fat extraction experiment

This Application Note describes the extraction of fat from a variety of dried milk products. All the fat can be removed from milk by extraction with petroleum ether or a similar organic solvent. percent is compared to that given on the package. �T��. There are three kinds of proteins in milk: caseins, lactalbumins, and lactoglobulins. ѱL]�^�ǰ͑#t�Bp53�X,!��&q���^�;�P��ա�H��rI���� 1����=��TD�`?��_��b��9�V���;�_AOI�j9� � P��ZiRV�3|x��C�r��&% �����A%�'��3|� ���{S6�Θ����D�Uez�lhr���A8�v���V���-��I�W�~��{��K��7� a��d�����!=��q�� ��r��� ����\s��-0����~3��s[�|�i�} �,7��e���\غ�`�!��*x�5�鮀#q�a����P~�ㄥ��i���$l��e��W��%W]�Zl���-!X�SSy=!f�Z�,a)���N�q��wfN��G�Iʎ �T́����*\L�#.Iyt.t��U1�B'���gaIؔ��u�=���S}b�u�,I� uRA�E��%�n�bE�/Ao"�5���7�����������b�c}�q�Y�`�5�ݢ7Qf� �(u�wa�3�"�]�9���x�PW��2�0�8�4$ߣPj�U*� �k�)�� �)��]C���fEC�5jȿ�eۨ�n�Sj��uԸE�����e nJ)��r)��#�^��왾���*�2ʋ��F���w����oc�`h<6�篤ъr�}�d��m�R��! facebook; tweet; google+; Preface DNA or Deoxyribo DeoxyriboNucleic DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid is a genetic information code molecule that exists in most living organisms. Fat extraction and TLC - LAB REPORT TEMPLATE.docx - CHEM 1002 Chemical Separations Extraction of Fat and Thin-Layer Chromatography NAME Mackenzie, Chemical Separations: Extraction of Fat and, The purpose of this experiment was to examine separations by looking at, polarity of functional groups. ����r|�*����d�� �,B�2��F�/̒�'�Ht�������! ����@i%�ܶb�6�m[6ӭ���6�>ץ�궘9dS��M��8���#=���Z�B1u�S#�V�4+�0�\*��z��[����i�W�L�u?po�����ԉ4�隑P���,��{�0�V�İM�� ��K���yF���Mt"�*}�o�u��R�_���U���ˁ���vm���)�]�=?���[Ta���������}g� ��/Cc�J��! DNA Extraction Experiment. Technical Support. �h�%/B����k�IOI2#�Nɿ��H%�� 鎶���eL�ue+��yNqb��t�%�n�ze��� ���ʸ� endstream endobj 87 0 obj <>stream ��=�a�z[�� c���k���&�3��^nF��ㆽ���I`s�k*��wj����gV���C��(��~ C5P�ظ�V���y+I��pǃ�W~ � �:���s����_^��B-��:�1�+�&�~XFSM�C�']:�[��b�;ƙ�-3q}���I:1��Z�O*�'����#�)f� endstream endobj 84 0 obj <>stream The extraction of fat from these matrices is rapid and the results are equivalent to the referenced traditional methods. TLC can be used to identify the unknown, substance by comparing the polarities of the separations in the unknown substance. Fat Extractor XT15. \�"�\v���Z����8٨��q %PDF-1.6 %���� '����{��]xg����m���0}c��u�1���d�%_AL}N�[Y�`���c(�9hl�Ϲ�)���o,ʻ�Y>�y����o�J����e5)r�|`�7��Rp:�X�Z��I1��fO��GM� �d��n�#��!�u���H���n ���-CVN"��э��d��9k9���nۏ4����VK�$(:'����>����o����o��ԹPa�c4FE��b&[i�|����%�U�4��Uq�>��R� endstream endobj 85 0 obj <>stream \��H:�qi�f��s�u�����A!=�j��a���ΔNf���d�Hb�����2� K%~��~�D2|��z~�ɔ�j��w�-���I�����e�%S����g�ٷ�f��DGc������6. Lab 8 Chemical Thermodynamics - LAB REPORT template, Fat extraction and TLC - LAB REPORT TEMPLATE.docx, Fat extraction and TLC - LAB REPORT TEMPLATE.pdf, Fat extraction and TLC - LAB REPORT template.docx. and is not specific for the extraction of lipid material. The extracted fat content was collected into a pre-weighed collection bottle vial. The samples range from very low-fat products such as skim milk powder to very high-fat products such as cream powder. It is possible that the extraction time was not long enough to gain a complete fat extraction from the low fat sample. By Reyshan On October 28, 2017 September 29, 2020 In Biology, Plant, Science Experiment Tagged Science experiment Leave a comment . For each ASE experiment, approximately 3 g of finely ground animal feed were loaded into a 10-mL extraction cell. ��6���#�a�id�TTs�ЙH endstream endobj 86 0 obj <>stream :�ƃB��%��n=y��8�]��h��� ��[�$��9Z[�LWU�$Q��/;��*���&8����tqyY�cL��$�I����x��v��;�co�T���̛d��*cG:��4�e�(E����!g�fmq�L��.�����:Ud�� w��>op����m�E��(i��0��M��٥��osL[&zV�* _�� endstream endobj 83 0 obj <>stream The crude fat fraction is defined by the solvent and the extraction conditions (time, temperature, particle size, ratio of solvent to test portion, etc.) Price: $20,500.00: Quantity . Official Crude Fat Extraction (AOCS Am 5-04) Totally Automatic Operation; Up to 150 Extractions per Day; Microprocessor Controlled with LCD Readout; Solvent Recovery at a rate of ~97%; Solvent Usage per Sample ~ 0.5 ml; No Vent-hood Required; SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE DETAILS; ANKOM XT15 Extractor. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. �*�DG�I=/B��|��F�9�Ċ�^� ��l�ɚw��=�_>U��>/���6��&0�Q:{��+�>"B��6zN�V� ٻ���&3v�!�{˥&]>���c�����fk2�5���~�o�E��i=�$}�� *�? � In order to separate the fat component of potato chips, hexane must be used, as hexane is similar to triglyceride, since they are both nonpolar. These mixtures are analgesic compounds, which, are sold as over-the-counter pain killers. The goal of this experiment was to demonstrate, concepts of organic chemistry by separating homogenous mixtures with thin, layer chromatography and by separating the fat component from potato chips by. 120 0 obj <>stream ���)�"tVg��w��Xa�rR��{͎���\HP��0��[��a&W�eȣO�>��C�(����/�B�/J��o�p �r����tM�^��g[�G[;�)`rU�m0Z�� ANKOM XT15 Extractor . s��/�#g6+���'k�{�:�,*�8%c(���.�`@ 2 Extraction of Fat from Dairy Products (Cheese, Butter, and Liquid Milks) Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) EXTRACTION CONDITIONS. 82 0 obj <>stream Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. E�,���e�v�� /p�1���<6z~+E� �/G���*����tG�jTݲ�?��m��f�*~���a6�+|刡QJ;%��k �M*a�Gw��IN"��%yrܸ ,�f��*b�h>��wmT9�BJ�׵��m��>k�v���G��Ph�6䈷Dk3 This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 5 pages. However, a longer extraction period may be necessary if the results show minus values. Extraction of Fat from Animal Feed Products using a Waters MV-10 ASFE System 2. For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! In part one of the experiment, the goal is to extract fat from baked and regular, potato chips. Introducing Textbook Solutions. 7�WvM͢���S��*0� ��Ke�[� J)��#���͗�-������2��'x����B�i�85>��A�4�6�! DNA is the material that forms chromosomes and is … �Ԍ���]1��D��+:�-HP��c=p�$(���"'7�������>t��Ht`.�^%˪����\������W�[R,.���

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