fm transmitter static problem

Engineers apply the knowledge of math & science to design and manufacture maintainable systems used to solve specific problems. It works like an FM Transmitter, except instead of feeding the signal from your Ipod (or whatever you have) to your radio through radiowaves, which can cause static and disturbances, it feeds it directly into your antenna through a wired connection in the back of ANY RADIO (stock or aftermarket), completely reducing any static or interference. Moving it away from the antenna/radio would help. Interesting. Hope this helps. Went up and down the dial to find the right station. 2. If I hold on to it, or rest it on my lap, the static goes away. If your car has rear 12v plugs, you could try that. This is likely less true for a classical station, than for a station carrying more recent music. DOC, November 18, 2017 in General LOR Questions, My FM transmitter is transmitting fine except for their is a lot of ststic when vocals are heard or the music is loud   any suggestions to fix problem    i have tried several stations but same result. For example, using a cigarette lighter to USB adapter to charge my phone, when I plug my phone in, I instantly lose a fair number of stations to steady static. There aren't any AUX cords to play with, it's as simple as a bluetooth FM transmitter in the cigarette lighter that my phone is paired to. How much of a pain in the ass is it to shield the wiring or rewire into a shielded case? Today I noticed the volume was really low in my truck even though I had the volume cranked to the max. Under normal operation, I get a lot of static. It works nice, but because of the power draw, I get a slight whistle/whine, which occaisionally changes pitch with the engine of the car. STATIC: To eliminate or minimize static, use frequencies at the lower end of your vehicle's stereo's range, and also place the device on your vehicle's dashboard or passenger seat, away from the FM Transmitter itself. I assume that my body is either adding capacitance, or acting as a ground, to divert the noise. To stop it, you'd have to shield the wiring or rewire it completely into a new shielded case. Would pictures of any of this help you at all, or do you have a pretty good image going in your mind? I thought about buying a new transmitter but if others are having this issue then that might not work. READ THIS. Hello all! AskEngineers is a forum for questions about the technologies, standards, and processes used to design & build these systems, as well as for questions about the engineering profession and its many disciplines. And if so, how. I’m kind of having the same issue. I had to also turn mine down to L (100mW). If so, how do I do that? Need help? It is a level normalization program that a lot of people use. I just didn't worry about it last yr because that was the first yr for me and LOR, so I didn't worry about it. Powered by Invision Community, Light-O-Rama General Questions and Answers. I'm experiencing the same problem. Thanks for the help!! What you need is a Scosche FM Modulator. They turn the 12v of the car into 5v for your USB plug by rapidly switching between on/off to regulate the voltage. OK that's the past , here is my question to the group; Does anyone have a SIMPLE solution to set the volume level of your songs before moving into the LOR software this way all the audio going to my SD Card will be at the same level output and this in turn should take care of my over modulating issues etc. When properly calibrated with your vehicle's stereo, you should not be bothered by static. I'd also check the cable between your audio source and the transmitter. Sounds like an overmodulation problem. Sorry for the lack of knowledge. Turn down the source audio or adjust the input level on the transmitter. Now that I have a jump on the season I would like to get it figured out. Most cars older than 2008 do not come with Bluetooth connection or AUX input. I have a small but annoying issue: when I plug something that draws any fair amount of power into my cigarette lighter, I get static. Experienced? From converting from one format to MP3 format,  to a Transmitter that just did not work, to finding all the parts for the new Transmitter. I have my fm transmitter mounted next to my first controller. I’m wondering if I should move the transmitter away from the controller and stretch the antenna to the highest interior part of the garage? Switched from a short cable to a long one. When other electrical devices are too close to the FM tuner, static can develop and interfere with broadcast quality that is the root of the fm transmitter static problem. There aren't any AUX cords to play with, it's as simple as a bluetooth FM transmitter in the cigarette lighter that my phone is paired to. How do I stop this? I know a lot of people have bad FM transmitters with lots of constant static and want to know how to fix that, but that's not my problem. I currently have a Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter, and as you can tell from the link, it's one of the best FM transmitters in the market. Selected 88.7fm. Note: Short Wave Stores MIGHT have some parts you need but because of the different wave lengths be careful. It's easy! Looking to upgrade software? In addition, I also lost a number of radio stations, which I can get back by unplugging the transmitter from the cigarette lighter. 4. I'm running everything as balanced audio. If you want the technical details I can supply them (radio is what I do for a living). 3. Turned down the volume on the transmitter. From the mixer to the audio amplifiers for the yard speakers is about 120 feet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. FM Transmitter Static Problem? Sign up for a new account in our community.

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