fife and drum corps history

As a young 13-year-old drummer, Mark would hear the sounds of fifes and drums for the first time during a movie entitled “Time of Trouble.” Four of the eight companies of this regiment were raised at the Trenton barracks in December of 1775. Colonial ancient fife and drum corps originated in the early period of our history. Now they are the Lewis and Clark Fife and Drum Corps. During the American Revolution, each company of a regiment provided a fifer and drummer to create a Fife and Drum Corps to represent the entire regiment. "Upon hearing Lewis and Clark Fife Corps performances since that first year, I have recognized a number of stylistic differences that I was unaware of at the time," says Mr. Anderson. After the American War for Independence, there was heated debate whether there should be a standing regular army, or whether state militias were sufficient during peace times. About 18 boys were signed up. Neck Stock Leather bands for a stiff look (possibly a remnant from the day of sword fighting). After discussing the matter for some time, Mr. Grant consented to do what he could. ( Log Out /  The Corps of Discovery recruited men from all three regiments of the army, thus their uniforms were not completely uniform. In 1805, troops from the 1st Infantry came to St. Louis to establish Fort Bellefontaine. All that autumn and through the winter the boys rehearsed in earnest. The uniform of the day was white pants and shirts to So in the fall of 1928, the Shatswell School fife and drum corps was born. By Memorial Day they were ready to appear in public. Wool Coats Musicians wore red coats to distinguish themselves from regular soldiers in blue. ", (*In March 1934, Congress passed the Civilian Conservation bill, creating the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the Civil Conservation Corps (CCC). he appears in a Boy Scout uniform. A continental soldier and the American flag can be seen in the background. It was only expanded as the War of 1812 approached, first in 1808 and then in 1812. © 2016 Lewis and Clark Fife and Drum Corps  |  Website design: Scott Dupree. In 1991, the city of St. Charles was accepted to be in the Washington, DC 'Celebration of Discovery' Fourth of July Parade. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Central St. parade, students from Shatswell School, The drum corps continued until 1944 when Mr. Grant resigned to go into war work. The Corps first wore no gaiters at all, with black marching band shoes. In the 1970s, a Louisiana Purchase Reenactment was held in St. Charles, MO. The bearskin crested hats changed from round-topped and red-rimmed to flat-topped, white-rimmed carriage hats.

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