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It came from the sky and covered the ground – kind of like frost or, yes, snow!! Papyrus Document & Design, LLC What are some things that happen to Christians that make them “dirty”? Worried about budget or time constraints? What happened to the different cups of snow? With Jesus, we are the perfect mix. In the end, you will have something you don’t quite expect! Faith Object Lesson: How to Explain “Faith” to Sunday School Kids, Disappearing Water Trick Object Lesson for The Woman at the Well Lesson, Halloween Object Lesson for Elementary Sunday School Kids, Sunday School Object Lesson on God's Power from the Story of Gideon, How to explain SIN to your Sunday School class (Object Lesson). Um, what’s that? Teach kids how to really have faith by using a blindfold. Real kindness must match what the other person needs. My other website, The Christian Resistance, details […], Free Sunday School & Youth Group Bible lesson plans are listed below, Free Sunday School & Youth Group Bible Lesson Plan Worksheets Directory, Mocking The Changing Landscape Of Bullying, Free Sunday School & Youth Group Bible Lessons Directory Page, Sunday School Lesson Plans about Sovereignty, Helping Christian Teens Share Their Faith, Anti-Bullying Resources for Christian Teenagers, Your Identity In Christ Teen Bible Lessons, Teen Bible Lessons Suicide and Self-Injury, Dealing with Self-Injury (cutting) with the Bible, Spiritual Gifts Sunday School Lesson Plans FREE, Discernment Counterfeits legalism Youth Bible Lessons. So again, I started on what seemed like a fruitless hunt for a cool object lesson. I don’t remember exactly what I was talking about when I did this object lesson. That’s right, you can literally stand on eggs that are totally raw. Demonstrate how God showed Gideon that he could do the impossible with this simple trick. Do you need Jesus to clean you up again? The feast of unleavened bread? When we have faith and follow the Holy Spirit, we will soar as high as a kite for God. It might even be possible to use the one left out overnight as a hammer! They have all been taught and revised several times so you are getting a tried and true lesson. . I’m a 64 year-old writer who loves Jesus, spent 30+ years in the American Evangelical Church, and walked out the door over the Religious Right and their support of Donald Trump. Makes a great Palm Sunday Lesson. She also works as the Outreach Ministries Director at LifePlan, an organization with the mission of "Spreading the Gospel by helping people choose life and live a Hope-filled life". We’re constantly making updates to our collection! The plagues of Egypt were not only gross and terrifying, but they were actually a challenge to the fake gods of Egypt by the real God of the universe. Demonstrate how Jesus is the “light of the world” with a simple electricity experiment. The Application: The longer you ignore Jesus, the harder your heart becomes! The weight of sin is a heavy burden indeed. Great Prices. Instead of seeing how close to the fire (temptation) we can get, we need to stay as far away as possible. The point I wanted to drive home that Sunday was that sin breaks our relationship with God. Fill the “Sin” jar with water and dark food coloring. All rights reserved. An illustration that compares Jell-O to our fleshly (sinful) desires. 29. I was talking about how God takes care of us…even in the most... 2. A shadowy figure skittered and dashed through the alleyways at night, hoping that no one would see him. This Object Talk will show the kids how God keeps us safe from the grasp of the devil in miraculous ways. The Experiment: Fill up a few bottles (small water bottles or ketchup bottles work best, but I used empty pop bottles once and it worked – it was just a little harder) with water and food coloring. (Examples: Noah, Jonah, when Jesus calmed the storm). If you're making your own children's ministry curriculum, you can find lots of ideas, worksheets, graphics and … What new things replace the old? Helping Christian Parents Parent Their Teenagers, How to Keep Teenagers Interested in Attending Church, Youth Group Safety & Teacher Accountability. Joshua and his army are headed to Jericho, and the stage for an epic battle is set— but they’re not going to fight the normal way. The choices you make will either help or hinder your ability to accomplish the tasks God gives you. We react to many things without even thinking, even out of habit. Looking back now I kind of feel a personal connection to this video because I remember watching it for the first time and realizing that I had finally found an object lesson that would work. I would rather NOT use an object lesson than to do one that is terrible. We often bash the Israelites for complaining, but what they went through was a real test of faith. Children's ministry resources that provide everything you need for a great Sunday school experience in the classroom or at home. Also, if you work with children in a ministry or school setting, be sure to check out my Easter plays. currently available from BetterBibleTeachers. We need Jesus to cover our sins and make us pure again. This particular lesson was about Jesus asking Peter 3 times, “Do you love me?”. These experiments use cheap, everyday objects found around the house, such as thread, styrofoam plates and tin foil. And then sure enough, as soon as the lesson is over, they are running up to you asking how to do the trick. The Application: This snow wasn’t too sweet until something was added to it – syrup! Consider things like… (Younger students) Charades, with a word whispered in a child’s ear to act out in front of the other kids. God is SO powerful – He can control the weather! It was a lesson on the Shadrach, Meshach, and Obedingo and I wanted an object lesson to illustrate their utter dependence on God and his ability to rescue them. Love the object lessons. Galatians 6:7. They taught us that one last year.” If you’ve ever heard kids say those kinds of things when you mention the Bible story you’re going to teach, it’s probably time to spruce up your material. Sweet. And the best part is…all you need are some plastic cups, slush powder, and some water. And so we have stayed home and tried to stay warm. Ask the kids what they would do if they were wandering in the desert with no food or water? An object talk to show how God protects us in unseen ways, to help us overcome life's difficulties. (Note: my kids do not like the taste of vanilla in their snow ice cream, so I often use cocoa powder instead. Possessed by The Spirit Ties in with Halloween. "The wealth of the wise is their crown, but the folly of fools yields folly." Fill the “Jesus” jar with half water, half bleach. Make sure you are who you say you are! Keep two or three in your brief case so you can use the one most appropriate to your kids needs on the particular day. And MORE Sunday School Lessons for Kids. He is held tightly by the ropes of his sins. The trick really illustrates the impact of what happened in the Garden of Eden and how it effects each one of us. in .pdf format to download. The lukewarm water kept the snow somewhere in the middle – really, a mushy, good-for-nothing mess. What was the problem with the scribes and pharisees? How did he do it?

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