coconut and arecanut intercropping

//-->\n Claroideoglomus luteum (1.7 %), A.scorbiculata (6.8 %) Rhizophagus clarus (12 %), Glomus multicaule (9.8 %) were found to be associated with arecanut cropping system. Ekanade O. and Ebge N.E. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mycol Res 105:1413–1421, Secilia J, Bagyaraj DJ (1987) Bacteria and actinomycetes associated with pot culture of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas. document.write('<\/a>'); Some of the N-fixing, Bacillus spp., fluorescent Pseudomonas spp., Trichoderma spp., and P-solubilizers obtained in this study site are shown in Fig. The crop performed better as an intercrop than as a pure stand as measured by growth (height, tillers and leaves per plant, and leaf length and breadth), yield (rhizome length and breadth, yield per plant and hectare, and dry matter content) and survival. , Copyright © 2014 CPCRI. 1987. At 0-30cm soil depth, optimum nutrient concentration for P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and B was established as 15, 192, 925, 179, 37, 88, 26, 5.5 and 1.4 mg kg, Cocoa is planted at a spacing of 2.7m x 5.4m in pits of 60 cm, Systematic study for 10 years on drip irrigation and fertilizer requirement of cocoa mixed cropped in arecanut revealed that drip irrigation at E, Physiology Biochemistry and Post Harvest Technology, Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF), EPABX Directory of ICAR-CPCRI Head Quarters, Glimpses on InvasiveRugose Spiralling Whitefly on Coconut. - (1994) noted that the highest sprouting percentage (100 percent) was recorded for cultivars Earanadan and Valluvanad when 26 ginger cultivars were grown in 3 X 1 m plots to be screened as intercrops for coconuts at the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pilicode, Kasargod District, India. Irrigation with 200 litres of water per palm once in 6 days through hose is recommended. Z Anal Chem 22:366, Linderman RG, Paulitz TC (1990) Mycorrhizal–rhizobacterial interactions. CAB Direct provides Kuruppampady recorded the highest NVEE under open and intercropped conditions. In: Hornby D, Cook RJ, Henis Y, Ko WH, Rovira AD, Schippers B, Scott PR (eds) Biological control of soil-borne plant pathogens. Combination of cacao with other plantation crops: an Agroforestry system in Southeast Bahia, Brazil. (1999), investigated the effect of intercropping ginger with maize under rain-fed conditions. Samples were collected from a soil depth of 0–25 cm from the rhizosphere of each crop, and stored in polyethylene bags. The technology for vermicomposting of coconut palm wastes by using a local earthworm. Sprinkler irrigation or perfo irrigation with 20 mm (IW / CPE = 1) water was found to be the best suited to inter or mixed cropping systems where the entire surface requires wetting. Altogether 14 AMF species (Fig. Madras Agric J 73(3): 170–172. The days of high coconut stand intercropped with cocoa are past. Among the six edaphic factors analysed, an inverse relationship of mycorrhizal population with soil pH and soil phosphorous was observed. var addy50031 = 'director.cpcri' + '@'; However, the response of arecanut to chemical fertilizers was more pronounced as the yield increase was 73-85% with NPK application compared to VC application alone (48-59%) and integrated treatments (46-63%) over control. Our studies suggest that AMF colonization and species richness is more in coconut cropping systems compared to arecanut cropping systems.

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