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If you have visitors from places were there's no mountains, this is a stunning place to take them! It’s asphalted and sits within the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, just south of Lower Kananaskis Lake. Highwood Pass, 40 Highway, Kananaskis Improvement District, Alberta, Canada - Free topographic maps visualization and sharing. The drive is definitely worth it. It's an incredible drive. It lies within the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park on Alberta Highway 40. It is one of the most varied and picturesque drives in the country. This drive was recommended by a friend and it did not disappoint. It takes about an hour from Grandview Chalet's B&B in Canmore to the start. A ride from the north gate to the south gate and back. – 2,206 m highest elevation When we arrived at the gate, there were already plenty of cars parking along the road and cyclists preparing for the ride. The start of the road up to Highwood Pass The best way to do the bike ride up Highwood Pass. But you'll want to get out of your car, as the scenery is gorgeous. The grizzly's must have known this was going to be a bit crazy, so they were discretely somewhere else. Go PRO to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads, and more! Once packed we drive for an hour and a half south over the Highwood Pass to the Picklejar Creek trailhead. Highwood Pass, 40 Highway, Kananaskis Improvement District, Alberta, Canada (50.59623 -114.98450), Coordinates: 48.99667 -120.00138 60.00042 -110.00476 - Minimum elevation: 0 m - Maximum elevation: 3,425 m - Average elevation: 773 m, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (51.05342 -114.06259), Coordinates: 50.84253 -114.31576 51.21250 -113.86000 - Minimum elevation: 961 m - Maximum elevation: 1,459 m - Average elevation: 1,121 m, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (53.53541 -113.50800), Coordinates: 53.33726 -113.71384 53.71626 -113.27148 - Minimum elevation: 603 m - Maximum elevation: 790 m - Average elevation: 690 m, Grande Prairie, City of Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 2X3, Canada (55.17099 -118.79489), Coordinates: 55.01099 -118.95489 55.33099 -118.63489 - Minimum elevation: 510 m - Maximum elevation: 823 m - Average elevation: 673 m, Clearwater County, Alberta, Canada (52.31604 -115.62662), Coordinates: 51.61921 -117.08939 53.07005 -114.43004 - Minimum elevation: 782 m - Maximum elevation: 3,462 m - Average elevation: 1,493 m, Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 4H5, Canada (52.26984 -113.81836), Coordinates: 52.10984 -113.97836 52.42984 -113.65836 - Minimum elevation: 821 m - Maximum elevation: 1,058 m - Average elevation: 917 m, Sundre, Town of Sundre, Alberta, T0M 1X0, Canada (51.79713 -114.63941), Coordinates: 51.75713 -114.67941 51.83713 -114.59941 - Minimum elevation: 1,061 m - Maximum elevation: 1,207 m - Average elevation: 1,130 m, Canmore (town), Alberta, T1W 3M6, Canada (51.05648 -115.33780), Coordinates: 50.41648 -115.97780 51.69648 -114.69780 - Minimum elevation: 800 m - Maximum elevation: 3,504 m - Average elevation: 1,702 m, Heritage Valley Area, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (53.41833 -113.55256), Coordinates: 53.39573 -113.60873 53.43342 -113.49232 - Minimum elevation: 620 m - Maximum elevation: 722 m - Average elevation: 688 m, North Saskatchewan River, County of Two Hills, Alberta, T5N 1J9, Canada (53.78685 -111.66245), Coordinates: 51.95777 -117.08467 54.06362 -105.08207 - Minimum elevation: 46 m - Maximum elevation: 3,865 m - Average elevation: 765 m, Lethbridge, City of Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 4L3, Canada (49.69429 -112.85156), Coordinates: 49.53429 -113.01156 49.85429 -112.69156 - Minimum elevation: 778 m - Maximum elevation: 1,159 m - Average elevation: 929 m, County of Minburn, Alberta, Canada (53.43169 -111.66194), Coordinates: 53.07401 -112.26354 53.65793 -111.02887 - Minimum elevation: 554 m - Maximum elevation: 747 m - Average elevation: 666 m, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1A6, Canada (51.17778 -115.56825), Coordinates: 51.13778 -115.60825 51.21778 -115.52825 - Minimum elevation: 1,342 m - Maximum elevation: 2,989 m - Average elevation: 1,727 m, Chestermere, Alberta, T1X 1V3, Canada (51.04485 -113.82111), Coordinates: 50.88485 -113.98111 51.20485 -113.66111 - Minimum elevation: 923 m - Maximum elevation: 1,262 m - Average elevation: 1,035 m, Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 3C3, Canada (51.28597 -114.01062), Coordinates: 51.12597 -114.17062 51.44597 -113.85062 - Minimum elevation: 931 m - Maximum elevation: 1,331 m - Average elevation: 1,096 m, Okotoks, Town of Okotoks, Alberta, T1S 2N7, Canada (50.72537 -113.97508), Coordinates: 50.68537 -114.01508 50.76537 -113.93508 - Minimum elevation: 1,022 m - Maximum elevation: 1,228 m - Average elevation: 1,102 m, Cochrane, Town of Cochrane, Alberta, T4V 2A7, Canada (51.18746 -114.47107), Coordinates: 51.14746 -114.51107 51.22746 -114.43107 - Minimum elevation: 1,101 m - Maximum elevation: 1,349 m - Average elevation: 1,221 m, Village of Longview, Alberta, T0L 1H0, Canada (50.53300 -114.23078), Coordinates: 50.52309 -114.24262 50.53712 -114.22526 - Minimum elevation: 1,165 m - Maximum elevation: 1,417 m - Average elevation: 1,257 m, Red Deer River, Special Area No. By the time we got to the start, it was getting very pleasant, and the snows had retreated to leave absolutely beautiful scenery. Adverse weather conditions are common. NOTE: The highway does not open until June 15, but in the weeks prior, the roads are generally clear of snow, and the highway and pass then become one of the regions premier cycling routes. We did the drive a couple weeks ago for the first time and was so happy we did. The hike starts at 2206 meters elevation Highwood Pass, and takes you through beautiful Pocaterra Cirque up to the peak of Grizzly ridge at 2767 meters, an impressive altitude to attain with only a 561 meter climb. It took close to 3 hours between the TC highway and Longview allowing for stops to see the scenery and waiting for the wildlife and livestock to move off the road. adventures and follow local regulations. Follow this trail up the valley and then up the scree slope to the col between Mount Tyrwhitt and Grizzly Ridge. You will find the trail head at the Highwood Pass Day Use Area. It continues on to Longview and Highway 20, the "Cowboy Trail," where you can get back to Calgary via a variety of routes. There were hundreds of riders on this Sunday, but all spread out on a smooth swept highway in a happy mood. The road is closed from Dec 1 through June 15 each year for the migration of wildlife. 6, Alberta, Canada, Little Smoky River, Municipal District of Greenview, Alberta, Canada, Hanna, Town of Hanna, Alberta, T0J 1P0, Canada, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Woodbine, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Elk Island National Park, Tawayik Lake Trail, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, Mount Assiniboine, Canmore (town), Alberta, Canada, Wetaskiwin, City of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, T9A 0T5, Canada, Cold Lake, City of Cold Lake, Alberta, T9M 0L6, Canada, Lesser Slave Lake, Poplar Crescent, Marten Beach Subdivision, Municipal District of Lesser Slave River, Alberta, Canada, Kananaskis, Bighorn, Alberta, T0L 2C0, Canada, Bow Valley Provincial Park, Armstrong Place, Three Sisters Mountain Village, Canmore, Town of Canmore, Alberta, T1W 3M6, Canada, Nordegg, Clearwater County, Alberta, T0M 2H0, Canada, Swan Hills, Town of Swan Hills, Alberta, T0G 2C0, Canada, Crowsnest Pass, Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, T0K 0M0, Canada, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Range Road 113, Special Area No. Keep an eye out for the flagging tape that marks the trail. Share YOUR roads!We've more than 13.000 roads but we want more! Traveled through the Highwood Pass with guests (family) from Regina, SK. Distance 157.6 km. Great tourist places. Ride to Highwood Pass is a 47.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Kananaskis Improvement, Alberta, Canada that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. Since it is a sensitive wildlife area, it's closed to car … Highwood Pass, on Alberta highway 40 is located deep in Kananaskis Country about 60 minutes south of the TransCanada Highway. Highwood Pass, on Alberta highway 40 is located deep in Kananaskis Country about 60 minutes south of the TransCanada Highway. Elevation 1,633 m. Ride Type Road. The animals both wild and livestock were right in the middle of the road. Highwood Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.217m (7,273ft) above the sea level, located in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada. The Highway 40 Loop begins on the Trans Canada Highway near Bow Valley Provincial Park. Follow the trail to the left up to Grizzly ridge and then along the ridge to the peak. N & S. ROUTE DESCRIPTION. Closed to cars December 1 to June 15 every year, but stunning when it's open, It's the highest paved road in Canada, and it brings you pretty close to the treeline without having to get out of your car. Highwood Pass. This is an amazing ridge walk with impressive views in all directions. There are many commercial tour groups cycling over the pass through the summer, but in this case, it's mostly locals with several cycling clubs and race clubs mixed in with recreational riders on whatever bikes (one on a big tricycle!). Its nearest higher peak is Elpoca Mountain, 2.0 km (1.2 mi) to the east. You gain 500 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 2.8 %. 300-480m. The pass is closed each year from December to June 15 to protect wildlife.  - Out-and-Back Trail. Pocaterra Ridge Hike Duration If you plan on heading up to Pocaterra Ridge summit and returning the same way making it an out and back hike this hike will take you anywhere between 2-5 hours. Here's a Stava link for an overview: You will pass by several less defined trails to the left that lead directly up to Highwood Ridge, stay on the main pathway. Aspect. Gate to Gate Return (Highwood Pass) A ride from the north gate to the south gate and back. Elevation. 2, Alberta, T0J 1B0, Canada, Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada, Slave Lake, Town of Slave Lake, Alberta, T0G 2A2, Canada, Canmore, Town of Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2H4, Canada, Nose Hill Park, Brentwood, Calgary, Census Divsion No. Have you done this adventure? Elevation Chart. The ideal scenario for this bike ride would be a one way trip where you start at the gate nearest Longview, cycle 37 kilometres to Highwood Pass and then descend 17 kilometres on a road with a much steeper grade to the gate by King Creek.

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