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Have you ever wondered what the difference between JUICING and BLENDING? Hand-held or emersion blenders will not do the trick. When you remove something, like sugar in this case, you have to add something back in. What Are the Advantages of Juicing Vs. Smoothies?. It helps make fruit and vegetables easier to digest. While fiber is good for you, it also inhibits the absorption of some nutrients. Begin to incorporate solid foods back into your diet slowly. Studies show that when our nutritional needs are fully met, we experience fewer cravings and less hunger. The result is a release of the antioxidants which also allows for easier digestion. Blending can also increase your protein intake as your ingredients do not have to be limited to fruits and vegetables. Next, using metal plates, it extracts juice via a cold-press process. Not only can this make for an unstable level of blood sugar, it can also generate energy loss and mood swings. One person’s juice is another person’s poison, so experiment to find which juices and/or smoothies work best for you. Red foods like berries and red cabbage are high in, The foods that have the highest numbers of. Avoid using lots of fruit because of the absorption issue where the sugar goes directly to the bloodstream. Read more. We need health care, not sick care. It also does not come with the potential spikes in blood sugar that are common in juicing. Furthermore, cooking food removes the natural cancer-fighting nutrients found in veggies. Fortunately, it's simple to concoct a healthful drink that packs several days' worth of nutrients into a single glass. Overall, juicing is believed to increase the process of nutrient absorption faster and can yield higher nutrient levels than blending for some foods. Margaritaville Blender Line Up: For Over-the-Top Entertaining. The body will absorb nutrients immediately because there’s no pulp. One study found that ginger suppresses obesity in high-fat diets. How to Wash Produce (Washing Fruits and Vegetables), Juicing Tips for Beginners: Making Juicing Easier, Juicing On The Go: How to Store Fresh Juice To Save Time, How to Juice Celery (or any other fibrous green) in a Vertical Slow Juicer, How to Juice Pineapple in a Slow Juicer (Plus a Bonus Recipe at the End), Going through a fast and need to rest the gut for a short period. However, some people go days or weeks without eating anything that is raw, fresh, or green. How many times has your left-over produce gone bad because you didn't have time to cook it? After the U.S. began to import produce from other countries, flavors like bananas, pineapple, mango, and papaya became the most popular ingredients. Blending breaks up the fiber making you feel fuller faster and delivering nutrients slowly to the blood stream. Now that we've looked at some of the benefits of juicing vs. blending let's talk about how to achieve specific results. The great thing about these citrus fruits is that it almost has zero sugar, so you don’t have to worry about spikes in your blood sugar levels. But before we jump into the nutritional aspects of juices and smoothies, let’s first have a look at the most obvious distinctions. You can maximize how many veggies and fruit you fit into your day (up to 30 servings a day). From what we saw, it’s quite clear that both are good for you, and both come with their advantages. Juicing vs. Blending: Which one is better? There are some differences in the nutritional benefits of juicing vs. blending — we'll cover that in a bit. Cooking food destroys many of the enzymes in food. In addition to providing more fiber and antioxidants, the beneficial plant compounds found in extracts are high in potassium, folate, and magnesium, as well as vitamins like A, C, and E. Because whole-food vegan diets are naturally higher in certain nutrients, supplementing with juices makes sure you'll be getting all of the nutrients your body needs. The processes of blending and juicing breaks down the cell wall of the plants. The solid fiber, however, is essential, as it feeds the bacteria in our guts, which in turn transform it into short-chain fatty acids. Stick to those three I mentioned above. Cuisinart Hand Blender Review: Should You Buy One. There is also the option of adding Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of flax or chia. Shop . So glass for glass, juice has an inherently higher concentration of nutrients compared to a glass of smoothie. On the other hand, when drinking fresh juice, you are not consuming the pulp or solid fiber, but only the liquid and its nutrients. Go for organic whenever possible. Summer’s here, which means it’s the perfect time to enjoy fresh juice and cooling smoothies! How the machine does it would depend on the type you’ll use. The interesting thing about lycopene is it actually becomes more available for absorption into our bodies after it is processed. DOWNLOAD MY ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOOD GUIDE TO GET YOUR "LIVE-IT" STARTED TODAY! One of the best things you can do for your physical and mental well being is to include more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Looking for an alternative treatment to conditions such as high blood or diabetes – you can concoct recipes that contain ingredients that help treat these conditions naturally. It also prevents air from getting trapped inside the juice. Juicing VS Blending — Which One Has The Most Health Benefits? Just remember that adding more liquid will dilute the flavor and won’t be as nutrient-dense. There are a lot of nuances in selecting the right type of juicer. If you try juicing, make only as much juice as you can drink at once; harmful bacteria can grow quickly in freshly squeezed juice. Fiber-rich kale is high in many vitamins and minerals. The secret is putting a bunch of amazing stuff in it, like coconut. People who have conditions like diabetes or high blood would benefit. Countless studies have proven that fact. I have heard that a juice delivers around 1:2.5 the nutrition compared to a smoothie, which is at best a 1:1 nutrient value, or less if water was added. When buying juices and smoothies out of the house, both are usually expensive. But if you don’t mind having a little pulp, then add more water than usual to the recipe to lighten up the consistency. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Blending is also a good way to get more green vegetables into your diet. Is it merely a matter of preference? Air and light will destroy all the nutrients inside and spoil. Be sure to use all parts of the fruit and vegetable, so there is no waste. Also known as triturating juicers. The fact is that both juicers and blenders incorporate air during the process. I bet your parents told you that you need to eat fruits and veggies one time or another. This is actually a "plus" if you are consuming juice prior to physical exercise, though. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a no-brainer way of living a healthier lifestyle. Plus it's a great way to include a larger variety of raw vegetables and fruit in your diet. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JUICING AND BLENDING? Smoothie recipes can include almost any fruit or vegetable, as blenders are quite good at liquidizing practically any ingredient, except very hard ones. In the 1970s smoothies went commercial. It all depends on how much pulp you’re willing to tolerate. Since there is no fiber in juices to slow down the absorption process, all of the nutrients and antioxidants go directly into the bloodstream. Hi, I usually blend cucumber, carrot and turmeric after blending I sieve to remove the pulp and then add lemon to taste, I hope the combination of these veggies and roots mixed together are okay? Avoid added sugars, processed food, fast food, sugary drinks, too much coffee, and black tea, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. However, blending produces a more flavorful product targeting over-all health and well-being. The traditional American diet leaves a lot to be desired, especially nutrition. In essence, they both break down the cell walls to release carotenoid phytonutrients like beta-carotene and lycopene trapped within the cell walls. If you are new to juicing and blending, you're probably wondering what the difference is. In this case, juicing is preferred over blending. The result is a thin, though highly concentrated drink. These operate at an extremely slow speed. But what’s the difference between juicing vs. blending? Blending is fantastic when you want the most economical nutrition with the added benefit of blood sugar balance. It helps to absorb water inside the intestine that forms a gel to slow down the transit of food inside the digestive tract. Luckily, everyone enjoys the taste of berries and sweet yogurt. This releases the extracts and beneficial nutrients. By doing so, you will give your body time to realize when you have consumed enough calories. Due to the fiber content, blended smoothies have more volume than juice. The blending process does not extract nutrients and water the same way juicing does. Adding nutrition and making the smoothie drink-able without diluting. Blending will benefit folks who’d like a quick way to eat their fruits and veggies without having to remove the pulp. Besides helping with the quantity of consumed fruit and vegetables, both juicing and blending help increase nutrient absorption.

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