piper cherokee 180

). ON USED AIRCRAFT, COMMON SOURCES OF INFORMATION ARE JANE’S ALL-THE-WORLD’S AIRCRAFT OR RVI’S AIRCRAFT BLUEBOOK PRICE DIGEST. Of course, the 172 isn’t the Archer’s only competitor: Cessna’s own fixed-gear Cardinal, the Grumman/American General Tiger and the Beech Sundowner abound on the used market, often available for fewer dollars. Meanwhile, the Piper Flyer Association (PFA, offers services similar to POS’s. WORLD'S PREMIER INDEPENDENT AVIATION NEWS RESOURCE. Click here or above for a free digital version of our July 2019 issue. Later Archers allow a 2550-pound gross but empty weights are often higher, so payloads are lower. The Archer is no Mooney or Bonanza, but frankly, unless you are regularly flying 500-mile trips, you won’t notice much difference.

Recent upgrades may have eliminated boxes from the right stack, but unless the entire panel was redone, cosmetics may suffer.

Arrivals can be firm if the flare isn’t timed right and holding a touch of power right to touchdown can do a lot to smooth things out. No, I never told them how close they’d come to oblivion. Performance-wise, the Piper Archer is respectable, but no one will mistake its numbers for a Bonanza’s, or even an Arrow’s. Otherwise, maintenance hotspots have to do with typical Lycoming issues, such as cracked cylinders, corroded cams and problems with Bendix and Slick magnetos. The four-banger Lycoming seemed to be happy when leaned out to 9.5 gph, and with 50 gallons aboard, I could make cross-country hops of 4.5 hours, worth right at 500 nm at a sitting with a 45-minute reserve. With the single cabin door on the wrong side, loading isn’t easy. My notes from those days suggest it weighed in at 1390 pounds against a 2400 pound gross weight. At the same time, a modest, 50-pound boost in gross weight (to 2450 pounds) improved the airplane’s payload by half a person while a larger door, more-crashworthy seats and additional panel improvements rounded out the cosmetic improvements. The Cherokee 180 had the simple, rectangular, Hershey-bar wing, it had a stall that was practically undetectable, and it was about the easiest machine to land I’d ever encountered. That early engine had a TBO of only 1200 hours, mainly due to a weak valve-train design, including 7/16-inch exhaust valves, which was far from Lycoming’s best effort. The Piper Archer, aka the Cherokee 180, is a four place, low wing, single-engine airplane. (We suspect erroneous airspeed indicators or tachometers.) In retrospect, I made most of the mistakes that you’re usually only allowed to make only once, but I made them several times. I’ve come to appreciate the talents of jets and helicopters and amphibians and gliders. The extra power made it practical to fly with all four seats filled (depending on passenger weight and fuel loading), and the model remains popular on the used-airplane market.

Piper Airplane ADs Airthworthiness Directives, Piper Cherokee 180. While you’re back there, take a few extra moments to inspect the battery box just aft of the baggage compartment. Piper Cherokee 180 Review by veteran pilot Bill Cox. If you learned in a Skyhawk or a Cherokee, chances are, you’ll vote for that model in the debate. This page was last edited on 19 December 2014, at 17:39. Overall the Cherokee 180 is an economical, comfortable, versatile machine that I think would satisfy the (realistic) needs of most pilots well. ALL PIPER CHEROKEE 180 SPECS AND PERFORMANCE NUMBERS ARE DRAWN FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES, OFTEN THE AIRCRAFT FLIGHT MANUAL OR THE MANUFACTURER’S WEB SITE. Neither works well on the ground, requiring an open-door policy until right before takeoff. I had about 160 hours (mostly in Cessnas) when I bought the airplane. All of the quotes I received were in that range, but some required up to 10 hours of dual before they would insure me.

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