quitting a temp job early

The new employer may appreciate your loyalty and concern for doing the right thing. To the extent that you’re comfortable, explain your sudden change of heart about working for the company. Thank you for offering me a temporary position with your organization. This is generally a good thing, since it means you have two jobs instead of none. The re… If you were placed at the company through a temporary staffing agency, you should talk to your agency recruiter before anyone at your job site, according to the AtWork staffing agency. The boss should be informed of your decision as soon as possible, and certainly before word spreads that you’re leaving. She's also a lifelong athlete and is pursuing certification as a personal trainer. Contracts often end early, or extended and not turned permanent. Schedule a meeting with your supervisor, and deliver the letter in person. Do not use the letter as an opportunity to air any personal or professional grievances—remain positive and professional, and demonstrate gratitude for the opportunity to work with the company in question. Exit the job with honour and dignity: It is always a good idea to quit the job on a good note. One possible way to avoid this is to ask for a pre-employment contract or hiring contract before you quit the temp job, which serves as some sort of guarantee that you'll actually start working with the employer. First things first, if you found your current job through a staffing firm, such as Staffing Kansas City, contact your recruiter to inform them of your situation. Currently she is a dean of students at a large, public university. While resigning from any job can be an anxiety-inducing endeavor, leaving a temporary or contract position can be especially difficult. Helping students succeed has been her passion while serving in many areas of student affairs and adjunct teaching. Offer to meet with your replacement to ease the transition if that's something the boss thinks would be helpful. If you are being employed by a staffing company, then go for the permanent job! Write a short letter of resignation to hand your boss, assuming it’s not your first day on the job. Let Monster show you how to quit a job the right way. posted by saffry at 6:46 AM on March 3, 2009 This article is brought to you by Staffing Kansas City, a full-service Kansas City employment agency that provides contract-to-hire, direct hire and temporary placement services. Generally though, a phone call or email to your temp agency representative is enough to alert them to the situation. However, if you were one of many individuals hired through a temporary agency, then the meeting will likely be very brief with little discussion. Quitting a Job after 1 week: Quitting a job after one week can be very early, but it depends on the employees as they may have a number of beneficial reasons for leaving the job. How to Write a Letter Stating That You Accept the Job, Job Offer From a New Company: How to Talk to My Boss, AtWork: How to Resign From a Temp Job (Without Burning Bridges), The Job Network: How to Quit a Job You Just Started, Aerotek: How to Resign From a Contract Position With Grace, Tips on Quitting a Job at a Family Business. Briefly explain that you wish to terminate your temporary position sooner than planned and indicate your requested last day of employment. Bad fit? The reputation of a staffing firm is tied to that of the individuals for whom it locates jobs, which means that your staffing firm should be kept in the loop concerning your decision to leave a position prior to the agreed date. Employers realize that most temp workers are filling a void until they find work that offers better pay and job stability. If you quit the temp job and the permanent employer doesn't end up hiring you, you may be disqualified from receiving unemployment since you quit, reminds reporter Laura Bassett of the website Huffington Post. Generally though, a phone call or email to your temp agency representative is enough to alert them to the situation. Anticipate how the boss may react and be prepared to respond. During your final days or weeks at the job, follow through on the exit strategy you and your supervisor have designed, and project a positive attitude until you walk out the door. First things first, check over any written materials you got from the temp agency. Find The Best Quitting A Temp Job Early In Your Area Companies searching for quality employees have a few options available at their disposal. While this situation should be fairly cut-and-dried, you may encounter certain issues during the transition. Speak with your boss and inform the human resources department, instead of simply not showing up for work the next day, Aerotek staffing services cautions. If you're concerned about the situation, speak with an attorney specializing in employment law. The representative will also help you confirm your final work day at the temp job.

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