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01. best music marketing companies | Voted #1 Music Agency | View Maniac. How can we use algorithms to our advantage? Track your sales data, worldwide 24/7 through our secure web based dashboard. Web 3.0: immersive web experiences with 360° spaces and 3D objects Physical activations: immersive pop-up shops (although this one is a little bit out of the picture during COVID times) Fans desire a blend of novelty and familiarity but at the same time are being pelted by more boring advertisements than ever. Consider how rapper Nas worked to establish his reputation as one of rap's frontrunners in the '90s. The integration of 360° footage into Kendrick Lamar's music video added another dimension of excitement. They are not going to go away — they are only going to grow in influence and prevalence, meaning that digital strategists, labels, and artists who start this process now are positioning themselves to win big right now as well as further down the line. Interactive music marketing campaigns are able to engage audiences more effectively, generate merch sales, create ROI, and build a real connection with fans. How do we create a unique brand that stands out in competitive streaming platforms and social media platforms? 360 content will let you archive performances in rich ways, share eye-catching content on social media, and diversify your storytelling. Access analysis tools such as; Revenue by Service, Format, Top Albums, Tracks and Artists to get the kind of information you need to compete. And Kendrick Lamar used 360° content in his video for Humble. This means more ticket sales, deeper connections with audiences, 4x the ROI, increased brand awareness, and a chance to stand out. A beautiful world. Digitally, Travis is one of the strongest artists out there. There is a reason why major labels from Sony, DefJam, Warner, and Virgin have advertised with For those of you interested in learning how the directors made these shots happen, here's an awesome tutorial on K-Dot style 360° Tiny Planet Shots from YouTuber Andrew Santos. Plus that stat is from 2018 - it’s absolutely increased since then. [View the full music marketing case study for more details.]. This usually results in a campaign with things like: An immersive 360° website for album releases. When we created the world’s first 360° album cover in 2018, the concept of cover art had hardly changed since 1938 – 80 years! Digital Music Marketing does a terrific job keeping us well situated in the digital music marketplace. By looking deeper into the moves that the Travis Scott camp is making, you may find some new inspiration for your own marketing. They’re always quite prepared to answer questions, discuss or suggest new marketing and promotional ideas, and most importantly, to make sure that we are getting the best possible returns for our efforts. The Travis Scott brand and storytelling is thoroughly saturated with new & interactive media formats. In addition to writing and recording his classic album Illmatic he was dedicated to showing listeners where his music was coming from. Our services can be accessed à la carte and integrated into your existing marketing plan, or we can create a custom plan for your entire campaign. Tailored to Your Needs . 360 enhances current practices, integrates seamlessly into social media campaigns, and offers an opportunity for fresh creative styles. In contrast to flat/passive cover art, going interactive means fans can direct their own experience with a Sense of Agency. “Blue Rondo,” is a freewheeling, high energy burst of joyfulfunk-jazz. It has been proven that giving someone a Sense of Agency with a virtual experience has a notable impact on subconscious thought, memory creation, and more. How do we engage current fans and build deeper connections with them? The video for Kendrick's hit record, HUMBLE, uses 360° footage to add a fresh visual appeal. We offer professional music promotion services. Start yourself with our FREE consultation and let’s look at what we can improve. When Beaumonde is making content for a release campaign or a special project, we strive to give fans an experience with the visuals somehow. For expert help call 866-872-3460. Our team offers expert service in Streaming Promotion, Digital Retail, Social Media and Direct-to-Fan Marketing. MTV even has the Video Music Awards (VMAs) to celebrate the best music videos of the year. Endemic Marketing is a full-service music marketing company based in Toronto, Canada. Web 3.0: immersive web experiences with 360° spaces and 3D objects, Physical activations: immersive pop-up shops (although this one is a little bit out of the picture during COVID times), Gamification: getting creative with your "wheelhouse" content such as music videos or email marketing to make it more interactive for fans, Personalization: smarter use of your marketing tools to include personal touches in fan communications, such as using a fan's name in the subject/body of an email, Virtual reality: VIP behind-the-scenes content for super fans who have VR headsets, Beat Saber partnerships. MelodyVR is another unique platform that lets fans purchase access to a series of full 360 VR performances from all kinds of major label artists. In many ways, it's like a virtual tour of an artist's universe. He knows his target audience and turns every new release into new fans. Interactive media and, more deeply, brand strategies focused on engagement are here to stay. This 360° album cover was set up as an easily accessible website, so fans could swipe up on Sammy's IG story or click his bio link to visit the site. In the short term, using one piece of interactive content isn't going to be your silver bullet – there's never a quick fix for building an authentic connection with fans. To surpass fan expectations going forward, you’ll need unique storytelling methods and branding strategies that engage audiences in personalized ways. Improve Your Brand Identity. They're one of my favorite artists and I think their musical vision was tailor-made for AR. This artform often serves as an excuse for talented creators to push the boundaries of their craft, resulting in truly unique works of art. The brass enhanced track is driven by what…, ATHENS, GA –The Nashville-based singer/songwriter GRETA GAINES will release here 6th recording, a 7-song EP entitled “Tumbleweed,” on…, WEST COAST TOUR DATES AND 2017! Digital Music Marketing is a leading provider of high quality Internet Marketing Services for the Independent Recording Community. One team who has shined during this year of COVID is WaveXR. Talk about getting more mileage out of your content investment – very smart. . Plus, on streaming platforms such as Spotify artists submit over 20,000 songs per day to be considered for playlisting. And it’s highly versatile, and can be used in conjunction with product launches and events, to help musicians distribute their art, and even as a part of a musician’s artwork itself (a la Kendrick Lamar). The human brain responds more strongly to media with spatial/multisensory elements because of how we naturally process information about the world. Fans demand more authentic, and more robust stories from the musicians they love. We now have to think about creating full virtual experiences for fans that replace the massive gap left by live & physical experiences. Digital Music Marketing is a leading provider of high quality Internet Marketing Services for the Independent Recording Community. So of course 360° music videos are pretty awesome. Interactive content has the potential to elevate your entire music marketing plan and improve the results of your music marketing campaigns in unique ways. Industry insight and coverage have ranked us as the top music promotion blog worldwide for artists, record labels and more. This concept is a completely new way for artists to tell their story and connect with fans. Travis is one of the biggest artists in the music industry, and his list of marketing successes is length. Independent Music Promotions is a highly respected music PR and music marketing company. Click here or on the image below to open our 360° poster in a new tab. Enter your information to be represented by us and gain access to our site. We represent an international roster of "musicians with depth" from a broad spectrum of musical genres. Whatever your needs, we are versed in all things digital! Today, multi-sensory storytelling is easier than ever thanks to new tech and the realms of extended reality. The original idea for the album cover was born in 1938 when Columbia Records hired Alex Steinweiss as their very first art director. That's a fancy way of saying if your story is interactive you get better results at the end of the rainbow. Their collaboration with The Weeknd and TikTok produced a completely new kind of media experience for fans to consume. The artist can perform their set live while dressed with a motion capture suit, and WaxeXR's technology turns the artist into a virtual avatar who performs within a virtual environment. And it’s only getting harder as social media platforms become even more crowded with paid ads. Apply And thanks to COVID, standing out means engaging more than just sound & sight. As one of the best music marketing companies we are highly respect across multiple industries. I read that the Cactus Jack merch pack cost roughly ~$33. If you’re interested, my COVID-19 Trend Report has more case study breakdowns on Travis Scott’s marketing during the pandemic. Additionally, when browsing on mobile that 360 video, photo or design responds interactively with the movement of your phone. Beaumonde Interactive Marketing & Creative Studio, 5 great examples of interactive music marketing ideas, artists submit over 20,000 songs per day to be considered for playlisting, Sense of Agency with a virtual experience, review of The Weeknd's TikTok performance. Instagram isn’t supported directly, but we know a trick around that .). Start building a fan base that is hyper-engaged with the musical experience you’re providing. Historically it hasn’t been so easy to do something like that. We will find the right demographic for your sound and begin sending them directly to your content! Artist Development | Music Marketing | Public Relations Firm | Instagram … Now they can come to life in three dimensions, thanks to modern tech. He’s hard to miss thanks to chart-topping music, a genre-bending brand, huge fashion collabs, and oh yeah, his 50 million monthly Spotify listeners. "HUMBLE" won three Grammy's (including "Best Music Video") and was the lead single for his album DAMN. And this is how musicians help to build and strengthen a connection with their audience. It’s a community for fans to experience music in new ways and a platform for artists to create a unique fan experience. Artists like Travis Scott, Grimes, Poppy, and Tinashe are taking advantage of new tech to tell their story. Maybe you can think about how your favorite artists are able to connect with you today, and use that as inspiration for your own music marketing. Consider creating an immersive album drop announcement flyer. According to their website, MelodyVR will “get you into sold-out gigs, transport you to far-flung festivals and show you secret, VIP performances – all in stunning virtual reality.”. As you scroll past on dekstop, the videos will rotate. In just the first half of 2020, Mr. Scott has already: Broken Billie Eilish’s release-day Spotify single streaming record, Headlined the largest virtual music event of all time (Fortnite's Astronomical), Released multiple chart-topping solo & collab projects.

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