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The Emperor of Mankind upon the Golden Throne. Once installed beneath the Imperial Palace in the Emperor's main laboratory called the Imperial Dungeon, the Golden Throne took the form of a bulky machine-like chair suspended over gigantic mechanised doors made of a golden alloy that served as the portal into the Imperial Webway extension. The whole machine was made of the same golden metal. Only through the most artful of psychic subterfuge were Malcador and his new recruits able to pass unscathed through the battlelines and come unharmed and unseen before the Emperor within the inner sanctum of the Imperial Palace. In the meantime, Horus had set about his new duties as the Warmaster of the Imperium, commander-in-chief of all the military forces of the Great Crusade, with relish. The whole project was placed under the utmost secrecy, and even th… To this end they had tempted the naive Magnus the Red with a vision intended to warn the Emperor of the very plot they had initiated against the Master of Mankind, the betrayal of the Imperium by Horus. It was revealed in the time after the end of the 13th Black Crusade on 986.999.M41 that many mechanisms of the Golden Throne have developed technological failures beyond the current ability of the Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to repair. Unless something is done, the Golden Throne's life support systems will eventually malfunction and the Emperor of Mankind will die, surrendering His spirit to the Warp and throwing all of Mankind into darkness once more -- or setting the stage for Humanity's final salvation. I am now bound to this machine for all time. The Xanthites fought through Harlequin troupes and daemon hordes alike before reaching their intended destination. It would also allow the Emperor to advance His plan to protect Humanity forever from the Chaos Gods by eliminating or shielding its psykers. The portal was closed but only the psychic power of the Emperor was enough to keep it sealed and He was forced to remain on the Golden Throne or find a suitable replacement who possessed the psychic power to maintain the shields against daemonic intrusion. The Emperor's original choice for His replacement on the artefact had been the Primarch Magnus the Red, but since Magnus and his Thousand Sons Legion had sided with Horus and the Chaos God Tzeentch, Malcador was now His chosen successor and the only remaining Human psyker with enough strength to carry out the duty of protecting the Throneworld from the daemonic horde that lay beyond the portal into the Imperial Webway.
As the 41st Millennium drew to a close in 999.M41 during what many pessimistic Imperial historians have begun to call the Imperium's Time of Ending, the Tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus discovered to their horror that the Golden Throne's mechanisms were slowly failing and that they lacked the knowledge to repair its arcane technology.

Even after the Throne's construction, the lab remained littered with other huge machines and storage crates. Hundreds of red-robed technicians and labourers worked in the lab. The effort utterly exhausted her and with the final, banishing stroke of her sword she collapsed upon the threshold between the Warp and Terra's realspace, never to breathe again. It is a huge, baroque cybernetic life support system that maintains the life functions of the nearly-comatose body of the Emperor following His mortal wounding at the end of the Horus Heresy. He gathered a band of his finest warriors aboard the cruiser Scion of Argo, and set off following a lead that pointed to the lost Forge World of Morvane. The great interstellar civil war of the Horus Heresy, when Horus sought to overthrow and replace his father the Emperor, was the terrible result. On one occasion a mighty Bloodthirster, greatest of the daemons of Khorne, fought its way through the Imperial defenders to the gate itself, and only the last minute intervention of Sister Celia Harroda of the Sisters of Silence was able to stop the beast from crashing through the Warp Gate and into the dungeons of the Imperial Palace. The Golden Throne is an ancient and arcane device located in the Imperial Palace on Terra. The Throne was modified by the ancient Mechanicum under the direction of the Emperor of Mankind following the end of the Siege of Terra and now sustains His mortally crippled body's life functions. The Emperor drew on His vast reserves of psychic power and His star burned ever brighter; the daemons, unwilling to approach the shining nimbus, were held back. The Throne is maintained by members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, although as time passes the duty becomes increasingly difficult. The Golden Throne is an ancient and arcane device located in the Imperial Palace on Terra. The original use that the Emperor found for the Golden Throne (or of the core device that the Throne was later constructed around) was that it was a powerful psychic amplifier that could also serve as a portal into the Labyrinth Dimension of the Webway based on Terra. They felt that the Emperor had turned His back on them and given power to petty mortal administrators and the sycophantic Adepts of Mars. The death of Sister Celia was but one of many acts of brave sacrifice by the loyal warriors of the Emperor within the Terran extension of the Webway. A Human-dominated Webway would also truly unite the Imperium, preventing Mankind from ever again being divided by time and great distance as during the Age of Strife. According to Pieter Achelieux, the Golden Throne would have required an extremely powerful psyker to operate and he implied that one of the Primarchs may have originally been created to serve this role once the mechanism was in place so that the Emperor could attend to the duties of running the Imperium. Once installed under the Imperial Palace the Golden Throne took the form of a bulky machine-like chair suspended over gigantic mechanized doors made of gold metal. The Emperor had to be ready to take advantage of this mistake. Through the sacrifice of Malcador, Mankind would live on, and its people would face the growing darkness of the Age of the Imperium that was about to dawn with a single chant upon their lips -- the Emperor protects. This so-called War Within the Webway proved a defeat for the forces of the Emperor after Magnus' sending destroyed the psychic shielding the Emperor had painstakingly set in place. Timing was crucial, for Horus knew that several more Loyalist Legions were en route to beleaguered Terra, and he wanted to finish affairs before they arrived.
As the Horus Heresy erupted, after many long solar months with no contact with the Emperor, Malcador and the Imperial Fists Legion's Primarch Rogal Dorn were finally granted an audience with the Master of Mankind. The gate would remain closed to the daemons for as long as the Emperor was able to power it from His arcane technological throne atop the golden portal.

This would create a truly unified human race as never before in history. My psychic powers will return to me in time but my body will never heal. [2b], Faced with this cataclysmic scenario, several high-ranking members of the Imperium decided to act. [1a], At the outset of the Horus Heresy, when Magnus the Red used his sorcerous powers to warn the Emperor of Horus's treachery, he inadvertently created huge holes in the Emperor's psychic shield. More videos → Dan Jackson's Painting Blog. As Malcador was removed from the device, the last flicker of life left him and the dust of his corpse blew across the stone floor. The Golden Throne is connected to a massive Warp beacon known as the Astronomican which generates a system of signals making faster-than-light travel in the Imperium possible. The doors were said to be large enough for a Warhound Scout Titan to walk through unbowed. The Horus Heresy At the outset of the Horus Heresy , when Magnus the Red used his sorcerous powers to warn the Emperor of Horus’s treachery, he inadvertently created huge holes in the Emperor’s psychic shield. Since the original Webway was built of a psychically resistant material which the humans could not replicate, the Emperor used his powers, via the Golden Throne, to protect the human-built section from the Warp.

Hundreds of red-robed technicians and laborers worked in the lab. He also personally took up work on the modifications to the Golden Throne and the creation of the Imperial Webway in earnest.

You and your loyal brothers must fight on. Even after the Throne’s construction, the lab remained littered with other huge machines and storage crates. Later Vulkan arrived in the throneroom, where at the Emperor's guidance he installed the Talisman of Seven Hammers. Slightly over two standard centuries into the Great Crusade, the Emperor of Mankind decided to leave the direct leadership of military affairs to His sons, the Primarchs, and returned to Terrato oversee the construction of an administrative apparatus that could fairly govern the new interstellar Imperium He had created. Larry Vela 4 Minute Read January 30 . The whole machine was made of the same golden metal. Though the head of the serpent has been destroyed its coils still choke the safety of Mankind. The Golden Throne is a massive cybernetic life support mechanism utilising ancient, advanced biomechanical technology dating to the Dark Age of Technology that also possesses the ability to greatly amplify psychic powers and allow access to the Aeldari Webway. From the Golden Throne the Emperor would maintain the psychic beacon of the Astronomican as a replacement for the now-lost Imperial Webway project and do His best to shield Humanity -- particularly Terra -- from the worst terrors of the Immaterium. The Golden Throne is located on Terra, deep within the continent-spanning complex of the Imperial Palace, specifically in the area of the Asian continent where the Himalazian (Himalayan) Mountains once towered. Be vigilant!". If you do as I ask then I shall not wholly die, my spirit at least will survive. Malcador could not speak, such was the concentration he had to bring to bear in order to control the tempestous forces at his call. [3] In the last year of M41, Techpriests discovered failures in the mechanisms of the Golden Throne that are far beyond their ability to repair. It gives me little time to pass final orders to you. Some hailed from Legions that had abandoned the Emperor's light in favour of Horus' dark promises, but these Battle-Brothers had never lost their loyalty and had fought the Heresy from within. As the battle within wore on, the daemons began to gain the advantage. The Custodian Guard and Sisters of Silence were left fighting a desperate battle to prevent the daemons from reaching the portal and breaching Terra itself. Malcador perished performing this endeavor, and the mortally wounded Emperor was reinstated upon the Throne after his battle with Horus. The Astronomican requires the sacrifice of large numbers of psykers daily for it to continue to function, and also for the Emperor to be kept alive on the Golden Throne. Execute them well.

He could only do this by confronting the Emperor in person. "Behold the greatest sacrifice of our age! In the last year of M41, Techpriests discovered failures in the mechanisms of the Golden Throne that are far beyond their ability to repair.

In fact, the majority of the people who see the Golden Throne are either about to have their life force absorbed into the machine's mechanisms, or are the elite core of the Adeptus Custodes, the Emperor's Companions and bodyguards. [2a], By late M36, the Golden Throne began to require more and more sacrifice of Psykers to remain functional.

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