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Bruce closed out the show with an extended and super powerful “Dream Baby Dream.”  Alan was blown away and really touched. First of all, I'd like to thank all of you wonderful people who have sent me private messages, giving support and even sharing my story on social media. Frankie Teardrop is the famous one but it's the one I skip the most. "Come on dude, this is like the last two minutes of it," I tried to comfort him. He's been writing about music for 20 years and has been published at American Songwriter, Bandcamp Daily, Reverb, Spin, Stereogum, uDiscoverMusic, VinylMePlease and some others that he's forgetting right now. The concept was very simple, you just had to put on some headphones, turn off the lights and listen to electro band Suicide's infamous "Frankie Teardrop" all the way through. One of those spots in the shadows was the small balcony bar with very few people, but standing there we noticed Alan Vega and a friend. We all sat on his couch and caught up for a while. Jonah had left my apartment, and that was the last time I saw him. He's already inside my head. It’s essentially “Frankie Teardrop” translated into a dark folk song, the acoustic strums create a heightened tension that breaks when Springsteen unleashes a series of unexpected yelps nearly as startling and unsettling as those Vega utters in his own twisted masterpiece. Finally he put the straw on the side of his nostril and did the line. This is a 10 and a half minute epic of a factory worker who becomes overwhelmed with his life as he ends up killing his newborn son and wife and then himself. All Rights Reserved. Our sources have informed the News World that the victims and the perpetrator are a family and apparently no outsiders are involved. Some things you just aren't supposed to joke about. It was scary as anything and full of anger, but yet there was something very romantic and classic about it, in a 1950s way, while still sounding like it was from another planet. Viewed through that lens it's sort of a punk "Born in the USA". His son, Dante, was by his side, and he seemed very at peace. You're gonna wake up Johnny. Of course we have enough money. Woman: Hey, baby. D Generation played Irving Plaza a week later and we opened the show blasting out “Frankie Teardrop” while we walked onto the stage. My dad would kill me if he ever found out," he replied. "Frankie Teardrop" as written by Martin Reverby Alan Vega. “Frankie Teardrop” is the song that looms largest over Nebraska, informing both the sound of the record and its themes. Man: Not enough food! I grabbed "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and opened it, revealing this tiny baggie containing white powder. Woman: Stop it! I tried to keep up the whole "chill, dude"-attitude and said that the angel dust is just messing with his head and it is supposed to be scary, the whole point of the challenge is to screw with one's psyche. hey I'm curious -- how do you read this as anti-war? He was just like I was the first time. It's too dark in here and I can't feel my hands. I just think I had to write this thing down, I thought it would give me closure, but it really hasn't, in fact it was very painful to rip open these old wounds. AAAAAAAHHHH!". “I thought it was one of my albums that I had forgotten about. C'mon, man," I said to him. The file name in the link was also named lyinginhell.mp3. So yeah, we loved a good challenge and weren't afraid of getting hurt but still neither one of us wanted to get mugged. Just after its release, Bruce was out on a solo tour and I heard he was playing a version of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream,” so I called up Alan to see if he wanted to go to Connecticut to check it out. I first heard Suicide on a cassette tape I came across at the False Prophets’ studio on Avenue B, a cool old thrift store turned punk rock rehearsal spot and teenage crash pad. He actually wanted to have a real conversation, which was surreal in this debauched rock hellhole. It was an unforgettable night. In the episode, Ton... I’m currently reading Jeff Burger’s interview compendium “Springsteen On Springsteen” (full review to come soon) and something that struck... Oh, we're halfway there! What followed was me making the biggest mistake of my life. We didn't use headphones, though, so that we both heard it at the same time. I remember reading about how Suicide opened for The Cars and other groups while getting hits with chains, bottles etc., but always finished the show. Not that I really care, because I'll be dead. As the new millennium rolled in, there seemed to be more respect and accolades for Alan and Marty and what they had done with trips to Russia and honorary award dinners, but they were still way ahead and world was still trying to catch up. (a loud scary scream you would hear in a horror movie). Jonah's parents didn't exactly forbid him from listening to records but whenever he put something on at home, they knocked on his door and complained about the "noise" and told him to keep it down. Woman: What do you mean? So we came across a couple of challenges, but most of them were pretty tame in comparison to what we had done before. He said yes, and me, Danny Sage, and Bob Benjamin picked him up downtown and we all drove to Bridgeport. I wish I never gave you the drugs, I wish we've never took up the challenge. By this time, Born in the USA was out and I got a lot of shit from my punk rock friends thinking that it was all some patriotic, macho Rambo crap. We had this other hobby too, a plan exactly for days like this one described in my story. Jeff Terich is the founder and editor of Treble. He wrote Patti Smith’s hit song “Because the Night,” and even shelved his own version for decades because he liked hers so much better.

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