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Edd was born on May 9, 1971, in London, Britain. His fame came through his ingenuity and ability to answer fans watching his shows. There is no detail regarding their previous relationship and dating lives before they met, but it is irrefutable that they were meant to be. Let's find out in detail about his net worth, including income and salary. Is Edd China married? Edd China net worth: Edd China is a British motor specialist, entrepreneur, and television presenter who has a net worth of $3 million. Although, he has recorded several Guinness World Records including Fastest furniture, Largest … What is Edd China worth? In 2020, Edd China's net worth was estimated to be $1.5 Million. After the show ended, Edd moved back to England with his wife Imogen China and continued to work on new inventions. They, however, decided to officiate the union through an invite-only wedding that took place in London. There is no information on Edd China's children or family. Apart from his career, he also has a healthy social life characterized by marriage to his longtime girlfriend and current wife. He was in the show for 13 seasons and collected a salary of 74,032 per year from the show. Edd similarly, got his big breakout when he was hired by the Discovery Channel to present the show Wheeler Dealers with Mike Brewer. Edd China with Mike Brewer on the promotional poster of Wheeler Dealers. Currently, he has a net worth of $3 million. As of 2020, Edd China’s net worth is $100,000 - $1M. The channel adds more to his income. Apart from his roles on TV, he has also featured in different movies. Edd China is a Guiness World Record Holder for fastest shed , bed, toilet, milk float and longest shipping trolley which is motorized. Does Edd China have a new show? How much is Imogen China net worth? Thanks to his industry and prowess, he has managed to accumulate a ton of wealth. Trending :Joanna Gaines || Kamala Harris || Pat Sajak || Elizabeth Warren || Nicole Curtis ||. The creator of the YouTube channel Edd China's Garage Revival, Edd China overall net-worth is reported to be $3 million. Some of his most watched videos are Edd China on leaving Wheeler Dealers, Edd China on Mike Brewer, and Ask Edd 5. Being a famous TV presenter, he earns a handsome amount of money from his profession. He is the managing director of Grease Junkie Garage. He is the owner of  the company Cummfy Banana Limited. Edd has glided through the thick and thin of making it through. It is a motor servicing garage that lies in the plains of Bracknell Berkshire. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his estimated net worth is $3million. Widely known as the presenter of Discovery Channel's television show Wheeler Dealers, Edd China is a mechanic, motor specialist, and inventor. Also, see: How Much Is Whitney Cummings' Net Worth? His father died of suicide. While in college, Edd designed Casual Lofa, which is a driving sofa. Following his exit from his long-term show at Discovery Channel, there have been numerous questions on his next steps. Also, he has a YouTube channel where he showcases car maintenance stuff and calls it Edd China's Garage Revival. Edd China is a native of England who attended King Edward's School, Witley, Surrey. Edd China is involved in various hustles, as demonstrated by his proactive career. Ideally, his entire adult life and accomplishments have been the products of his innovativeness and prowess when it comes to motor vehicles and other machines. Let's find out in detail about his net worth, including income and salary. Edd China is not only an inventor but an entrepreneur also. Edd China shares a similar success story with reality TV star Marty Raney. He graduated with a degree in Engineering and Product Design. China attended King Edwards School as part of his preparatory education but later progressed and joined London South Bank University for a degree course. READ ALSO: Bart Millard net worth: how did he make his money? Is Edd married on Wheeler Dealers? 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The Lofa appeared in various car shows such as Top Gear Live, The Big Breakfast, Scraphead Challenge and This is Your Life. All that we know is that the couple is leading an adventurous lifestyle full of love and life. From the look of things, it is clear that work is not as bad as would be expected of once disowned garage. The couple is leading a beautiful lifestyle characterized by the romantic gestures and public display of affection, as is in their Instagram uploads. He used his earning well and invested properly in various business ventures. Edd, after gaining familiarity with TV, started getting hosting gigs on car shows. His wife's name is Imogen China, from Norway. He has also taken part in other top-notch shows, including Top Gear and Five Gear, among others. China also worked as a mechanic in the program and played a huge role in revamping the cars. $3 Million Edd China Wiki Biography Edward John “Edd” China was born on the 9th May 1971, in London, England, and is a TV presenter, inventor, mechanic and motor specialist, probably best known as a co-star of the Discovery Channel’s show “Wheeler Dealers” (2003- present), but he has also appeared in “Fifth Gear”, “Scrapheap Challenge”, and “Top Gear”. How Much Is Whitney Cummings' Net Worth? Thanks to his industry and prowess, he has managed to accumulate a ton of wealth. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. He is known for being a presenter, a motor specialist, a mechanic, and an inventor who has appeared in various shows, including the car maintenance show, Wheeler Dealers, Top Gear, Fifth Gear, and the Scraphead challenge. He's sure got genius genes from his father. However, following work-related engagements that saw him move to America, Edd was not attending to the demands of the garage over one year, until his return in 2017. He is both an inventor and a TV personality, with his most significant break coming through the motor vehicle maintenance program, Wheelers Dealers. He later joined London South Bank University and graduated with a degree in engineering product design, so he is a certified engineer. He has accumulated wealth and his current net worth is around $1.5 million. Edd China is not quiet a rich person. He also started his YouTube channel Edd China, which has over 397,455 subscribers and earns $239- $3.8 thousand per year. He hosted short-lived television series named Auto Trader television and Classic Car Club. From his works with different programs such … Edd China's wife, Imogen, is known to have a gentle heart, an aspect that must have significantly influenced their relationship and, eventually, marriage. Here is everything you need to know. It would be difficult for a person who loves cars that much to lack his garage. Know More About Her Income and Salary, Edd China; 8 facts you don't know about him. Edd China is an English TV presenter and celebrity whose lifestyle is mostly in front of a camera. He responds to queries that are raised by fans and viewers and thanks to them for supporting him. Visit for more articles!!! YouTube, is a lucrative business and content creator such as Mark Dohner earns $80,000 yearly from his YouTube channel. The show struck the chord with its viewers, and the show is still airing after 14 seasons. Net worth. Removing the said section would significantly reduce the cost and time it takes to shoot an episode. Does Edd China own a garage? The duo started dating way back. From his childhood, he demonstrated great tact when it comes to knowledge and passion for motor vehicle machinery and later advanced to a career as a mechanic and TV presenter. Despite being a mechanic and running a show of vehicle maintenance, he has equally secured a place for himself among the millionaires. He Killed himself by standing in a railway line. Edd China is television personality however he has a fear of live television and audiences terrify him. Also, see; Edd China; 8 facts you don't know about him. Widely known as the presenter of Discovery Channel's television show Wheeler Dealers, Edd China is a mechanic, motor specialist, and inventor. Well, after the sudden exit from Wheelers Dealers, China rebranded himself and took it to YouTube, where he began AskEdd episodes of his show. Know More About Her Income and Salary. Edd China has together 7 Guinness World Record. The executives had opted to make a few adjustments in the show, especially in the workshop section. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his estimated net worth is $3million. Thankfully, the garage is back on its feet and working full time.

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