dual piston mechanical disc brakes

VIDEO. It’s only after getting back on an Avid BB7-equipped bike that I feel comfortable in saying the Spyre is just as powerful as the Avid BB7 when pulled by Shimano, if not a bit more so. Need to align the pads slightly? Compatible with Road/Cyclo-cross bikes
Dual PistonIS & PM compatibleLightweight DesignBuilt in adjustmentHigh grade material constructionLightweight 268g (including rotor), Complies with and exceeds CEN regulations, Replacement Disc Brake Pad - VX/VRX/VRS852. Joining the number of brake manufacturers introducing new flat mount compatible designs is Rever. Would very highly recommend anyone to use hydraulic disk brakes and always skip on the mechanical.

and stopping power? Those needing a fully sealed hell 'n' high water system might be better with Jagwire's Road Elite Sealed Cableset. That kink in the cable doesn’t look very promising.. Look at the wicked bends in the cable housing. Callipers are machined aluminium with a satin black powder coated finish, which should ward off the salt monster and other nasties convincingly. For £69.99 and given the overall spec, the Clarks CMD-22 represent superb value for money. I only recall adjusting our's once, during the first 50 miles. Spyre calipers have a black anodized caliper body and a silver actuator arm with "Spyre" on it. Cutting to the chase, so the CMD-22 calliper wouldn't foul the spokes, I needed to switch to its TRP post mount. Santana has used flat mounts for decades. Progressive, powerful racers will still find hydraulics have a definite edge. CLICK HERE for more info. The confusing Torx hole to hide the 3mm hex adjustment bolt is gone.

Rotors are the same as the Tektro Lyra rotors. Nonetheless, these proved a reciprocal mix. Tektro USA or TRP customer service toll free at (877) 807-4162 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MT Monday through Friday, e-mail or online at or  and click on "View All" in the Latest News box, then click on the Spyre Recall for more information. There is just to many dead stroke in the lever, I adjusted the spring tension bolt to the maximum and even add some barrel adjusters in the cable, but that doesn’t help. The link you selected is for a destination outside of the Federal Government. Maybe I’m reading the article wrong, but you wrote, “Rever’s MCX1 flat mount caliper is the first dual piston mechanical disc we know of to be offered in flat mount…”. How compare to TRP Spyr/Spyke in price? Save for some minor brake squeal, coinciding with wet, greasy roads and detritus coating the rotas, that's as involved as things got. The sintered pads were surprising quiet on our dry ride, and offered sufficient grab. I'll Be a Supporter. is the world’s largest cycling tech blog. * Cables aren't included, which isn't surprising. reaches close to one million passionate cyclists per month.

Further fine tuning can be performed via the built-in barrel adjuster. One road ride isn’t nearly enough to report on how the brakes will handle and hold up in cyclocross conditions, but you can be sure we’ll give them a thorough test, just as we’ve done with every other cyclocross-relevant disc brake. As the title suggests, dual piston designs ensure both pads move, and ultimately, strike the disc rotors equally. Lack of brakes results in loss of control and a crash hazard, posing a risk of injury to the rider and others, Quality Bicycle Products Recalls Salsa Cycles Cutthroat Bicycles Due To Injury Hazard, Alliance Outdoor Products Recalls Climbing Treestands Due to Fall Hazard, Jakks Pacific Recalls to Repair Morfboard® Skate & Scoot Scooters Due to Fall Hazard, Peloton Recalls PR70P Bike Pedals Due to Laceration Hazard (Recall Alert) (Recall Alert), Petzl Recalls Safety Ropes Due to Fall and Injury Hazard, View CPSC contacts for specific areas of expertise, 4330 East West Highway Bethesda, MD 20814. CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products has contributed to a decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years. Spin the wheels, pump the brakes ten times, taking up any minor slack using the barrel adjuster. Far more noticeable, at least to this tester, is the difference that the rotor size makes on braking power, and a 160mm rear rotor certainly makes a brake more powerful than a 140mm rotor. Fade/wooden braking is last thing you'd want, on a 1in 4 with. Could that cable have been left longer? However, Rever mentions it is still a standard Shimano size pad which will make finding replacements easy. © Cyclocross Magazine But TRP Brakes didn’t stop there with its improvements to the Spyre.

3 This translates into even pad and rotor wear because the rotor does not need to … On pavement, the BB7 brakes felt comparable, but off-road they seemed so much more powerful than the Spyre, only because it was so much easier to skid. So, you'll get your money's worth from pads, rotors etc. Snug these down to 6/8nms tops. 4. • How We Make Money CONTINUING TO USE THIS SITE MEANS YOU ACCEPT THE USE OF COOKIES. What's 2+2? impressive, although modulation and feel lacked the absolute precision of the TRP Spyre. Rotors and adapters included . Overall, Rever’s MCX1 dual piston mechanical brake is a good buy, provided you’re the type of cyclist who likes their brakes to bring on the power further into the brake lever stroke. Cable operated brake callipers provide consistent braking performance that is better wheel rim based braking systems due to the position of the hub mounted braking surface. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Well, we’ll cut to the chase. The pre-flat mount versions were reviewed poorly here. That said (this goes for cable operated models per se) for best results, go for a compression less cable set.

Ultimately, the CMD22 are a lot of brake, for very modest buck and an ideal upgrade, for an older cable operated, single piston model. SPECIFICATIONS. Yet earlier last year on this same site you posted about the TRP Spyre Flat Mount. Assuming the frame threads have been cleaned and are in good health, simply offer the callipers and correct mount (e.g. . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Spyre SLC calipers have a polished aluminum caliper … Currently available for OE customers only, consumer availability is scheduled for mid summer with pricing TBD. Zoinks! Cut the amn cable 10mm after it exits the cable anchor bolt. Progressive, powerful racers will still find hydraulics have a definite edge.

Clarks CMD22 Dual Piston Mechanical Disc Brake System. Box Four 8 speed MTB drivetrain complete w/dedicated narrow-wide chainring. Enjoying our comprehensive coverage of every title race? It’s also important to note that our Spyre tests were done on the road with 23mm road tires. CLARKS CMD22 DUAL PISTON MECHANICAL DISC BRAKE SYSTEM 595g £69.99 The Clarks CMD22 Dual Piston Mechanical Disc Brake System is a cable operated design aimed at road, cyclo-cross, and gravel audiences. There have been no reports of injuries or property damage. (Mind you, a single TRP calliper costs almost as much as the complete Clarks ensemble, so I'll wind my neck in!). The Rever MCX1’s are well priced at $US 149.00 MSRP each, which includes a plethora of hardware to get them working on your bike. • Comment Policy This is straightforward, and though the printed instructions were a little faint, there's little difference between these and TRP Spyre. Verdict 3.5/5 Effective twin piston disc brakes with a wallet friendly price tag.

They’re close. Switched to my 'cross inspired fixed gear winter/trainer, which usually sports a TRP Spyre, performance was similarly. Had enough analyzing the nuances of this new brake’s design? CONTINUING TO USE THIS SITE MEANS YOU ACCEPT THE USE OF COOKIES. Jagwire Pro Road . Though not worlds apart, the CMD22 are also a bit lighter than the Avids, which is another, obvious draw. You may wish to review the privacy policy of the external site as its information collection practices may differ from ours. A bit of grit on the rotor and pads certainly helped bed things in, and the slight squeal was neither annoying, nor indicative of anything wrong. Brand: Origin8, Product: Vise II FM Mechanical Disc Brake - Cable-actuated flat-mount mechanical disc-brake caliper - "Plug and Play" dual piston caliper for improved braking performance over single-piston designs - Dual-piston brake …

THIS SITE USES GOOGLE ANALYTICS TO ANALYSE TRAFFIC. All our mechanical brakes are supplied with Post Mount and International Standard mounting brackets, bolts calipers and rotors. and weight? This results in even pad wear and easy pad adjustment with the addition of a barrel adjuster. IS/POST) to the frame/fork and bolt aboard with your 5mm Allen key, leaving them slightly loose for the time being. THIS SITE USES GOOGLE ANALYTICS TO ANALYSE TRAFFIC. Our new ground breaking dual piston calliper is suitable for road / cycle-cross / hybrid drop bar bikes. Pros: Inexpensive, Powerful, with good modulation and feel, readily available spares. All material on this website is copyright to No material may be reproduced in any media with the specific written permission of the owners. This recall includes Spyre and Spyre SLC dual-piston mechanical disc brake calipers sold as original and aftermarket equipment in 2013. It’s dual piston provides even braking and modulation on both sides of the rotor thanks to its unique design which allows both pistons to activate simultaneously.

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