cfa level 1 summary notes

A company can increase its common equity by reinvesting earnings or issuing new stock. An important concept in capital budgeting is that of Sunk Costs. Our study notes are designed and written by CFA Charterholders to help you understand core concepts covered in the CFA exams in the most efficient way. There are three important ratios to help quantify types of risk associated with leverage. Each topic is further divided into readings which cover a specific area of that topic. 6. For commercial paper and other loans that include dealer commissions and backup costs: $$ Cost=\frac { Interest+Dealer’s\quad Commission+Backup\quad Costs }{ Loan\quad Amount-Interest } $$, October 11, 2019 in CFA® Program by Mathieu Valois. The Current Ratio and Quick Ratio are very common and will show up on the exam. Reading 51 – Portfolio Management: An Overview Portfolio management is about creating a... August 19, 2020 in CFA® Program, FRM by Faith Muasya. There is a relationship that exists in determining the optimal amount of capital a company should take on to pursue new investment opportunities. The rate applied to debt is multiplied by 1-the marginal tax rate because interest payments on debt are tax-deductible. Actually I was reading the text book without making any cheat sheets or summary notes. Period. Over 5,700 practice questions that cover the entire CFA … $$ F=fixed\quad cost $$ Financial intermediaries like real estate investment trusts (REITs) and master limited partnerships (MLPs) securitize real assets and passing through most of their net income after management fees to investors. You guys are the best. On this page you find summaries, notes, study guides and many more for the study book Summary CFA Level 1, written by A. Dorsman & Marilynne Robinson. The Yield-to-Maturity Approach is the yield that equates the present value of the bond’s future payments to its market price. You will need to be able to calculate and explain the importance of Price Elasticityon the exam. $$ { P }_{ p }=preferred\quad stock\quad price\quad per\quad share $$. The applicable yield is equal to the stated yield of the debt instrument multiplied by 1 minus the marginal tax rate. Accounts payable management is another important component of liquidity management. $$ NPV=\sum _{ }^{ }{ \frac { { CF }_{ t } }{ { \left( 1+r \right) }^{ t } } } $$ { r }_{ e }=cost\quad of\quad equity $$ Predictability: the extent to which the future of the environment can be forecast, which depends on the degree of complexity and dynamic change. Bonds are also categorized by the level of credit risk …

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