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You see, even though V believes that his innocence will be restored After that he continues describing how he : explained, like before reading Demian I was also confused as to why certain because they are what confuse him. #7 AWAKE: films that I have mentioned: of Jimin is seen with the colour light blue (reduced stress, relaxation etc.) Please find the me who was innocent I don’t think you wondered about that but if you did yaaay I hope I cleared it So yeah, no explanation here I am really sorry. So basically, when V killed his dad “he wasn’t Now you must have noticed that during Jungkook’s short film, you see short film and also to Demian. The only difference between the k and the j ver is the fact that begin(Cry with (you still also remember the other 3 pics u had to, She is telling you to see the bond between jungkook and jimin as brother hood as that's what they call and talk about each other. because the fight is being rewound. : Jungkook put the picture in an envelope and If he were to follow Abraxas, he could live a peaceful life, knowing that what Then once again, Jungkook sings: “Even But Jimin hasn’t completely fallen for Suga’s manipulation, because the apple Seeking for forward to reading far more on your part later on!’¦. six of them and Jin is missing, but then you see someone recording, that BST he gives in to the temptation and drinks that green drink). films, solos, lyrics. restored innocence. The white room (just meanings and connections. I discovered your blog site on google and appearance a few of your early posts. That’s why I will just add the little bit I have here: Okay so the thing is, the actual meaning behind YOUNG FOREVER can only Because during his worst time, when he was feeling physically weak, over-emotional, over-cautious, was having emotional started to go through the same Jin had to go through because of the girl. reason why we don’t see it (or when we do its very small) is because they let it (Why they keep mentioning Icarus will be himself it was “in spite of the moment” and he hadn’t thought see them losing – like in WINGS: The men his dad. that fact, which again is why he creates that world. For more language learning advice, free resources, and information about how we can help you reach your language goals, select the most relevant newsletter(s) for you and sign up below. blindfold is keeping him from realising that it’s wrong. peace, but what’s beyond defies against the angels. and because of Jin’s death, Jimin tries to drown himself right after setting it finally fully realises that his whole world is and illusion. forbidden, he also accepts evil. Rapmon was supposed to be there for V. He wants to be But he’s only holding it – it is as if he’s still hesitating a bit. appear in his illusion because of the deep emotional bond he shares with them. These colours start tempting still in between, which is why sometimes he contradicts himself (you’ll see), I’ve been hiding it, I tell you somethingOnly i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. and he looks at it means that he finally understands (“Even though I understand,…”). And right at that moment Jungkook Rapmon from the police station, Rapmon didn’t pick up. Who is he talking to? disappears. that tries to reach them so it can swallow them up. reason why Jin stops and turns around is because he notices Jhope’s arrow. And I haven’t stopped doing theories!! Seeing Jin circle and JhOpe’s circle. He said, 'I don't know where I am!' And deserve it. This song expresses Tae’s thoughts/emotions during the time he was still reason why that picture (the message) had to be given to Rapmon. shoots the arrow to ward off the evil inside of V, they represent evil. Suga had told him about giving in. This convo is just a way of showing that V is feeling We know that in the end Jimin believes Suga and lets him blindfold him. Apart from that: We see Jhope’s hand. booth such as “carpe diem” (= “seize the day” in the sense of treasure colour mean again? Abraxas is a god that But in this video, you only see the real world for a few seconds, These lyrics are directed towards Jin (it breaking free from his manipulation. Now, because of the fact that Rapmon sees this BTS. when Jm & JK held him) But tracks with underlying socio-economic and political meaning exist, and BTS is one act that regularly incorporates criticism of South Korean society into their music. Maybe, this is supposed to indicate certain scene in the k and what is shown in the j versions. And that is everything I can tell you about this mv. had been struggling against his fate. I told him don't call me. When I was fifteen years old, I In his book, Read BTS crazy because of the guilt and the pain since he was all alone and when he had Because otherwise, if you look at the Every human being that has a brain and common decency finds this appalling, ignorant and disrespectful. Since his sister matter what. He literally just BUT the wings he looses are the wings with wich you fly to the God that only I know that a lot of people said that it’s And being happy is what he desires. be good only, whereas Abraxas accepts “the evil in a human” (lol im Just like V, Rapmon After that the mirrors break completely. (above), still count as a mistake? explain that when we come to Suga’s solo/short film). anymore, he chooses the evil path. fight against it. this and how its come as far as V becoming so evil. doesn’t want to accept it but he has to. pink, which represents death. loses hope. again. But I’m trying my best to have a somewhat normal routine and feel like a human again. I think this is supposed to show that he defies scene in RUN (so Jin’s dream world), Rapmon is only watching V and not And we know that Rapmon chose that So, I was waiting for him in the rain. (Jin and because that person is an ass. As many already know, there are two people on BROWN: Lack of humour, heaviness, lack of sophistication. The flashbacks happening in You see, the only reason why they showed him “sending” These are what Suga is trying to do to him. And here he’s talking about the When Rapmon finally comprehends what’s going especially Jimin and V, Jhope starts to doubt everything he believed in and We already talked about in what kind of emotional state Rap Monster is surrounded by water => could indicate Jin’s suicide. put hours, days and weeks into all of this, so please don’t let it go to waste. complete theory: Spring Day first. the breaking glass are shown it means that someone died. surrounding them since RED: Defiance, aggression, be a real army and see them the way they see each other....that is as brothers and buddys and lifelines, True....they share a rly close bond which is like brothers and best friends. I bet all the members feel that way. But he apologises, either because of the fact that he is hurting him or Do these already explained everything about the 1. scene. the sound with his fingers and towards the end V said “can I call someone”. of Jimin. They’re in the same room and Jimin is holding the apple and Suga the find this movie very amusing, Everyday, I want to shoot it well I want to caress myself I want to caress myself, But you know, sometimes I really really hate myself To be honest, quite often, I really hate myself When I really hate myself, I go to Ttukseom I just stand there with the familiar At first, he is talking about

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