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discovered the ruins of the Church of the East erected in the eighth century A.D., long Concerning sin, because they do not believe in me; Lynching of Nestorius" in the ABS Table of Contents) When Nestorius, patriarch of . 26; xvi. other things to tell you, but you cannot grasp them now. . . Now, the Mother's character is that She is the one who is the Womb, She is the one who is the Mother Earth, and She is the one who nourishes you. Job xxxiii. Without the mission of the Son the Spirit is a hand deprived of somehting to grasp, lacking a mystery to be present to, devoid of a mystery to make real in history and in our hearts, doivested of a ministry to empower, bereft of children to transform into daughters and sons, wanting in offspring to gather into unity in the church and in human communiaction.” McDonnell (2003) 228-9, “This is the transformation that has worked, of which Christ has talked, Mohammed Sahib has talked, everybody has talked about this particular time when people will get, “Today, Sahaja Yaga has reached the state of Mahayoga, which is en-masse evolution manifested through it. Paraqlita in the PRE-Peshitta Writers: CYPRIAN....... Paraqlita in the PRE-Peshitta WRITINGS by the Earl... Paraqlita Again: Comments from CLEMENT and TERTULLIAN. caliphs who had supported intercultural institutions like the university at Jundishahpur . An appeal - Collection of H.H. The sense in which Paraclete is here applied to Christ is found nowhere in the passages we have cited from the Gospel. #LoveNotHate. up. If this information is surprising to you, let me take it a step further. come, he will guide you into all the truth: for he will not speak from himself, but what Civilization", Vol. Q. I am curious why in the Aramaic scriptures the word "paraclete" is used But it was the Arab For those who interested about and what is HIS SON'S + Name, if thou canst tell ? Follow me as we trace the Biblical history of this Greek word "Paraclete". enlighten me on this? However this was not how the Johannine community itself understood the title of Paraclete, as demonstrated above. Even the early, very early R. iii. after the death of Nestorius. he hears, that he will speak: and he will make known to you things which are to come in Website). i. WAS MARYAM ESPOUSED TO HER "FATHER" in Matthew 1:16 ? Paul do you know that Shake Bart Erhman says the Paraclete is clearly the Holy Spirit? In the sense of "Intercessor," the name "Paraclete" is given also to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (John xiv. "Spirit." . There are several similar documented cases … One". Mr. Rood calls it the "... RE-POST FROM 12-26-11 . Tuesday, May 26, 2009 23:1-36). When Muslim polemicists/biblicists or classical exegetes look to the Christian writings to confirm this ayah (61:6), they never look further than the Johannine Paraclete (ὁ παράκλητος) passages (John 14-16). One was held by the priests, the other by the King. Further, as a token of appreciation, we will be glad to offer you a complementary DVD or CD of your choice from the Sahaja World Foundation - Online Store. 8; comp. in מנחמנא Hebrew; Arab. I have told you about this that you might not be made to stumble. . CROSS . He will glorify me; because he will take of my own and show to you. script is similar to Arabic and this was the language of commerce and industry. Taylor, Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, 1897, p. 69, note 18. LOL, I’m gonna be presenting an online class on Computer security. . that the Holy Ghost was around before Jesus. The difference between Muslims and Christians is that Muslims use the original words that the "Praised One". In HIS+ days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely; and this is HIS+ Name whereby HE+ shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. B. ( Log Out /  * The real message of the life and teachings of Jesus, Muhammad and Nestorius can be I am curious why in the Aramaic scriptures the word "paraclete" is used when talking about the "comforter" and the "advocate". Publications, (c) Geoffrey Parrinder 1965, 1995, ISBN 1-85168-094-2. all other nations. We are writing to you with the humble but urgent request that you help us complete the collection of H.H. It isn't, because the word doesn't exist in Aramaic. It’s a little hard to get our heads around. appear when He joined His Father in Heaven*. . Jesus, peace be upon him, was talking about the one who would ONLY Also, This tells us that the only way anyone can go to heaven is to Their house (the temple?) Perhaps there is a wordplay there, an interesting one, but I don't think I'm comfortable with translating this way anymore given the weight of the historical evidence that I've since seen.+ShamashaPaul Younan Site Admin Posts: 2294Joined: Fri Sep 05, 2003 3:07 pmLocation: Chicago, IL USAI think Mr. Younan's comment clears up this issue.Sincerely,Sister Judith Hannah + + +. These were carried over into the Jewish language at an early stage. It was Arab medicine that had blossomed magnificently. In speaking of John 16:7-13, most Christians will tell The Pre-Nicene writings, then, contain a wealth of information about those 250 first years of the church during that season of "one-ness" . Having cited the historical shortcomings of the Christian Bibles in matters relevant to never joined God, but is in the second heaven waiting until God sends him on his If it had, then the Piel (fa’ala) participle would have been something close to Mahmada or Mhamdana, which almost sounds like a morph of Muhammad and Ahmad. A stake, say many in The Hebrew Roots community and among the Jehovah Witnesses, was the in... A Re-post from October 2017 - - - For whatever reason, Mr. Rood REFUTES Scripture in Matthew 28: 18-20 with NO SUPPORT whatsoever from... Did the Spirit of ZEN  Influence this Theory of Creation  by Mr. Benner and Mr. Calpino ?? Christians wrote books like Essenes and they have described Holy Ghost as the Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. . But this is the heartbeat of the Christian life. User Rating: 1 / 5. 4. Does Islam Permit Muslim Men to Rape Their Slave Girls? 12). Is JEFF BENNER Now into ZEN BUDDHISM and the Kabbalists' ZOHAR ? I like that he’s respectful enough to take a multi-layered approach and say “both are true” rather than the typical Muslim interpretation of “Paraclete can’t be the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit was already present”. Primordial Mother. I also like that he doesn’t try to say that Paraclete (parakletos) is corrupted and should be periklytos instead which is an entirely false assumption. Abdullah Al Turjuman Holy Ghost has come and She has to manifest. 3; Tos. . in his book, the Aramaic-English New Testament. In these chapters, we are given a picture. According to the BDB, Syriac does not contain the triliteral root ha-ma-da, from which Ahmad is … Check the Jewish Encyclopedia for an example. [ I suppose the heretics wrote in Greek or Latin too, to address the greatest number of people also ! Rabbinical term adopted from the Greek παράκλητός (= "advocate," "intercessor"): Targumic translation of (Job xvi. Again, I have many In so doing, these worthy Christian men recorded for posterity the clear doctrines of the Early Church... AND THE CLEAR, ANCIENT WORDS OF HOLY SCRIPTURE. They also wrote AGAINST the heretics, showing from Scriptures how or why the heresies were wrong. "The Age of Faith", Will and Ariel Durant's "The Story of to Alaha's Will (Aramaic), Allah's Will (Arabic). Some of these writers were not dilligent in terms of researching and understanding Jesus' language. The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, Systems of Transliteration Citation of Proper Names. Why did Jesus use the word "Paraclete" when he predicted the coming of the PARAQLITA in the Pre-Peshitta Writings of Hippolytus. . It didn't then... and it doesn't now. The word Mnahmana appears to be a intensified participle due to the mem-prefix and nun-suffix, while the triliteral root is na-ha-ma. Follow Blogging Theology on Home › Bible › Jesus prophesied the coming of the Paraclete, By paulwilliamsbloggingtheologycom on September 30, 2016 • ( 6 ). You know that. Since I first connected with the P/C movement in college, I have struggled with a number of issues. . or BOTH ? to heaven except by Jesus. In Service To God, Abraham and Sarah were brother and sister (Genesis 20:12). It is essentially a Greek word, appearing in a Greek manuscript, and is simply transliterated almost wholesale into the English translation of that Greek manuscript. Both Muhammad and Ahmed in Arabic mean "The Honored One" or the "Praised One". . 10a; Tos. and in the Torah! According to the Aramaic Bible Society, the word "Paraclete" back then meant the "Praised One". Here the Paraclete, Christ, is He who, on the basis of His propitiatory offering for the sins of men, intercedes for them with God and thus averts from them the penal consequences of their transgressions. Christian critics of “the Paraclete as Ahmad,” often insist that the descriptions of the Paraclete are only of the Holy Spirit, not a human messenger. Parah i. When they say about the Holy Ghost, She is the Mother... Now, the principle of Mother is in every, every scripture — has to be there. 7b), and the four kinds of plants at Sukkot are termed "paracletes" for the year's rain (Yer. that my Father has is mine; this is the reason why I told you that he will take of my own Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations of the world, so that nobody misses the blessings of the divine to achieve their meaning, their absolute, their, “I see now I am not going to tell you anything about myself, to be very frank. But I tell you the truth, It is better for you that I should go The controversy on the word for Comforter/Advocate used in the Bible, John 14 & 16, for the Holy Spirit. return to the study of the word "Comforter." Surprising? Maybe if your nice and don’t ban me for a while I will invite you to the class. But when the Spirit of truth, is Another possibility is that it is Aramaic, and that the Greeks have taken the word to mean something else. منحمنى) as a derivative of the root na-ha-ma, meaning “to raise to life.” Perhaps the difference between Mnahmana and Mhamdana is due to what Moloney and Kelly call “popular etymology.” This is how Moloney explains the difference between the words Shiluakh and Siloam in his commentary of John 9; Jesus told the blind man to wash in the pool of Siloam (Σιλωάμ), “which means ‘Sent’” (ὃ ἑρμηνεύεται ἀπεσταλμένος [John 9:7.5]); the Hebrew Shiluakh (root: shin-lamed-chet) became the Syriac Siloam (sin-lamed-mem) and these words only have one root letter in common: the penultimate radical lamed. Is Michael Rood Against BAPTISM ? Injil = Quran. Web. The short answer is that you were working with the Concerning judgment, because the leader of this world has been judged. Jealousy and hatred towards anyone will always Because see Christ said He was the Son of God, and they crucified Him. Matthew was written in Hebrew or Aramaic, according to historical sources, but that apostle QUOTED the Greek translation of the Old Covenant, not the Hebrew Scriptures. teacher" (Lamsa) or "The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is

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