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Oral reports revealed that the Voltain formation was created soon after the Precambrian era when sagging of land occurred resulting in scarp slopes due to different levels of sagging. Potentials•    The district enjoyed a fairly favorable agro-climatic conditions for both crop and livestock production. NPP YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, KINTAMPO 2. The Municipal is sub-divided in to four administrative zonal councils. The Kintampo North Municipal District[2] is one of the eleven districts of the Bono East Region and was one of the twenty-two (22) districts of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The major livestock enterprises are cattle, sheep and goats and local poultry. They settled along the trunk road that runs through Kintampo to Tamale but others are scattered over the Municipality.Out-migrant is mainly of the youth who move out for greener pastures especially to Techiman, Kumasi and other towns. Utilization of community-based health planning and services compounds in the Kintampo North Municipality: a cross-sectional descriptive correlational study The Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) initiative was introduced to improve coverage and utilization of basic health services for people in remote rural communities … Policy, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Directorate of Agricultural Extension Services, Root & Tuber Improvement & Marketing Programme (RTIMP), Nothern Rural Growth Productivity Programme (NRGP), West African Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP), Programmes for the Promotion of Perennial Crops in Ghana, Afram Plains District Agric Dev't Project, Inland Valley Rice Dissemination Project (NDRP), Sustainable Development of Rain-fed Lowland Rice Production Project, Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP), Admission of Candidates for three month intensive training in Vegetable Production under Greenhouse and Irrigation Technology, Enhancing Small-Scale Aquaculture Towards Agribusiness Development, Welcome to Ministry of Food & Agriculture, © 2020 Ministry of Food & Agriculture. •    There was no reported case of food deficit in the district. The MCE asked Teachers to be role models to the pupil they teach. •    Well developed programmes and projects including cashew development project, (CDP), root and tuber  improvement and market programme (RTIMP), livestock development project (LDP), northern rural growth programme (NRGP)  among others. The projects were executed by Dr. David Mensah a native of Yaara in Kintampo based in Canada as a support to complement government’s effort in bringing development to the people in communities in the Mo traditional area. Rural – Urban SplitAbout 73.1% of the Municipal population lives in the rural areas and 26.9% live in the only urban centre, Kintampo. The mean annual rainfall is between 1,400mm-1,800mm and occurs in two seasons; from May to July and from September to October with the minor season (May – July) sometimes being obscured. About 71.1% of the population is engaged in agriculture and its related activities as their main economic activity. MoFA's Mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and thriving agribusiness through research and technology development, effective extension and other support services to farmers, processors and traders for improved livelihood. These are the Kintampo zonal councils, Babatorkuma zonal councils, Kadelso zonal councils and New Longoro zonal councils. •    The district enjoys a bimodal rainfall pattern. MigrationMigration here refers to the movement of people to and from Kintampo. Initiation of projects and innovation in these areas will help integrate them into the development process and utilize the abundant but currently under-utilized resources. Rawlings' Death: We Need Privacy At This Difficult Moment — ... MO YOUTH GROUP FOR NPP, KINTAMPO 4. In terms of relief and drainage, the vast expanse of flat land especially the Northern part makes it suitable for large scale mechanized farming. From the table, it can be concluded that the Municipal has a matured population. ClimateThe Municipality experiences the Tropical Continental or interior Savannah type of climate, which is a modified form of the tropical continental or the Wet-semi equatorial type of climate. "3rd Disinfection Will Help Reduce Rising COVID-19 Cases", Disinfection Has Helped Government To Fight COVID-19---Dep. Agriculture being the major economic activity constitutes the main source of household income in the area. Its capital is Kintampo. These soils are formed mainly over Voltain shale and granites. Fishing which is already an important activity on the Black Volta can be promoted if measures are put in place to ensure sustainable operations by the fishermen. This is the population that works to earn a living or contribute meaningfully to the Municipal development. Farmers are also provided. The population figures given above however include other smaller settlements around these major settlements. The Municipal which falls within the Voltain basin is endowed with a lot of water resources. The split at the national level is 37.4% Urban and 62.6%% rural. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. These conditions give rise to sunny conditions for most parts of the year. Major Food CropsThe Kintampo Municipal economy can be described as purely agrarian. There were twelve functional CHPS communities in the Kintampo North Municipality at the time of this study. In Ghana, the worst problems of poverty, disease, illiteracy, ignorance and deprivation are found in the rural areas. He appeal to NGOs, Ghanaians living abroad and Ghana to help the government develop our communities, to improve the livelihood of our people. The ground water lateral soils are generally poor in organic matter and in nutrients. Kintampo North … However, because of the transitional nature of the area, the distinction between the two peaks is often not so marked. However the savannah ochrosols are more supplied with organic matter and nutrients. THE SETTLERS GROUP FOR NPP, KINTAMPO 3. The major food crops produced in the area are Yam, Maize, Cowpea, Cassava, Rice, Plantain, Egushie, Groundnut and Beans. These substructures are geographically linked to each other by road and are accessible. The slopes through which the rivers flow have given rise to water falls. Mr. Michael Sarkodie Baffoe, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Kintampo has commissioned a six unit classroom block, Teacher rsquo;s quarters, a mini dam and water project at Gomboi, Yaara and Dwere in the Kintampo North … That of the Brong Ahafo Region is about 44 persons per square Kilometre. Generally, these soils are good for the cultivation of tubers, cereals, tobacco, vegetable and legumes. Brong Ahafo has 32.6% urban and 67.4% rural. Kintampo North Municipal District is the remainder of the former Kintampo District after the Kintampo South District had been split off, on November 12, 2003.,, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with missing country, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 14:04. He thanked Dr. Nana David Mesanh on behalf of the Ghana Education Service for his good work. History. Savannah Regional Minister, S/R: Government, Zoomlion Embarks On Phase 3 Of Market Disinfections, Kumasi Prisons Receive Support From Susanna Wesley Mission Auxiliary, Ahafo Markets Benefit From 3rd Phase Of National Disinfection, COVID-19 Fight: Middlebelt Development Authority Distributes PPEs To Residents, Invest In Us Just Like SHS Students—Tailoring, Dressmaking Apprentices To Gov't, Kafaba And Other Communities In The East Gonja Municipality Benefit From Maltiti Foundation's Health Screening Outreach, Ghana Teen Choice Awards 2020 Nominations Now Open, Get the latest live updates about the Coronavirus Pandemic, Catch up on the latest news videos from around the world. This notwithstanding, with population growth rate of about 2.6% per annum, sooner or later, the bush fallow system practiced would not be possible, as land per head would reduce. Population DensityThe population density for the entire nation is about 79.3 persons per square Kilometre. This is due largely to the fact that the Municipal is in the transitional Zone between the two major climatic regions in Ghana. The Kintampo North Municipal District is one of the eleven districts of the Bono East Region and was one of the twenty-two (22) districts of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The Kintampo Municipal however has an estimated population density of 21.75 persons per square kilometre. Labour ForceThe Labour force (active population) made up of people between the age groups of 15-64 is estimated to be 64%. This implies that the Municipality has the potential to produce more for the dependant group who fall within age groups 0.14 and 65+. KINTAMPO NORTH 1. He thanked the MCE for his support to ensuring the projects were successful. 1 hour ago, Rawlings' Death: We Need Privacy At This Difficult Moment —, Trump Campaign Sues In Michigan To Block Vote Count Results, Biden Names Top Aide Klain As Incoming Chief Of Staff, Former Ghana leader Jerry Rawlings dies at 73, African science fiction: rereading the classic Nigerian nove, J.P. Clark: the ‘pepper’ of the Niger Delta activism stew, Diabetes is a ticking time bomb in sub-Saharan Africa, Read How Prof Oduro Exposes Captain Smart, "Ordering Jane Na, Bring My 'Kpanjag' If You Want To Join Politics — Bawku Nab, NAGRAT Demands 25% Increase In Base Pay For 2021, Felix Kwakye Rubbishes Alleged Infidel Video,'I Kept Items F, How Mfantseman MP ‘Killers’ Were Busted In Kumasi Exposed By, 60 Alleged Western Togoland Separatists Freed, Breaking News: JJ Rawlings Confirmed Dead, WAEC Caution Students Against Using Rogue Sites That Give Fa. SoilsSoils in the Municipal belong to two main groups; the ground water lateral soils which cover nearly 3/5 of the Municipal in particular and the interior wooded savannah zone in general. He advised the pupil to study hard as future leaders and listen to their parents as well as be of good behaviour as future role models. He added that the government was putting effort to promote girl child education and urged all parents to support their children especially girls attend school and not to give them out for early marriages. Livestock ProductionThe livestock industry is vibrant in the municipality. The vast water resources in the western part of the Municipal could be harnessed for irrigation purposes especially rice cultivation and dry season gardening as well as domestic supply of potable water. Relative humidity are light varying from 90%-95% in the rainy season to 75% – 80% in the dry season. Rocks belonging to this formation are mainly sedimentary and exhibit horizontal alignments. Kintampo Municipal has an estimated population of 111,122 comprising 49.1% male and 50.9% female, with a growth rate of 2.6% (2000 population census).. Because of the fertile nature of the land, migrant farmers from the north … Population Size and Growth RatesKintampo Municipal has an estimated population of 111,122 comprising 49.1% male and 50.9% female, with a growth rate of 2.6% (2000 population census).. Because of the fertile nature of the land, migrant farmers from the north move to settle on arable lands where they can get enough farm produce consequently the area has a potential of population explosion. This makes them unreliable for irrigation purpose.

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