modestly priced sushi sets and more creative Japanese comfort fare.

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