primula auricula care

Replant in fresh compost in a clean pot of a size that matches the remaining root system. As the flower stalks rise and approach full size, stake them using green plastic coated wire. Her auricula year starts in January, when she feeds them with a general all-round fertiliser for a couple of weeks to get them growing well, then moves on to something rich in phosphates for the rest of their main spring growing and flowering season. Don't get too hung up on exact named forms. Seedlings however exhibit some characteristics from each parent together with some latent characteristics from shared recessive genes and therefore rarely breed true. Arrange them instead in a rough set of dice fives, with each plant above the gap in the line below. People tinker with their breeding all the time, coming up with ever more varied colour forms. If this all sounds too much bother, start with border auriculas, with tougher, more resilient varieties such as 'Argus' and 'Andre-Julie' (both velvet purples). The process involved in normal repotting is as follows. Do not attempt to keep them frost-free. Die Wachsschicht auf den Blättern schützt sie vor der Sonne und dem Austrocken. Primula auricula medley of hybrids. At shows, the plants are often arranged in straight vertical columns, with each plant directly above the one below, but this makes them look heavy. Water well but only when the plants are dry. Once they've finished flowering, it's a good idea to repot into new well-drained, gritty compost – four parts loam-based John Innes No 2, two parts leaf mould and one part grit. A cold greenhouse is the usual place to keep auriculas in winter and spring to protect the plants from wet weather and for the comfort of the grower. Humusy soil is best. January, Root management is vitally important for successful cultivation. This can be carried out at any time whilst the plant is actively growing. Halfway between the easy, resilient, long-lasting wild primrose and auriculas in their requirements, the laced group of primulas are easy to grow. Ask for recommendations for good doers, then go on looks. Photography: © Jonathan Buckley. Whatever your reasons for growing auriculas, better plants will be grown if the methods used by growers that do show their plants are adopted. Perennials and Biennials, Young (one to three year old) plants often produce the better flowers. Some time in February when the first signs of spring growth appear. In the early summer she moves her collection to outdoor window sills on the north side of her house where they stay cool until the following January. Auriculas are one of those frustrating groups of plants that are continually evolving. The National Auricula and Primula Societies run shows at local and regional levels which are fun, inexpensive and provide access to the better varieties and sound practical advice on every aspect of growing and showing these little gems. Take offsets (without disturbing the main plant) and if you have adequate stocks of a variety remove all embryo offsets. The only way to reproduce an Auricula true to its parent is by taking off-sets from that parent. For unrooted or small offsets use cell trays or insert them around the edge of a small plant pot. Keep plants tidy and free from rot, giving the plants plenty of fresh air. Every auricula grower uses different methods. Re-pot flowered plants either now before the hot weather or leave until the autumn. The pots should be topped with grit after planting. From the Archives: Quarterly of the American Primrose Society, Volume 11, Summer 1953, page 18 Care of the Carrot – Mrs. Ben Torpen, Woodland Acres, Beaverton, Oregon Now is the time when all Auricula lovers are concerned with repotting, and care of their plants … A cold frame is preferred for summer housing. This grey-edged show variety has beautiful serrated green-grey leaves, the colour of which is picked up in the dusty green, white, yellow and black flowers. Remove old soil, offsets and old roots including the lower part of the main root (called the carrot). An eye-catching variety for an auricula theatre. Primula auricula ‘Lovebird’ is an older variety raised in 1908. Primula auricula – alpine auriculas make distinctive cabbage-like clumps of foliage which, in spring, are topped by upright stems with circular flowers in bold colours. All from time to time use new ways of producing plants with flowers that little bit nearer to perfection. Wachstum. They … Die Blätter sind rosettenförmig angeordnet und manchmal von einer leichten Mehlschicht überzogen. Plant offsets in cells, around the edge of a pot or in very small pots as appropriate. Protect from spells of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Keep the compost fairly but not absolutely dry, by watering infrequently and sparingly. A cold greenhouse is the usual place to keep auriculas in winter and spring to protect the plants from wet weather and for the comfort of the grower. Just when you find one you particularly like, it is superseded by another quite similar, said to be a better performer. Spray to control any aphids or red spider in the cool of the evening as necessary. Mary's auricula theatre is tiered on wooden staging in the old outside loo, with layers of 3½in terracotta pots stretching from one side to the other.

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