greenland lowest temperature

Experts led from Germany found that the ice loss in 2019 was 15 per cent higher than the previous worst year on record — which was 2012. …with solar cycle 25 likely a mere stop-off on the sun’s descent into its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle (just picture the extent of that meridional flow once a full-blown GSM kicks in): Social Media channels are restricting Electroverse’s reach — be sure to subscribe to receive new post notifications by email (the box is located in the sidebar >>> or scroll down if on mobile). Shouldn’t “preliminary low of -86.8F (-66C) set at 11:13 PM on January 02, 2019” be January 02, 2020? However, they also noted that favourable conditions in 2017–2018 meant that melting was lower than in any other two-year period between 2003–2019. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. At present, the sun is spotless, and magnetic activity is minimal. The other temp of minus -67C is colder yet at -88.5F and this is Antarctica low temps. Whether it is –64.9C, as stated by John Cappelen, or the graphic reading from Electroverse remains a mystery. Time is Ticking: with so many cycles converging, it might be time to head for the hills… but which hills? The temperature tally surpasses the previous record of -67.8°C (-90°F), detected twice before at the Siberian sites of Oimekon in 1933 and Verkhoyanksk in 1892. All seem equally unlikely. Greenland? Table of the old Summit Camp temp records (all-time low … The latter Russian site recorded a new record-high temperature north of the Arctic Circle in June (pictured). Temperature in Greenland averaged -18.58 celsius from 1823 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 0.34 celsius in July of 2009 and a record low of -37.66 celsius in February of 1868. And we will have them everywhere, also in places where people live. Contrasting those lows, of course, are extreme highs that continue to set scorching new records year after year, thanks to global warming. © 2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC Terms of Use/Privacy Policy. It is located some 10,500 ft (3,200 m) above sea level, and it’s data is often cited by climate alarmists claiming “Greenland Is Melting Away Before Our Very Eyes” and other such nonsense…. “In the era of climate change, much attention focuses on new heat records," WMO Secretary-General Professor Petteri Taalas said in a news release. ( ). Julie Palais/World Meteorological Organization, Arctic sea-ice extent nears a record low, despite growth during a frigid winter, Philly’s average temperatures are rising, along with the overall global trend. Documenting extremes is a big deal, and the data aren’t entered into the WMO Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes until it is vetted. What is actually interesting though is the the rapidity of the change. 'This investigation highlights the ability of today’s climate scientists to not only identify modern climate records but to play 'climate detective' and uncover important past climate records—thereby creating a high-quality long-term record of climate for climate-sensitive regions of the world,' said Professor Randall Cerveny, Rapporteur of Climate and Weather Extremes for WMO. Official confirmation : New record of lowest temperature for October in Greenland and in the Northern Hemisphere ! Ancient Viking ship buried in an Iron Age cemetery to symbolise 'safe passage into the afterlife' is... Futuristic audio device 'puts music in your head' by beaming sound directly to the listener without the need... School closures during spring lockdown shortened the lifespan of the average US child by THREE MONTHS, study... Past the 'point of no return' on climate change: Ending greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow would still see... Wild chimpanzees in West Africa are found to be infected with LEPROSY for the first time. Here, the average temperature exceeds freezing from June to September. The temperature sunk as low as -69.6°C (-93.3°F) at an automated weather system, located in a frigid place called Klinck atop the Greenland ice sheet …

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