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In Killer Instinct (1994) and Killer Instinct 2, Jago wears a torn blue bodysuit with a red sash and strap for the sheathe of his sword, while also wearing blue gloves with red lines, also slightly torn, and black boots with red strings on them. Shadow Dark Demise will try to track the opponent and, additionally, it recaptures if it catches someone airborne. Height He has struggled much with the temptation of Gargos' power, and if he gives in to his inner demons, he knows full well he will become Shadow Jago again. Killer Instinct Series 1 Wave 1 6" Collectible Figure: Jago Open Box. At first the power threatens to overwhelm Jago's sanity, but he soon masters it and becomes the finest warrior the Order has yet fathered. Balanced behind-the-scenes videos. (sound) Surge Dark Catastrophe, Shadow Jago's uppercut while dashing, also does a second uppercut wave, launching for a juggle. When he reached adulthood a fellow warrior—under the influence of an evil force—tried to murder him, but Jago killed the man in self-defense. The move's multi-hitting nature is perfect for beating armored characters like Aganos with chunks or Glacius in instinct, and Shadow Jago can choose to hit in the front or the back, just like he can with regular Dark Demise. Following a successful fundraiser, the playable version was reworked and given a unique move set based on his boss incarnation. Jago is a Tibetan monk and a powerful warrior. Jago is a player character in the killer instinct fighting game series created by rare.introduced in the original killer instinct in 1994, he has appeared in every entry in the series to date. In Season One's story mode, he was included as a secret boss possessing both new moves and an Ultimate Combo, becoming the only character to receive one until a 2017 update. This is quite unlike Omen's Demon Slide, a move which feel similar but can be used in more situations because some versions are safe on block. Surge Dark Fury, Shadow Jago's uppercut move, simply does a second uppercut after the first, launching the opponent for a juggle opportunity. Jago later joins Maya's rebel force alongside Orchid and T.J. Combo, planning to defeat both Ultratech and Gargos, but they are trapped by Ultratech forces at Maya's headquarters in the Andes while ARIA's plan to summon Gargos is brought to fruition. winner of the jhwff grand teton award, jago tells the story of an 80 year old sea nomad called rohani who has spent his life plying the waters of south east asia’s coral triangle. 5' 9" 190 lbs; 22 years old; After destroying Fulgore, a furious Jago is betrayed by his onetime master the tiger spirit. whether it's a birthday or just an excuse to get your favourite people together get in touch to make a booking! About jago fm 94.4 enough of social pretensions; enough of propaganda's, it is high time to speak up; it is high time to raise the voice. In doing so, he freed Omen, giving form to the once-formless shadow energy. Ultratech in the past. Carry Linker, pushes opponent back horizontally. 1838–1892), scholar of the cornish language; f. v. jago (1780–1846), english antiquary and oriental traveller, later styled francis vyvyan jago arundell; jago cooper (born 1977), english archaeologist. 3.5 Skills and Abilities . [9] Complex ranked him the ninth-swiftest ninja in video games in 2012,[10]. Annihilation is best used to finish your opponent's second life bar; if you plan to use Annihilation at another point in the match, make sure they have at least 40% life to lose, or else the cost is probably not worth it. If you have a teleport or long-distance horizontal move, you can also easily punish this move after the second uppercut completes. Origin Shortly after Jago's birth, his mother disappears with him into the Himalayas, and he is later found abandoned by the Monks of the Tiger. Background Info Having defeated the strongest of his opponents, Jago failed to purge Gargos' corruptive force. In Killer Instinct (1994) and Killer Instinct 2, Jago wears a torn blue bodysuit with a red sash and strap for the sheathe of his sword, while also wearing blue gloves with red lines, also slightly torn, and black boots with red strings on them. Just be careful not to over-rely on this; smart Shadow Jago players will stop your panic jumps by using many of his other tools. This move is throw invincible but not strike invincible (so it cannot beat attacks), but it starts up in a total of 6 frames, which means it can punish -6 or worse moves from point blank range; important examples of punishable moves include TJ's Tremor and Orchid's high/low Ichi Ni San mixups. His battle at an end, Jago feels the demons within begin to subside. Jago is consumed by flames of hatred, and is reborn as a weapon of chaos. Gargos' corruption strengthens, crushing the monk's iron discipline. If you choose to not cancel a dash into one of these options, Shadow Jago will enter recovery after his dash ends and will be open to counter-attack. During this time, he was visited by the Tiger Spirit and infused with a tremendous power. Meditating in a mountain cave, he is visited by the Tiger Spirit and infused with his power. Shadow Jago has numerous ways to begin a launch: both throws, surge Dark Drift (slide), surge Dark Fury (uppercut), and surge Dark Catastrophe (dash uppercut) will all start a juggle opportunity. Not entirely unlike Cinder's "fired up" ability, a surged special move simply enhances one of Shadow Jago's default special moves to be slightly more powerful; think of it almost like a "mini" shadow move, or like an EX move from a Street Fighter game. quick to arrive, but the mysterious Orchid comes to Jago's aid once again. This move is invulnerable for the first few frames of the attack. Created by donald p. bellisario. —Jago speaks to Kim Wu in the 2017 Dynamite KI comics. Jago is an uncommon first name for males but a very popular surname for both adults and children (#39052 out of 150436, top 26%). The dragon spirit is passed down through the women in your family line, but it is not arbitrary. Jago is a character and one of the protagonists from the Killer Instinct series of video games. Jago is a player character in the killer instinct fighting game series created by rare.introduced in the original killer instinct in 1994, he has appeared in every entry in the series to date. praise for always remember: "without mentioning a deity or religion, the text discusses how people remember those who have died and how their lives live on beyond them. Shadow Shendokuken does a surprising amount of raw damage (14%), leaves some white life on hit, is safe on block and safe from shadow counter, and also does strong chip damage. Killer Instinct Killer Instinct 2 Killer Instinct (2013) This move is harder to punish on block, because Shadow Jago will fly far away from you, but if you are quick, you can hit him after the first uppercut but before the second starts. To avoid Annihilation, simply hold up-back during the screen freeze. Jago is a mysterious warrior monk from a remote region of Tibet and one of the main protagonists of the Killer Instinct series, having been playable in every installment of the franchise to date. 190 lbs (KI and KI2) 205 lbs (KI 2013) Copyright © 2020. all rights reserved. KI 1994 Shadow Jago—plus all 20 stages with visual upgrades and lighting changes. The tether has no passive effect, but it has two uses: pressing HP+HK will instantly generate a stock of shadow meter for both Shadow Jago and his opponent, and all surge and shadow moves cost Shadow Jago half as much meter as they normally would, while draining the other half from his opponent's meter (if his opponent has no meter available to drain, the cost is still halved for Shadow Jago). KI 2013 On Shadow Jago's shadow meter, you will notice a small segment marked "Surge", denoting that the cost to execute a surge move is 40% of one shadow stock. He has replaced his katana with a curved Tibetan machete called a kora. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The demon had gotten away, and Gargos’s return seemed inevitable. You will have plenty of time to punish the uppercut if it was not surged, but still block the second uppercut if it happens. The Tiger Spirit chooses him as its champion and grants him new power, ordering him to enter the first Killer Instinct tournament and destroy Ultratech. Let’s look at the 4th and final Wave 1 figure from Ultimate Source – Jago. 3.6 kora sword. To beat this move, it is possible, though difficult, to anti-air on reaction, and its hitbox is rather narrow, which means it struggles to catch jumping opponents; even if you get hit by surge Dark Demise in the air, it is very hard for Shadow Jago to convert it into bigger damage. The jago will be your new home from home. His weapon of choice is a jagged katana that glows brightly during combos. Jago Kevin Bayliss (KI 1 and 2) Mike Willete (KI 2013). Rising uppercut that launches Jago into the air. Occupation: Meditating and Training. get in touch. In addition to his surge moves, there are some shadow moves worth using in neutral. It also means that, like Jago, it is often beneficial to activate instinct in the middle of a combo, where attaching a tether with a fireball is guaranteed. The overhead is -2 on block, which is the safest non-metered combo starter Shadow Jago has; if you block the overhead, pressing a button will give you control of the match. Killer Instinct Jago Collectible Figure Series 1 Wave 1. 3.7 moveset. Katana (KI 1 and 2) Kora (KI 2013)

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