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And the second role he had to look plump and strong, so he regained 11 kilos by following a high-fat and high-carb diet. Soon, she meets with an accident and is amputated. The movie focuses on the complexities of discovering love in the world of the new Mumbai. The actress said that she was regularly working out and eating healthy food. For a role in the film Dangal, where he plays a wrestler, Aamir could just wear a bodysuit but he chose to have a completely natural transformation. As the name of the game suggests, the condition is that the person who is acting has to remain dumb which means that he cannot say a single word while acting. Boy dies and the girl pretends to be as he is alive. From eating butter chicken, dal makhani, as well as other fatty foods regularly, Bhumi did all she could and got the proper praise for owning her character. Wrong! In a BTS video from the movie, Aamir talked about the struggles he went through. The movie is based on two couples. Before filming started, both Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan reportedly realised that Gabbar would be the most popular character of the movie and asked to play him. Yes, it wasn’t a typo. However, their happiness is short-lived when they discover that Laali is pregnant. At the same time, some movie roles also challenge actors to look differently and transform their appearance in one way or another. Bollywood comic characters – Known for its spiced storyline and skilled dialogue delivery, Bollywood has placed its self in the hearts of not only Indians but people living beyond the boundaries. Kriti chose to do this by herself, even though that implied testing her metabolism and stamina levels. That’s what I call devotion! How I Met Your Mother Or Friends Quiz: Can You Answer These Questions about Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson? Oh wait, that’s just how most Sallu bhai characters are. He couldn’t move as fast as before and had problems with breathing. As he had to look very bulky, Prabhas spent hours in the gym improving his physique. Now that person has to act in such a way that he has to make his teammates guess the name of the movie. However, Kriti came back to her older habits, and lost those 15 kilos during lockdown. The movie was released in 1975 and it is noted for its large cast and guest appearances. With a complicated family background, he struggles to find meaning in his life. Oh, did we mention that she’s annoying AF? Imagine the unbearable personality of Himesh in person and then multiply it by 100 and add unnecessary Bollywood hero-giri and a persistently constipated look on his face. The movie was released in 1981. Lashtam Pashtam. The transformations, including gaining or losing weight, can give us a lot of valuable information. Rajkummar Rao went all in to play two of his roles: a ‘trapped’ resident and the one in ‘Bose’. Take a seat and be ready to laugh out loud while going through the list of the funniest and weirdest characters Bollywood has ever had. the movie has also won the National Film Award for Best Film. Here’s a list of the most irritating on screen characters in Bollywood movies, that shoot up our blood pressure like Akshay’s mom (from Indian Matchmaking), and who we love to hate: Hazel Keech plays Maya, Divya’s (Kareena Kapoor Khan) best friend who pretends to be a docile and supportive friend but catfishes Lovely (Salman Khan) at the end by pretending to be the mysterious caller. So basically, in dumb charades, there are two teams. Advertisements. Being a star implies looking best … 27 shares; Facebook; Twitter; 27 shares, 569 points. This is a very recently released movie. The movie which turned Telugu actor Prabhas into a nationwide celebrity, Bahubali, made Prabhas work very hard to look like a perfect warrior. 24 shares | 2207 views . It also required him to eat as many as forty egg whites combined with protein powder every day! Since the first of the roles required him to be weak and starving, all that Rajkummar had for an entire month was just a cup of coffee and two carrots. Well, Gabbar Singh is still the most horrifying name and the worst and most loved villain of Hindi Cinema. Amjad Khan… It is a multi starrer movie which has actors likeDharmendra, Govinda, Shakti Kappoor, Anupam Kher and many more. The movie was released in 1979. Oh wait, that’s just how most Sallu, Imagine the unbearable personality of Himesh in person and then multiply it by 100 and add unnecessary Bollywood hero-, and a persistently constipated look on his face. So here is the list of 20 most difficult and funny Hindi movie names for Dumb Charades: The movie was released in 1946 and the movie is based on the biography of a doctor. We don't spam, promise. The movie was released in 1978. The movie was released in 1984. Bollywood has given us enough cases (yes, we call them CASES) forcing us to think as to what went in the mind of its makers when they gave these movies the weirdest and funniest titles. The team who guesses the highest number of movies correct wins the game. 20 Most Difficult And Funny Hindi Movie Names for Dumb Charades, 10 Facts About Ahmedabad For Which it is Famous, How To Easily Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Online in 2020 (Step by Step Guide), 30+ Best Books For 4-Year-Old Child Worth Reading in 2020, Legendary Jatra Actor Mahendra Das AKA Bhiku Seth Dies At 55 | A Glimpse of Viku Seth Life, Happy Friendship Day 2019, Friendship Day Quotes, Status & Images, Top 10 Hottest Female Teachers in the World. John Wick Stuntman on What It’s Like to Work with Keanu Reeves On One Set, Celebrities’ Remarkable Weight Loss Journeys, Bollywood: 6 Incredible Facts About the Indian Film Industry, Celebrity Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents, These Are the Most Crushed-On Movie Characters in Hollywood History, These Hollywood Couples Aged Gracefully Together (Inspiring True Love Stories), Top-5 Most Unexpected Kissing Scenes in Movies and TV Series. Albert Pinto (Naseeruddin Shah- Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyoon Aata Hai) Not only is this plot twist extremely lame and poorly executed, we’re surprised dim Lovely even falls for this vain trap. Reports state that Farhan whose shape is quite good in real life trained rigorously with the help of top coaches, including a well-known trainer Samir Jaura, for a bit more than a year. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. We love to hate her in the film but let’s not forget that probably a team of sexist men wrote her character and hence the “annoying girlfriend” typecast. Aamir Khan is well-known for being a perfectionist. So these were the 20 most difficult and funny Hindi movie names for dumb charades according to us. In this movie, A son is taught by his father to accept bribes in order to live a better lifestyle. 5 Annoying Bollywood Movie Characters That Have The Superpower Of Pissing Everyone Off, © 2009 - 2020 TIMES INTERNET LIMITED | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Do you ever watch a character in a Bollywood movie just so unnecessary and dumb, it makes you question your own existence? India's largest women's lifestyle network. there is a father who believes in prophecy if he sees his child before he turns 20, then the child will survive. The movie was released in 2003. The movie was released in 1971 and in this movie, a rich girl named Alaknanda, runs away from her father’s house and joins an entertainment troupe to pursue her singing and dancing passion. The Rare Photos of Marilyn Monroe: What Was Her Life Like Before She Got Famous? In this movie there is a guy called Laddoo, a middle-class ambitious man, falls in love with beautiful Laali.

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