meltaway cookies with cornstarch

I am making these tomorrow for… for myself! Half & Half cream to the dough without any problems. These taste like sugar cookies without all the work. Meltaway cookies are very basic — butter, powdered sugar, cornstarch, vanilla, salt and flour. These were simple and I did have all the ingredients on hand. I was so baffled last night after making these why they spread out so much (almost like crisps) completely flat (definitely “meltaways”)! Roll into a ball and lay … Having read the comments on these, I baked on non-stick aluminum foil on flat cookie sheets. Was mixing this recipe and it didn’t want to form a ball to refrigerate so I looked at it again thought I forgot something but I didn’t no egg or oil what holdsit together I added few drops of water hope they turn out unless I was to melt the butter instead of just being soft help, Your email address will not be published. My dough was very soft and just a little sticky. And one batched baked of course. Let me create a little scenario for you… you are invited to a cookie exchange at the last minute and don’t know what to make. Raspberry Meltaway Cookies just melt in your mouth! Just didn’t care for them. Softened by leaving it out NOT putting it in the microwave. I made these today and at first thought they werent going to set up like a real cookie, but once cooled they were fantastic. Thanks for supporting my blog! Really loved these cookies. So just let them sit on the baking sheet for a little bit before moving them to the cooling rack. 1 recipe Cream Cheese Frosting (see below). Did you just use regular flour or all-purpose flour? You prevented a wrecked batch of cookies! Then I lifted them with my fingers and set on a glass plate in the refrigerator another 15 minutes before icing them. Perfect topped with a simple almond glaze swirled with raspberry jam. She started smiling at just 3 weeks old and hasn’t stopped since! . sigh. If its low altitude they need less. I wouldn’t expect anyone to ask for the recipe. Beat in lemon juice. I just got done making a batch of these and they turned out yummy. My second batch is currently in the oven and the browned butter smell is amazing! Suppose to be stick butter instead of tub butter. I love the simplicity of the recipe. WHEW! The recipe calls for 3/4 CUP cornstarch NOT 3/4 teaspoon cornstarch…YIKES I didn’t have my reading glasses on!!! (This post may contain affiliate links. New follower from the Creative Monday blog hop. Can’t wait to try these!! I’ve made these 2 times…I’ve found if you move them while hot they will crumble into a pile of dust…lol just let them cool a little on the pan then move them to wire rack…and be gentle till cool….they are delish!!!! I also separated the frosting and put a little cocoa in some and some crystal light (I felt like experimenting lol) in the rest. Thank you for sharing. I’m the 1 hundredth comment!! I just made these and they turned out awesome! So I love almond extract and was thinking of adding some. I baked mine just til the edges slightly browned, about 12-15 min. My daughter has an egg allergy & these sound like they would be perfect for her! Bottled lemon juice, which is from concentrate, won’t provide the same bright, fresh flavor. I will try to make sure I had the butter fluffy enough AND adding the flour slowly and see what happens. Who knows! Please share my stuff! Any idea what would’ve caused this? These have been the closest to the LoftHouse cookies that I have made yet. I think the secret to these is to use REAL butter. I found your recipe on Pinterest. I made mine a little bigger only cause I’m so tired,lol. This recipe made 3 dozen cookies for me. Then freeze icing in plastic bags. (I use a small cookie scoop!) ¾ C. cornstarch. They taste like something I’ve had before, but I can’t put my finger on it…I decided to change the topping, however, because we are actually low on cream cheese and I had to just make them right now! but they really are incredible. They taste excellent. The dough tasted great but it was very difficult to get it to stick together. Thank you for sharing!! The taste of cornstarch was also a bit overwhelming. Thanks for sharing. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Go for freshly squeezed lemon juice when preparing this summery sipper. What’s even weirder is some of you say it’s too crumbly and some say it’s a runny mess. one last thing, someone wrote about using old corn starch… i used old cornstarch and they turned out fine. They are still a challenge to move to the cooling rack, I lost a couple. Any tips for me. I would make these again, but use a different frosting. I then used a teaspoon to scoop it up, hand rolled it into a ball, then as the directions above said, “gently” smashed them with powdered sugar. If it cooks too long, the cornstarch will begin to lose its thickening power. There is definitely nothing easy or quick about these. Meltaway Cookie Recipe. Do you use unsalted butter or salted? Glaze: Melt 3 TBSP butter. They are delicate but they certainly aren’t falling apart or spreading horribly in the oven. *Let cool before removing from cookie sheet.And they do just melt away, lolEnjoy! The dough was still a bit on the thin side and sticky, but rather than keep adding stuff to it, I chilled it for about an hour in the fridge. The others are for the frosting. Store in an airtight container. We know how good and easy these cookies are and just cant figure out what went wrong…HELP! The cream cheese is only in the icing, so it shouldn’t affect the cookie’s consistency. Thanks so much! before transferring to the wire rack. These cookies are GREAT! Also, never melt the butter. I haven’t iced them yet and am a bit nervous since the cookie seems so delicate. ¾ C. powdered sugar. I think sometimes things just don’t always turn out. I am making them right this second and I only put one stick of butter in the bowl and thankfully I read your comment. I baked these tonight for the first time to bring school tomorrow for the teachers and they turned out fabulous! My mother-in-law always made a sugar cookie that is similar at Christmas time. Thanks! I just doubled the recipe to make a double batch, so don’t know what could’ve gone so wrong to have them end up like that? I’m going to work on the flavor next batch since mine were bland without the frosting (but yummy with!) altitude? These cookies are fabulous – they taste even better the next day (if they last that long). My butter was softened but still stiff. Oh my! I made these for Christmas 2008 and am getting ready to make them again for 2009. Regular flour! I had the same problem as most of the people who actually made this recipe. Whisk in 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Make sure this account has posts available on No problems with the recipe….wished those that gave it a bad review would read and follow the ingredients/directions before they trash the recipe. I made these yesterday and they were a big hit! Update: I made these a 3rd time. These are light, but none have broken. I’m suspecting that my butter may not have been warm enough. My husband is more of a peanut butter cookie fan so he wasn’t too thrilled that I planned to make them. Let sit for 2 minutes before transferring parchment to a cooling rack. I searched out the cookie recipes on pinterest and I found these! Bake 9 minutes. I try to frost them right before I need them. Makes approximately 2 dozen cookies Slightly adapted from the recipe at Landee see, Landee do […], […] Meltaway Cookies by Landee See Landee Do […], Your email address will not be published. See? I’ll stick with margarine next time and see if that changes anything. I whipped the butter THOROUGHLY to incorporate a lot of air and after making the dough, I chilled it for about 15 minutes. Carefully follow the recipe for the best results. A few questions about where this went wrong: what type of surface did these bake best on? *Chill your dough before shaping. I was left with a bowl of powder until I added a third stick of butter. They turned out perfect and I live at an altitude over 4000 ft. Made these last night. cornstarch and 1/2c. I baked mine on a non-stick pan, ungreased, on the middle rack and in Arizona. In a small bowl, mix all dry ingredients. They turned out perfect! Is it really 3oz of cream cheese? I have been baking all my life, and consider myself to be pretty good at it, and I just couldn’t figure it out…until now…OOPPSSS! I would definitely use parchment paper and let them cool completely before moving them. Just made these today, and they turned out amazing! Just made these today. I first saw this recipe and thought it was really strange, but I decided to make them and I’m happy I did.

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