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At the August tasting, as Cámara flipped some on the plancha, it came up again. Maybe one thing Onda’s conversation revealed was how much any conversation between chefs from Los Angeles and Mexico City is part of the massive, echoing, shouting exchange of invective and love between California and Mexico — places that were not so long ago one and the same. “I have learned so many things here, or I have eaten so many things here in the States that I love. However, she believed that the food could even be better because the city was close to the ocean, allowing her to use only local fish. Tyhle údaje pak analyzujeme a využíváme je k přizpůsobení našich služeb a online reklamy podle vašich potřeb. Could you do Meyer lemon in a quesadilla? “It’s the same thing as when a music group makes a hit.”. ", There's a perfect beach for every week of the year. Gathering around the tortilla press made the group a little giddy, even as they debated whether the masa balls should be 10, 15, or 20 grams. She opened the restaurant Cala in San Francisco in 2015. But even this isn't something she foresaw for herself. In this anxious, potentially revolutionary moment in culture, many chefs are navigating rough waters of worn-out ideas (fusion), oppressive expectations (authenticity), and toxic cultural practices (appropriation). Can their first partnership, Onda, do the same? She is not only a chef but also an author, and restaurant owner. Balancing the culinary sensibilities of the two chefs is a challenge he finds productive. In what seems like a flash, she's showing off the corn that makes its way onto Cala's menu time and time again. Koslow is both improvisational and conceptual; she develops dishes by playing with the idea of a thing (toast and jam, quesadillas) and creating pleasure out of surprise. We might be hipster-hating all day long, but when you run into 10 people over four hours at Sqirl, it can be great.”. Cámara holds ownership in Mexico City restaurants Capicúa, Barricuda Diner, and MeroToro. Cámara broke open a quesadilla and rubbed a bit of the filling between her fingers, inspecting the sorrel. Acclaimed Mexican chef/restaurateur Gabriela Cámara shared via social media that she’s not involved with Onda in Santa Monica. Koslow wondered aloud, noting the acid would be so pleasing. Netflix spolu s třetími stranami používá na svých stránkách soubory cookie a podobné technologie, aby bylo možné shromažďovat informace o obsahu, který si na našich stránkách prohlížíte. Then Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected president of Mexico, and Cámara decided to move back to Mexico City to play a role in the government of a longtime family friend. ABONNEZ-VOUS. He also spent months preparing the restaurant’s fermentation-based larder (fermented tomatillos, cabbage, and honey lined the shelves alongside pickled items like escabeche), hard at work alongside pastry chef Jess Stephens in a kitchen space shared with the hotel’s main restaurant, Calabra Rooftop. Koslow brought an encyclopedic knowledge of fermentation and Southern California seasonality, as well as a restless creativity — a knack for devising dishes that seem, in her words, “familiar and totally unfamiliar at the same time.” With gravity-warping intensity, Cámara brought a passionate expertise and decades of experience in the business of restaurants (Onda will be Koslow’s second restaurant and Cámara’s 12th).

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