how to loosen guitar string tension

If there is a back bow or you’re experiencing buzzing frets, it means you need to loosen the truss rod.

Go easy on adjusting a truss rod. In a 2019 article, the folks at Sweetwater Sound discussed the importance of being able to also sight a guitar neck before adjusting a truss rod. Don’t be discouraged. Experimenting with string metals and gauges often unleashes creativity. Strings that are too tight are unreasonably hard to hold down and produce an abnormally high-pitched sound. How can I tell what size tool I need to adjust my truss rod? All guitar truss rods are alike only with regards to their intended function, to adjust neck relief. Nice article, but I’ll leave this work to the pros. Which way you turn a truss rod depends on the desired effect. Truss rod wrenches are made in metric and SAE (Imperial) sizes. By Dan Erlewine. May you kindly show translating Google link on this website. here to sign up for a free trial of Fender Play. Double action truss rod? Unfortunately, this isn’t straight forward as the type of tool you need depends on the guitar. I can’t understand the dual-action workings. It seems like that frees it up and makes it easier to turn. Are they really that much different? I picked up a pawn shop special used Squier Strat. Play a note on your guitar. Is there anything I can do to get more out of my truss rod? Don’t forget that when you tighten your strings the tension will change the amount of relief – adjust accordingly. (You may want to capo the first string).

Therefore, it seems to make sense to loosen the strings when we’re not using that instrument for a while. Where is the best place to buy a new truss rod for a PRS SE? Truss rods can feel stuck because of rust on the threads, they’ve hit the end of the threads, or there is damage to the truss rod. Due to varied climate and other conditions to which your PRS guitar may be exposed during its lifetime, we have made our necks fully adjustable. I’ll leave it to my guitar tech who does amazing setups. The two common truss rods are a Single Action Truss Rod and a Dual Action Truss Rod.

They don’t need regular tension when in storage, but having no string tension at all can lead to neck bowing problems. Overtightening or over loosening a truss rod can damage the neck and/or body.”. This reduces relief, lowering the string action (height of the strings over the frets). Allan Hu has been writing since 2001 for several popular, self-owned websites like and

Should I try to put a drop of oil on my truss rod threads? Any idea where to get a truss rod wrench for a Pedulla bass? Good stuff. It is definitely not a job for an amateur.

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