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All the dragonflights, save Neltharion's own, were paralyzed in midair until the timely intervention of Korialstrasz, a mate of the red dragonqueen, who had been absent from the initial use of the artifact. You, on the other hand, have maintained the dignity of the good races of Azeroth with your ability to remember what we fight for. Dragonflights (aka flights) are subraces of dragons described in the official story of World of Warcraft. [45], During the Second War, the reds who had avoided capture by the orcs were initially bewildered to find their queen had gone missing. Neltharion! The champions who fought at our side assured the survival of our world. The reds are utterly loyal to their Aspect, Alexstrasza, who along with her consorts such as Tyranastrasz and Korialstrasz, are treated with great respect by the reds and the other flights. Wherever it was shed - nothing will grow for ten thousand years. While Ysera has always favored the dreaming races and the students of Cenarius, Alexstrasza and her flight are known for avoiding killing if at all possible (as they are the defenders of life). Their fire can either destroy or bring life. Korialstrasz sensed something happening deep within the mountain and returned to Grim Batol to find the black consort in the midst of creating the twilight dragonflight. Hearthstone Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Among Alexstrasza's abilities, she can regrow forests and heal the land. Alexstrasza's Humanoid (presumed Highborne) form in WoW. Before the Titans departed Azeroth, they charged the greatest species of the world with the task of watching over it. Alexstrasza is rarely venerated by any particular group, although some elven communities pay her homage. As a result, the red dragonflight's agents are often away, spread throughout Azeroth, and using their powers to disguise themselves as members of the mortal races, such as humans or elves. Immediately after the two Aspects blessed the new world tree Teldrassil as they had done to Nordrassil ten thousand years before. However, Deathwing, ancient traitor to Alexstrasza and her most hated enemy, who had partly arranged for her continued subjugation during the Second War, arranged an elaborate plot to draw her into the open and steal her children in the hopes of generating his own progeny. Malygos has declared war on all mortal spellcasters, especially the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. "You will go through all I have gone through, "Life is my Aspect, Dark One, and I, like all mothers, know both the pain and wonders that entails! Many red dragons were enslaved during the Second War by the Dragonmaw clan under Nekros Skullcrusher. Although one of the most powerful of the dragons, she is not the eldest, her once-consort Tyranastrasz being her elder by several hundreds if not thousands of years before the Titans gifted her. They consider themselves the protectors of all life, and in many ways they are. Using his guise of Krasus, a member of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran, he set a plan into motion. Green dragon in Warcraft III. The Battlecry effect cannot generate another Dragonqueen Alexstrasza. For someone of her power, the Dragonqueen is surprisingly compassionate. Her fire-breathing children returned to their posts as protectors of all life, and worked to rebuild their devastated race. With the help of her former mate Korialstrasz, Alexstrasza then rejoined the remaining Aspects Nozdormu, Malygos, and Ysera. The Aspect immediately incinerated four orc warriors before Nekros invoked the dark powers of the disk and subdued her. She was one of five great dragons chosen by the titans to be empowered with a portion of the Pantheon's power and rule over her flight while they watched over Azeroth and its inhabitants. Before their departure from Azeroth however, the Titans were impressed by five proto-drakes in their defeat of a great enemy., Queen of Life Creation Shining Dreams Hope Health Order Good Fire Day Midnight Light and Mercy, 139,450,000 (13,945,000 in humanoid form), Dragon Aspect of Life Creation Shining Dreams Hope Health Order Good Fire Day Midnight Light and Mercy. This letter also contains the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake. It was also in that war that the black dragon Neltharion deceived his fellow Aspects, using the Dragon Soul (also now known as the Demon Soul) to steal a portion of their power. [27], Alexstrasza swore an oath of friendship to Rhonin, Vereesa, Falstad, and their respective races. It pains me, Neltharion - but I must end you, as I have ended Malygos. She does not seek out combat, but destroys only to punish or renew. Korialstrasz approached the other Aspects for assistance, but was continually rebuffed time after time. Their breath is a fearsome stream of fire, and they have been known to swallow enemies whole and slowly digest them over the course of a day. The Dragonqueen traveled to Wyrmrest Temple in Northrend, where she called upon the members of the Wyrmrest Accord to play their part against the blue dragons in the Nexus War. May others be inspired by your good cheer. [47], Guardians were placed outside Grim Batol under the leadership of the wyrm Garshilan, assisted by the eager young dragon Acridistrasz, the dragonspawn flametongue captain Baleflame,[48] and legions of red dragonspawn eager to guard the remnants of the red dragonflight. Upon completing the meta Achievement What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been, players will receive a letter from Alexstrasza congratulating players. The dark master of Ahn'Qiraj used the tortured dragons to power his new creations: Moam and the other Obsidian destroyers. Alexstrasza was one of the three dragon aspects that fought the demons of the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients. Since the Dragons are not summoned immediately, but added to your hand, you have some leeway in when to play them. In early history, there were many dragonflights (there were dragons in every color of the rainbow), yet there were five flights that held dominion over their brethren. When the traitorous Dar'Khan Drathir tried to claim her power as his own, Korialstrasz intervened, only to be subjected to Dar'Khan's mind control. Alexstrasza before her fight with Deathwing. While he couldn't wield the Demon Soul himself it could be placed in the hands of one that would further his agenda. Faction: Alliance & Horde. The titan Eonar charged Alexstrasza with protecting life. Ysera is the former Dragon Aspect of the green dragonflight, charged with keeping watch over the flowering wilds of Azeroth from within the Emerald Dream. He then shocked his fellow aspects and turned the artifact against the terrified night elves as well, and finally his own brethren. The titan Eonar charged Alexstrasza with protecting life. Bound to this ethereal realm, she descended into an endless trance and became known thereafter as the Dreamer.[11] She would later fight off the Emerald Nightmare and the corruption of her children. I see the hollow metal shell of a once great ally, and the precious gift of the Titans wasted. But now, we must see it with mortal eyes. When the blacks had been sufficiently pushed back the reds resumed their search and found the orcs were responsible for Alexstrasza and the rest of the flight's disappearance and were using her offspring as pawns in the Second War.

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