once upon a time season 5 episode 17 recap

Ah, nothing like a decaying rose to set the mood for love. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. No one…mucks like Gaston? Ah, arranged marriages. Apparently, Hades dipped those arrows in the River of Lost Souls, so one scratch by them and he’s in that water forever. I loved Regina and Zelena’s sister talk, however short it was, because I’d really love to see Regina and Zelena trying to reconnect on a mature level. Calling her a woman of substance, they lean in for a kiss which is interrupted when she spots the answer to how to find out what the ogre wants. S 5 E 17. type. What did you think of the episode “Her Handsome Hero”? She offers it to him and he says he’ll read every word, twice. Gaston’s first attempt on Rumple’s life with an enchanted arrow misses its mark — and in turn alerts Belle to the fact that Rumple killed her fiance all those years ago. He was supposed to be watching the ogre but it escaped. So, what is the mighty Gaston doing down in the Underworld? Hades says it’s because he’s been finding flowers all over town and things aren’t supposed to be growing there. Which is also true, technically. Zelena says if Hades wants something, he’ll never give up which makes Regina curious as to how she knows that. “Seeing him dead is the only thing I care about anymore,” says Gaston. Snow wants to take a look but Emma stops her, telling Hook and Snow they have to make a run for it. In an attempt to save him, Belle ends up knocking Gaston into the river. Back in the Underworld, Rumple’s getting frustrated trying to find white magic to defeat Hades. Truthfully, Gaston looks super shady, especially when he gets that “I love to hunt and kill!” look in his eye, but we’ll give Belle a pass. They need to use the Mirror of Souls and if there’s evil in their soul, their eyes will glow with fire. She knows if they bring him back to the castle, they’ll torture him, and she wants to save him. She turns down the offer and Hades leaves, telling her to let him know if she changes her mind. Snow explains why they’re hiding and Emma tells them it’s because she saw her mother die in the dream, and Regina says maybe the dream is actually about Emma working out some issues. If not, then the ogre means them no harm. Belle wants to come along and bring the mirror, but Gaston wants to know why they even HAVE that mirror considering he knows the ogre is evil. Gaston trusts her – even though they’ve just met – and off they go to find a different way of getting the info from the ogre. “I don’t have any issues!” Emma declares, just like any other therapy patient, and I laugh a lot at this moment. In reality, she’s actually on the roof of the library with Hook who reminds her it’s the first time she’s slept in days. Snow says no one was forced to go there, and love is worth it – even though it’s hard. At the diner the shriveled flower is delivered to Zelena, complete with a pretty bow. Then she pulls out the Dark One dagger and commands him to not hurt Gaston. And that can only mean one thing — hope. Regina finds Zelena at the diner and tells her her daughter’s safely hidden in the woods with Robin. He thinks he sees Rumple but it’s a dummy that he shoots. I mean, at least Gaston is super charming. She still thinks he can be good and not use dark magic. But at least Emma is finally realizing that, hey, maybe it was a bad idea to bring everyone, especially her family and son, down here. Once Upon a Time Recap Season 5 Episode 14: Hook Is Rescued and Belle Is Pregnant. Because now, Belle has taken away hope. And Belle agrees. Here and now, Gaston resents Belle for steering him to be a “compassionate” hero, since that is how he ultimately lost her to that “beast,” Rumplestiltskin. Although she doesn’t want to be wooed by him, her father says a war is brewing and they’ll need Gaston’s family’s support. There’s a shard left which is enough for Belle to see Gaston’s eyes are glowing red. Back in time, Belle and her dad have the mirror and are going to hold it up to the ogre when they come across Gaston knocked out and laying by the tree. He offers her a deal: she can keep her baby if she lets Rumple face Gaston. Hades goes to visit Gaston at Storybrooke’s Pet Shelter and reveals Belle and Rumplestiltskin – the man who killed Gaston and sent him to the Underworld – are now in town. Belle and Gaston return to the castle where Belle uses her love of books to try to find something to help the ogre. Belle’s looking through drawers at the pet shelter and wants Rumple to use his magic to open Gaston’s locker. Gaston says he’s only trying to protect the kingdom, but Belle says he’ll have to shoot her first if he wants to kill the ogre. In flashbacks, Belle finds Gaston on his hunting spree and stops him from hurting the ogre who is ALREADY in pain and hurt. Mar 14th, 2016. In walks Gaston and he tells her they’ll rule side by side. They spot it and Emma zaps it with magic.

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