is walden farms healthy

Wow - a lot of anger towards a company that's trying to help us, don't you think? VIDEO: Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Hazardous to Your Health? Over the last decade Walden Farms have accomplished a remarkable achievement. They are very pricey! But - for things that I normally wouldn't eat at all - even in moderation (Bleu cheese dressing), their substitute is passable. The marshmallow cream was so-so. but I tried it with a tablespoon of reduced-sugar peanut butter, and it was like a couple of Reese's cups without the sugar. Okay I have tried the BarBQ sauce, Strawberry Syrup and Chocolate Dip. Maybe mixed with other sauce, they would be better. I didn't really care for the marinara sauce that much or the ranch dressing (although I could live with it if I had to) or the french onion dip and the alfredo sauce was not even close. May have to try it. The ranch dressing is also good. If each serving was actually 4.9 calories for the jar of chocolate dip, eating the entire jar would give me less than 60 calories. All were very good. I have tried multiple Walden Farms products. Call me weird but I loved the 1000 island dressing. Get full nutrition info for every recipe and track with one click! I suggest that we may all want to make suggestions to companies like Walden Farms as they have put a lot of work into these products. I don't really care whether or not it's "good" for me; for one thing, it IS good for my waist line; for another, I know I already eat a healthy, balanced diet, so these products are just extras. It is nice to be able to have something every once in a while. We have developed the world’s only family of guilt free flavor enhancers. Their balsamic vinegarette is great, too. I am interested in buying their creamers since they are lower in calories. The marshmallow stuff is actually disgusting! I wouldn't recommend Walden Farms products to anyone. The jelly I use most often to sweeten my old fashioned oatmeal and than I don't need to use any other sweetener. I have used the Honey Mustard dressing, chocolate dip, carmel dip ( I put it on apple slices) Even my husband who does not need to worry about weight enjoys the products. I have used all of the salad dressings and prefer the bacon ranch the best. I just tried the chocolate dip -- naturally not as good as pure, sugary, fatty chocolate (which I do eat in moderation!!) @rebornmyse, GIVEAWAY TIME!!! An alternative zero calorie like Organic Erythritol costs a bit more but is good for you and your kids and even reduces dental carries. The comments provide some great feedback for where I might begin looking for alternatives for my sweet tooth! I just tried the Walden Farms Balsamic Vinegarette and I LOVE IT! I have tried many of the Walden Farms products from Is it worth it? I'm not going to argue the point that real food is better for you. The others tasted off, and the apple butter has a medicine aftertaste. I had never heard of this company, so thanks for sharing. Again, try them on something, not "straight.". I try only to use natural products. The BarBQ sauce may not have been Sweet and Spicy like the one I usually get but it was still good. I have used the Walden Farms brands of jelly and syrup as well as a few of their salad dressings, I do like them. The only jelly I liked was the raspberry. I've tried a few of their products, and haven't liked any of them. I live in a real small town so thats probably why. Sugar, unhealthy fats, unhealthy carbohydrates so on.. I'm a choosy fan of Walden Farms products. Now all of a sudden it is pepper hot! The Bleu cheese makes a wonderful topping for turkey burger or dip for broiled chicken. When you eat what a lot of people in the US eat. I'd rather have a taste of the "real" thing. I LOVE their Ranch & Chipotle Ranch dressings & most of the salad dressings in their ranges seem pretty good to me. I haven't tried them and can't get them nearby but they sound like some sort of scientific experiment. I don't like the flavor of anything I've tried. Ah well, such is life, lol! We regularly buy their chocolate syrup, pancake syrup, and a few of their dressings. !...I threw the entire bottle in the trash! What is your favorite Walden Farms Barbecue Sauce? All Walden Farms products share the same attributes of Calorie Free, Fat Free, Sugar Free and Carb Free as well as being Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Non-GMO! The catsup and the pancake syrup are really not that bad either. Anyone try them yet? While their products don’t contain many calories, Walden Farms did not sacrifice the taste of their products. Of course, a zero calorie substitute won't be as good as the real thing. I also like the veggie ranch dip for dipping baby carrots. Then I gradually began to realize that while a diet drink isn't good for me, neither is high blood sugars which kill cells. The caramel and chocolate dips aren't unbearable, but the peanut butter tastes like paint (or at least what I imagine it'd taste like) and the alfredo sauce tastes watered down and stale. And I don't use any sweeteners. The catsup was bad,,not like catsup at all. Please note, there are many products from the Walden Farms line with sucralose in them, so it is not the best long term option for your health. I tried the ranch, it was ok but I wouldn't buy it again. I have not tried other Walden Farms dressings, but do recommend most of the salad dressings. I typically make my own - that does eat up a lot of fat (even if it is a healthier one like EV olive oil), I have liked the products that I have tried. Walden Farms lets me enjoy the things I crave without the guilt. I am happy to have these as options, and some have become staples in my kitchen. I also enjoy the flavor of the barbeque sauce for grilling chicken. Uncovering the TRUTH about Walden Farms | Daily Dish Recipes I am 6 months out from Gastric Bypass so I have to watch calorie and sugar intake. I'd agree Walden products aren't that tasty either, but then I grew up in the age of some really off-putting artificial sweeteners in the 60's too. They are chemicals nonetheless, and could negatively affect your health long term. I have also used their pancake syrup, chocolate syrup (in milk and on ice cream), and four of their jellies: strawberry, grape, orange marmalade, and blueberry. I'm glad I read all these comments before buying. The chocolate syrup and chocolate dip are good as is the caramel dip. I have found that some of the Maple Farms dressing are the best as far calories and natural products. I'd rather have extra calories than chemicals thank you. The peanut butter spread is weird. I have tried some of the products and had mixed results - some I like, others I won't bother purchasing again. But they sure help with a sweet tooth. It is hard to find substitutes for fattening foods that don't tast weird. It's just an acquired taste. A lot of their products you can make at home, they will be healthier, there are ways to make homemade items without all the fat and sugar. OBVIOUSLY it's not going to be the same as what they're attempting to simulate - otherwise, EVERYONE would switch and they'd be gabillionaires. We tried the dressings and BBQ sauce and didn't like them. The ones I've tried were so bad that I'm not willing to try anything else. I could handle some of the salad dressings and the pancake syrup, but never could get myself used to the (after)taste of many of the other products (chocolate spread, caramel topping, ketchup). I'd much rather have "real" foods and just be careful with the serving size. I never tried them before but I heard about them. How to Stay Calm In the Time of Coronavirus. Bike to Work Week: Why I Ride My Bike 25 Miles a Day, Make-Ahead Meals: How to Freeze and Reheat Full Dishes. However, as we went through the products, we discovered that the salad dressings had an unpleasant tang or just too sweet. The salad dressings tend to be a bit thin but I do like the flavor of the thousand islands. I never tried the syrups. It just was not quite sweet enough to be like peanut butter but now I like it a lot this way. Some are good and others not so good. I believe real food is better for you, and would prefer not to put anything in my body that isn't made by God. You can get these in single-serving packets, which I really like. When we initially discovered Walden Farms, we tried almost everything we could find in our grocery: salad dressing, BBQ Sauce, and ketchup. I am also reading labels on products like this but have yet to purchase any . Stevia is Ok but it leaves a bitter after taste for many. I don't use them very often though because they are VERY expensive. Over the last decade Walden Farms have accomplished a remarkable achievement. I haven't seen or heard of these products. Sodium levels were the only real concern for me. If you try the product by itself, you might think you don't like the taste. Some of the salad dressings seemed too thin and not a flavor I will buy again. Walden Farms - Healthy, delicious, guilt free & low in calories! Does it taste exactly like chocolate. Tried a few other salad dressings, and I have liked them all. I much prefer natural sweetners in fruit or else a real sugar very sparely. I like having fat-free, sugar-free and calorie-free options available to me, and I'll use any such product that tastes good. The BBQ sauce was too sweet and too runny; the same for the ketchup. I think the problem is with anyone who doesnt like these products is.. I like to make my salad a while before a meal and just add spices and it will make its on dressing .Yummy, I've tried a couple of the products too, very bad. I have lost 19lbs in the last 8 weeks. Glad to hear they're not 100% chemical goo, though! Since 1972, Walden Farms’ mission has been to develop healthy specialty foods, helping people control their calories, fat, carbohydrates and sugar, without having to give up on great taste. Not a fan of the marinara, scampi or the alfredo sauce, but they were not horrible. I thought I had hit pay dirt the first time I saw their products locally!! I do like the bbq sauce, but it is a little spicy for me. I've never tried them, but I honestly don't use a lot of condiments, never have, so I don't really miss dressing, dips, and such. I swear by the Balsamic Vinaigrette it is YUMMY! I really like using the chocolate dip. Like someone said earlier. According to the Walden Farms website you can save 330 calories a day, 10,000 calories a month and lose up to 34 pounds a year just by switching to Walden Farms products.

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