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How to work with museum display case manufacturers? After getting the approved design, we will send you formal, When you are ready to start the project, please arrange. You can choose best cost-effective transportation modes such as sea shipping, air transport, express door to door service etc. Address Control of temperature and relative humidity is critical in the preservation of library and archival collections because unacceptable levels of these contribute significantly to the breakdown of materials. ga('require','linkid','linkid.js'); A museum display case (showcase, display cabinet, or vitrine) is a cabinet with one or often more transparent glass (or clear acrylic usually) surfaces, used to display objects for viewing. Metal (stainless steel, powder-coated steel, aluminum) is the preferred material for display cases and storage shelving or cupboards. 1-800-572-2194, Copyright © 2020 D2G Group LLC All Rights Reserved, Connecting People And Brands With The World, Score Big Savings on Digital! Stuttgart Freestanding Display Case. Ujoy team is happy to offer installation and maintenance guide, to help you open and run the museums efficiently. all glass museum exhibit case designs in a quick ship system. Glass is safe for use near museum objects. 81 Commerce Drive Exhibit wall mounts boost paintings and sculptures with black or white linen backing. (function(e){if(e.location!=e.parent.location){if("fb_")!=-1||"app_runner")!=-1){if(e.location.href.indexOf("? (t=e,u.unbind(n,t)):i>0?u.unbind(n):u.unbind()})}(this.jQuery); A humidity generator is a novel approach for controlling humidity and temperature in museum display cases.Once the machine is set up, humidity inside the display case will be maintained for years without the necessity of checking the water level, adding water or any other regular maintenance. All fixtures featuring glass components are made with tempered glass, which safely breaks into small, rounded, pieces, making accidents more manageable in public settings. Copyright © 2020 Ujoy Display, All rights reserved. Pay attention to both the product series and SKUs to find the perfect matching set for your next showing. Composites, such as plywood, chipboard, particleboard, fibreboard, and masonite all could cause problems. Display Cases & Mounts The exhibition of art and artifacts requires proper support of objects and artifacts, as well as attractive display cases with specific characteristics for items on display.

Frameless all glass museum exhibit case designs in a quick ship system.

Of course, welcome to visit our factory to inspect the showcases personally.

Many plastics off-gas over time and produce plasticizers that can damage certain materials. plus a video to show the new technology of opening doors of museum display cases. Plexiglas, lucite, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene, acrylic, and polycarbonate plastics are all safe to use.Plastics such as Plexiglas and acrylic are a good choice as barriers to prevent visitors from touching objects on display. A display case may appear in a museum, exhibition, retail store, restaurant, or house.

We have professional shipping forwarders to arrange flexible delivery worldwide. Use the variety of museum quality fixtures that can be found on our site to create an attractive showroom that will keep patrons coming back for events to come.

Most of the display showcases are assembled and ready-to-use. Wool and all fabrics coated with fire retardants or finishes and foam or adhesive-backed fabrics have been found to give off harmful vapors and are therefore not recommended. However, to prevent rusting in situations with high humidity levels, it should always be covered with a protective layer, preferably a baked enamel finish rather than a paint. } Before shipping, please make balance payment. Take Advantage Of Up To $500 Off Select Digital Signage |, Our commitment to supporting your business needs -. dataType: 'jsonp',

(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), Museum Display Cases.

Join our email list to receive deals and coupons. "string"==typeof e?i.delegate(e,n,t):i.bind(n,e,t):i.bind(n,e)},,e,t){var u=this,i=arguments.length;return"string"==typeof e?i>2?u.undelegate(e,n,t):i>1?u.undelegate(e,n):u.undelegate():i>1? Fabrics should be chosen carefully. The release of harmful vapors by wood and wood products is a normal chemical process that cannot be prevented entirely. ")==-1){e.location=e.location.href+"?fbtheme=1"}else{e.location=e.location.href+"&fbtheme=1"}}}})(window) if you have floor plan, technical drawings and 3D rendering ready, we can work out the quotation for you soon. Take advantage of numerous style options to diversify presentations of various artifacts within your exhibit. Find the perfect cases to showcase your collections in our extensive selection of customizable display cases, from collector's cases to conservation-grade museum cases. We offer museum display cases with a variety of wood and brushed stainless steel finishes as well as glass showcases. ga('require', 'ec'); AC.storeDomain = ''; A display case may appear in a museum… Museum display cases with linen backers that create an interesting backdrop for collectibles. var AC = AC || {}; While some units are built with MDF wood and acrylic covers, our museum display cases are suitable for elite art galleries. Available Monday - Friday8am - 8pm Eastern Time US Exhibit & Display Cases. Plexiglas and acrylic are also effective barriers for the security of objects from theft or physical damage. }); During the production, we will keep you posted about the production status.

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