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As COVID-19 rattles market, cattle farmers face drop in sales prices, Ky. company helping Black farmers bring more fresh produce to Lexington, Chris Bailey’s Forecast | Gusty Winds This Weekend, Ky. lawmaker pre-files bill to raise minimum wage in the commonwealth. These prices are brutal.". Not true, said Valu-Market co-owner James Neumann. DN)�v�X������q������۫���1�5`d؈>p��„s��0��lpS-;�,�I��a����fXp�� Every time you eat one of those burgers, you send money out of the state," he said. Lexington Springfield Guthrie Lexington Lexington. 1 0 obj "This is the kind of market in which the real farm managers survive," Goggin said. Both are delaying farm improvements like a new fence gate needed for the main pasture while they expect the poor cattle market to last a good while. While cattle farmers lose about half of their income, supermarket beef prices have barely budged, edging downward about 10 percent, according to CattleFax, a beef industry analyst firm. To date, low beef prices have driven some 25 percent of cattlemen in and around Danville, Ky., to seek farm refinancing and lower their monthly land payments, said Ag Credit principal loan officer Joe Goggin. x��\[sܶ}ό�^ڑ;D��IV�$;u,��N�FKI[�Eً���� P ��.��gl]��9�px��B���D4ΐ�Xf %��4�� endobj �-^}�a� Others, like former cattle futures trader Brian Luftman, now owner of a farm investment company in Lexington, agree with farmers that "plenty of speculation is probably what is happening to drive prices down. predicts consumers will eat more as prices eventually fall, up to 217 pounds of meat, per person, this year. Just because the price of a calf sold to a feedlot for fattening and slaughter has tumbled doesn't mean the consumer can find a bargain filet at the supermarket. For a farmer who has received $1,000 per calf this year instead of $2,000 a few years ago, the new GIPSA rule that was to be final in February would enable him to file a federal complaint and wield other means to challenge anti-trust practices and unfair competition, Wolfe said. All Rights Reserved. Now Kentucky cattle farmers are barely breaking even or losing money for the 1 million young cows, steer or calves sold each year to fatten in feedlots out west. "You can't predict your cash flow from year to year.". This year, "it looks like we will get $800 to $900 per head," Woods said. ", Some analysts like Beeson say farmers tend to be conspiracy theorists who blame the market. Kentucky - Tennessee Livestock Market. �� �� Ăχ�+�� ��D_��M����2���%�@T�C��� ��������R��yޅVcJ����9ibk�u�J1c���W�q�=�#5b. 11 0 obj Click here to read KCA's 2020-2025 Long Range Plan. $4,000. Akers says there is some good news for the cattle industry once the coronavirus spread starts to slow. Others, like former cattle futures trader Brian Luftman, now owner of a farm investment company in Lexington, agree with farmers that "plenty of speculation is probably what is … JBS, for example, slaughters 27,000 cattle every day, said Terry Ryan, feedlot manager for JBS Five Rivers. Low prices for corn and feed crops made it easy for greedy farmers to raise too much meat while others point to declines in beef consumption, especially by millennials. For now, Foree said low prices mean "farmers will not have much profit at all.". KCA’s mission is to provide a strong proactive voice for all of Kentucky’s beef farm families, serve as a resource for information and education for producers, consumers and the industry and be a catalyst for enhancing producer sustainability. Amid closures for restaurants and other businesses, another group taking a hit from the coronavirus is cattle farmers. Those farmers remain captive to volatile commodity beef prices, since most of the 1.1 million beef cattle bred in the state are purchased for fattening on feedlots out west by corporate agri-companies and "come back to Kentucky as box beef," Henry County cattle farmer Bobby Foree said. Market Report for the week of October 30th 2020: Heifers: Steers: Lexington Livestock Mkt,LLC: 350: $169.00: 396: $181.00: 300 Plum Creek Blvd: 360: $165.50: 413: $176.00 "These are the young men and women that will be the next consumers.". << /Length 3909 /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream These results square with some estimates that one in five millennials indicate they are practicing vegetarians. �����e$"!��t=A]���=�+>��N�_^~�]�__�|�������.��׫W���b�a������4��~��������+t�>��v���}�Ww"�}=�T��������6��/�����K�9��q��%Ð�u3�\a�9b�r\_�S-�,�I�Hxq�1�HJ�N3,������@�)苀���j��P��A���]Ѧ�t��xt�n������p?D�%B��t���;��6���2�S�#��h�U��0K ^ �b��t?��7���A,g.�?��L ��Қ�pو�L`-!ms\oSC�����Rv���J��F1�-��;s �-s_0�[�J�:!/�Z7L��x,�K�5Y��{��G$����y�VxN��p�`�����ҁ��VAz���=�NL�u��A��!O����W1k�d�(�ј�N���q��� AU���p�x�@q�5��f�)�tP>��i`Ci�~�����j�T��+{�㰒-' cfGOz�8�t����q�� ZC�q�GPM��kq�g��P��Q�6�s!��|q��+T �D$�_؟�^�:�t��x&N90:�������] G8-���A�:�#H���1�FG�Ւ���i�f�rV�m�ӏ�J�O �!�C���� A)�ՏL�O W�J2�|�����kyus�-/ �g>��|2)&�…i?W:�����4U%����Jn��w�����m���:�D�p�g�Nn�b)��Oe�%O��~ Most beef cattle are slaughtered in the U.S. by JBS, Tyson or Cargill, meat conglomerates that control about 70 percent of the beef industry. As farmers sell low and consumers still pay high, some point a finger at retailers. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. All livestock included in this report are graded and reported according to official USDA live animal standards or guidelines. But packer profit margins average between 1 and 5 percent, slim figures compromised by reduced plant efficiency, he said. Though the prices are lower, Akers says they’re fortunate they can at least provide a place to sell so these farmers can provide for their families. For farmers, "It may be early 2018 before we hit the bottom," said Kenny Burdine, an agriculture economist at the University of Kentucky. Farmers will have to wait longer for relief. Now, there is so much meat in the supply chain that the U.S.D.A. On Main Street in West Louisville, the family-owned Superior Meats wholesales mostly to restaurants. Sale Date 12/3/2020 12/8/2020 12/8/2020 12/9/2020 12/10/2020 2/2/2021 2/10/2021 5/12/2021. When farmers fail from crippling market pressure, industry consolidation forces out family enterprises. At his farm on the outskirts of New Castle, Woods has taken jobs off the farm to make payments on the 95-acre spread. As the largest cattle producing state east of the Mississippi River, Kentucky is home to over 1.1 million beef cows and ranks 5th nationally in total number of farms. [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] “In Kentucky, we send more than $1 billion of our resource, which is cattle, out west. << /Length 3910 /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] Washington Co. Livestock - Special Feeder Cattle Sale 8/20/2020; Washington Co. Livestock - Special Graded Feeder Cattle Sale 8/20/2020; Weekly Kentucky Cattle and Grain Summary 11/6/2020; Wilson Livestock Market 11/5/2020; Weekly Ranges. "We haven’t seen pricing quite come down as far as the cattle prices,” co-owner Ben Robinson said. The Kentucky Certified Pre-Conditioned for Health (CPH-45) program was created with the support of Kentucky's 44,000 beef producers and a 27 year proven track record. All rights reserved. Industry experts also say cattle trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has been volatile beyond rational trends. Akers says that due to the coronavirus some of their larger events had to be canceled and postponed to avoid large gatherings, but sales will continue as normal. endstream endobj startxref “Fallin’ For Reds” Red Angus Sale 10-13-2020; Covergirls and Bad Boys by Bremer and RJ 10-13-2020 That historic high slipped to only $5.74 in 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Lexington Stockyard 375 Lisle Industrial Ave Lexington, KY 40511 (859) 255-7701. Frankfort, KY Description: This is a weekly auction report containing prices paid for livestock. This program has increased the quality and value of Kentucky's beef cattle ensuring that you can buy CPH-45 calves with confidence. Receipts: 15,695: Last Year: 26,047 Compared to last week, feeder steers were mostly steady to 3.00 higher, and feeder heifers were mostly 2.00-4.00 higher with good to very good demand. Put another way, beef's popularity has dropped steadily since its peak at 95 pounds per capita in 1975. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. As the largest cattle producing state east of the Mississippi River, Kentucky is home to over 1.1 million beef cows and ranks 5th nationally in total number of farms. “Approximately 30% of the value of an animal just evaporated over the last two weeks at a very critical time of year for most of our local farmers,” says COO Jim Akers, with Bluegrass Stockyards. < � %PDF-1.6 %���� 619 0 obj <> endobj Now strip loin costs $9 a pound, he added. Fairer cattle trading practices are the promise of new federal rules finalized in the waning days of the Obama administration at U.S.D.A. Market News Programs. His wife works off the farm too for a veterinarian. Beef, one of the most valuable farm crops from the bluegrass state, used to generate $1 billion in sales annually. “There are markets around the county that have actually closed their sale rings to buyers only, we hope we don’t have to do that, but if we do to continue operation, we will,” says Akers. Unlike chicken or pigs, cattle have a longer life cycle. They include accusations that mega meat packers hold too much power, that high-frequency trading drives cattle markets down and that retailers are making bank. © Kentucky Cattlemen's Association. “Fallin’ For Reds” Red Angus Sale 10-13-2020; Covergirls and Bad Boys by Bremer and RJ 10-13-2020 Two years ago, Foree sold 300 calves for as high as $1,927 per head when prices topped out at $2.29 a pound. Lexington Livestock Mkt,LLC: 350: $169.00: 396: $181.00: 300 Plum Creek Blvd: 360: $165.50: 413: $176.00: Lexington NE 68850: 399: $160.00: 442: $174.00 * 404: $156.50: 445: $171.50 * 407: $155.00: 460: $161.00: Schedul: 412: $154.25: 469: $161.00 * 415: $161.75: 483: $169.00: 417: $155.00: 496: $164.00: 465: $156.00: 499: $172.50: 466: $156.50: 511: $168.00: 477: $158.50: 521: $167.50: 3607: … Among older generations, vegetarians run scarcer, at about one for every 20 people. Of those surveyed, 16 percent said yes when asked if “a negative video or article convinced you to discontinue meat consumption.” Another 30 percent responded yes when asked if whether they ever “had a bad experience with beef products.”. 11 0 obj Like the oil industry, the food industry is highly segmented by middlemen and driven by huge corporate players and volatile trading markets. h�bbd```b``: "W�� �j"�.�H�`�8�{��&�z9n�I9m:�d���;\�&��a�4����*M0{X|���?������Hh?����� �S %PDF-1.3 Head Wt Range Avg Wt Price Range Avg Price 2 240 240 160.00 160.00 1 290 290 152.50 152.50 2 462 462 145.00 145.00 ... Blue Grass Stockyards (Tuesday) - Lexington, KY AMS Livestock, Poultry, & Grain Market News Kentucky Dept of Ag Mrkt News Tue Nov 3, … Beef cost an average $6 per pound in 2015. When the market soared two years ago, Superior Meats might have paid $11 for a pound of strip loin in 2015.

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