ragnarok online monk guide

He'll ask you to collect some items. Specialized Monk builds can be very efficient in any scenario. Others have come to fear and respect those who are called Monks. With combo and separate attacks, the mysterious power of one must not only be physically stro… Go to the room to the right-hand side and talk to Priest Praupin, ask him "What should I do?" It is true that considering the skills that the Monk class gets, it can face almost any opponent with a suitable skill to fight against it. The monk job change test consists of a memory and physical test which is to be taken at the speficifed location. You simply have to start the quest at the Monk Temple that is all the way east from Prontera, by talking to Master and then Elder Wuhai. For the faith, one must be good until they achieve a disciplined body. Until then, it will take much time and effort. Your browser does not support script This guide is dedicated to the Monk Job and the battle-Acolytes. This is the last test of the monk quest. If you are at, This is basically a memory test. The place to change your job to the Monk Class is located in the NE Prontera fields. There might be some errors, if you ever find some, I … Disclaimer : This guide is for those who would like to to level a monk and not feel like ‘grinding’ endlessly on a single map. then select "Go to the convent." It takes more than just the mind, but it also takes confidence, and the time and effort, along with self discipline to be able to change jobs. In this test, you have to get from one side of a room to another. It is said that the faith of the acolyte is not only for the mind, but the path one walks must also be for the body. If you report information of yourself to the old man, job class change is possible. Monk Job Change Guide. ----- Ragnarok Online (PC) Monk FAQ Written by: admira version 1.6 ----- Version History: v 1.0: Major FAQ. If you select the right menu options, he will explain the test to you. Alternative route to the Monk Abbey is to go to the Prontera Church (Prontera 234/314) in the northeastern corner of Prontera. Is it not that easy because there are invisible walls blocking your way and monsters to distract you. Version 1.2 March 30, 2004 (03/30/04) Posted the guide in all sites I can. There are 6 possible sets, see the list above. Before you go inside the Monk temple, you must let this man know you want to be a monk. The idea of this build is that you can progress to 99 (and trans) at a decent rate, yet still enjoy yourself. They are mostly known for their powerful skill 'Asura Strike' which has the highest damage in-game a second class can deliver. 1. Just give him the items he wants to pass this part of the quest. Visit the Monk Abbey (prt_monk), located one map East, one map North and two maps East of Prontera. Comprehensive Guide to building a Monk In ragnarok, after Juno patch when 2-2 jobs were introduced, Monk became one of the most popular jobs, simply because of the versatility it offered in terms of gameplay. Revo-Classic Monk Guide Monk is the alternate class of priests but unlike them, monks are built to destroy. Make sure you don't have any green potion on you, talk to. When you sign up to start the quest, the first thing he'll do is test your will. You have to remember. When you tell him your name and your purpose, he will inform you about the NPC you should go for the Monk job test. This is a Monk Job Quest Guide of Ragnarok Online. This is my first FAQ I ever made.

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