map abstraction definition

Within the realm of maps, cartography, and GISs, the world is made up of various features or entities. We, need to know that a cat has a tail, fur and eyes, but we. How do we know where a forest begins and where it ends? One of the most pressing environmental issues facing the world is deforestation. 2008. The use of various text, icons, and symbols to represent real-world features. 2008. An abstraction can be seen as a compression process, mapping multiple different pieces of constituent data to a single piece of abstract data; based on similarities in the constituent data, for example, many different physical cats map to the abstraction "CAT". Learning about the scale, shape, and content of maps serves to increase our understanding of maps, as well as deepen our appreciation of maps and map making. Image maps, in large part derived from satellites, are ubiquitous. As previously discussed, maps are a representation of the earth. It is a key design aspect of object-oriented programming languages and application programming interfaces. There are also numerous text fonts and styles that are incorporated into maps. Map abstraction refers to the process of explicitly defining and representing real-world features on a map. In fact, many historical maps are indeed viewed like works of art, and rightly so. the act of considering something as a general quality or characteristic, apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances. Geographical features also have several characteristics, traits, or attributes that may or may not be of interest. This is “Map Abstraction”, section 2.3 from the book Geographic Information System Basics (v. 1.0). Technological advances in imaging technology, in conjunction with the commercialization of space flight, opened the door for companies like GeoEye ( and DigitalGlobe ( to provide satellite imagery and maps to the masses at the turn of the twenty-first century. Map abstraction refers to the process of explicitly defining and representing real-world features on a map. The most commonly cited examples of continuous features are temperature and elevation. Moreover, such features have a form, and more precisely, a geometric form. This process not only involves making choices about how to represent features but also, more important with regard to geographic information systems (GISs), requires us to be explicit, consistent, and precise in terms of defining and describing geographical features of interest. This conceptual scheme emphasizes the inherent equality of both constituent and abstract data, thus avoiding problems arising from the distinction between "abstract" and "concrete". Legends usually consist of a title that describes the map, as well as the various symbols, colors, and patterns that are used on the map. With online mapping services such as Google Earth providing free and user-friendly access to such images, a revolution in maps and mapping was born. Learning about map content and map generalization is important because they serve as the building blocks for spatial data that are used within a GIS. This content was accessible as of December 29, 2012, and it was downloaded then by Andy Schmitz in an effort to preserve the availability of this book. Examine an online map of where you live. Map generalization refers to resolving conflicts that arise on a map due to limited space, too many details, or too much information. Defining features and attributes of interest is often an iterative process of trial and error. Figure 2.17 The Inauguration of Barack Obama from Space. For that matter, what is the difference between a swamp and wetland? For example, bodies of water are often labeled in italics. Such information is often vital to the proper interpretation of a map. Both simple and complex maps can be made using these three relatively simple geometric objects.

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