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Morris, D. McClean, 2000, 2). Florian Eder’s must-read briefing on what's driving the day in Brussels. Environmentalists and the far left want to set a target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 by at least 65% from the 1990 level.

More specifically, the HCC points the finger at emissions “imported” from France, in other words, emissions linked to imported goods and services. [28] As stated in the Colzani case, "the validity of the clauses conferring jurisdiction must be strictly construed" to ensure that "the consensus between the parties is in fact established".[29]. . [33] The third way to prorogate jurisdiction is, in the hypothesis[clarification needed] of international trade or commerce, through a 'form which accords with a usage of which parties are or ought to have been aware and which in such a trade or commerce is widely known'. The Grand-Place is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Most of these exceptions are optional and enable plaintiffs to sue in a place other than the defendant's jurisdiction without requiring them to. Latest news, analysis and comment from POLITICO’s editors and guest writers on French politics. DON’T FORGET HONG KONG: So this is “what losing freedom feels like.” In the “Hong Kong Diaries,” eight Hong Kongers offer a glimpse into their lives and how they cope with constant repression, fear — and their anger. Lucas Tripoteau.

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Unfairly, the law courts building, which literally crushed the working-class district of the Marolles, became the ultimate symbol of the town-planning lunacies of the 19th century and of their social cost in terms of expropriations, expulsions and uprootings. Establishing whether or not a 'true agreement' has been reached between parties remains a factual question which has to be decided by the national courts; consequently, it is up to the Member States to decide how to address the substantive validity of choice of forum agreements, making the same agreement possibly valid in one country and invalid in another.[34]. MEANWHILE, IN MERKELAND: Matthew Karnitschnig looks at how the race to inherit the German chancellor’s mantle got so dirty: “The CDU leadership vote, originally slated for last April but due to the pandemic postponed until the regular party convention on December 4, was bound to include some fireworks.

Officials and diplomats talk of burnouts and a siege mentality, and allege the unit has at times undermined Macron’s foreign policy through poor coordination with — or a hostile attitude toward — other parts of the French administration, foreign governments and the diplomatic community.

The European Parliament is due to vote on the climate law on Wednesday, October 7. On this problem the Rome Convention (as it has been enforced over the traditional English rules) provides a solution with the article 4, according to which the applicable law will be that of the country with which the disputed matter has the closest connection. Article 22 of the Regulation (2012 recast: Article 24) enumerates five specific cases in which the courts of a member state have jurisdiction regardless of the domicile of the parties to the action: plaintiff or defendant. BIRTHDAYS: MEPs Romeo Franz, Michaela Šojdrová and Joachim Schuster; Former MEPs Enrique Calvet Chambon and Olle Ludvigsson; Former MEP and POLITICO 28 alum Marietje Schaake, now policy director of Stanford Cyber; Klaus-Heiner Lehne, the president of the European court of auditors; Jill Craig of Hume Brophy; Catherine Williams of Google; Robin Wauters of; Devex’s Vince Chadwick; Microsoft founder Bill Gates; Juan Orlando Hernández, president of Honduras; Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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