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Eligible businesses can claim an emergency tax relief refund of payroll tax already paid in the 2019-20 financial year via PTX Express. Eligible employers include businesses in private enterprise (including sole traders) as well as not-for-profits and charities, with: Key considerations for employee eligibility are: JobKeeper 2.0 (Phase 2): Under the old method, claims can be made under the 52 cents per hour rate, but the taxpayer would need to work out the decline in value of any office equipment or furniture purchased, additional gas, electricity, phone and internet costs, etc. NSW was the first state to make legislation giving effect to the Mandatory Code of Conduct to support commercial tenants and landlords with rent relief procedures. You should not rely upon the material or information as a basis for making any business, financial or any other decisions. Grants of up to $20,000 will be made available via chambers of commerce and local business groups to small businesses. The payment is worth around $400 more each fortnight than the $1,100 JobSeeker payment (with the Coronavirus Supplement) for those out of work. Tech Central will be home to start-ups, scale-ups and innovation ecosystem partners – putting NSW at the forefront of tech development. Or if there isn't, could you just walk us through what you're seeing there in terms of cannibal impact from the stimulus? Real Estate Our liquidity and funding position became our top priority as the COVID crisis emerged. We look at what’s available nationally – and in your state/territory. It is this differentiated view of industry and customer performance that it is informing our current underwriting decisions and estimates of expected losses. Eligibility will depend on commercial owner-occupiers being eligible to receive JobKeeper payments from 31 October 2020 onwards, and having an annual turnover not exceeding AUD 50 million. First, our adoption of CECL standard on January 1 had little impact on the starting reserve level for the quarter. Hi. I appreciate the customers survey and all of that, but as we think about how it's tangibly impacting delinquencies -- maybe this is more for Nick. Annual fees and levies for the rock lobster, giant crab, fin fishers and for abalone divers, will be waived for 12 months. 12-month waiver of all food business registration and on-licence liquor licensing fees, from 1 April 2020. All rights reserved. But we have been proactively working with our lenders to amend certain of our debt facilities and have made good progress. Recognizing that these requests carried a higher degree of risk, we proactively tightened credit policies and slowed originations dramatically. Sure. Specifically, we did see some softness in the wholesale trade manufacturing and transportation industry, but the portfolio overall was performing in line with our expectations. Content may belong to or have originated from third parties and OnDeck takes no responsibility for the accuracy, validity, reliability or completeness of any information.

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