examples of innovation in the workplace

It is important to think about the creativity we display every day to motivate ourselves at the workplace. The most innovative companies have a flat – but strong – management approach, allowing employees to break down silos and barriers between work areas. This is inevitably true for employees and entrepreneurs. Facilitate Creativity in Unexpected Areas – Abraham Maslow, famous for creating the hierarchy of needs, said: “The key question isn’t ‘What fosters creativity?’ But…why in God’s name isn’t everyone creative?”. Create spaces and times for individual work (to suit the introverts on your team) and then bring people together to coordinate their efforts. Here are 10 ways to encourage innovation at your workplace as advised by experts: Do you like this article? ​. Provide an open door policy or offer an anonymous outlet for anyone who wishes to share their thoughts privately. After all, employees don’t want to feel like attempts at innovation could threaten their jobs if it goes wrong. (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': A reward is an added prerequisite for staying an edge ahead of the competition. Developing an innovation strategy also forces senior management to think about what innovation means to them, and to state in clear terms how their employees should contribute new ideas for products, systems, and services. Elon Musk’s radically flat management structure demands a hands-on approach from senior management and asks employees to work across departments in subject-specific ways. This can be as simple as providing public recognition, for example, giving out awards at all-hands meetings. A key part of this is developing an innovation strategy, and ensuring open communication about innovation. This is where ideas and innovation management software can help. However, coaching is not limited to external consultants. I’m gathering examples of innovative workplaces and work programs for a talk I’ll be delivering in March to a group of senior workplace executives. Group activities and think labs are the brainchildren of change evangelists promoting these networks. Others experiment with workflows and flexible summer schedules like the 9/80 model. Google’s groundbreaking office designs include features like putting greens, vintage subway cars, and revolving bookcases. If you empower your staff to chase their “aha moments”, you’ll soon find yourself with a more dynamic and innovative workplace. No Assigned Seating) Thanks to wireless internet, laptops, and tablets, employees are finding they don't necessarily need to be chained to a single desk. Your staff need clear, consistent information about the company’s innovation goals, and about the potential benefits for employees if they get things right. Throwing extra money at creatives doesn’t help them reach their fullest potential. a work day) to Google-related passion projects. A great example is DHL. Now, we’re turning our attention to breakthrough innovation and 6 great examples of it that we’ve seen. We must rope in at times a stand-up comedian, a lawyer or an artist to discuss key issues at the workplace. Related reading: How Flexible Working Hours & Telecommuting Increase Employee Productivity. Workplace innovation needs to be strategic and should be a core part of your company’s DNA. That said, while 84% of executives agree on the importance of innovation, only 6% are satisfied with innovation performance within their organization. Cultivate an office culture that rewards creative risk-taking. Brain hacking can help coax them out. For example, look at Amazon’s groundbreaking innovations in online purchase and delivery (and pretty much everything else).

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