boring sponge scientific name

If you find an empty shell covered with pockmarks, it means that animal was once infested by a boring sponge. The boring sponge is a thick, bright yellow sponge. Cliona spp. Boring sponge. The sponge itself is often visible as a rather featureless yellow or orange lump at the bottom of the hole. (Mark A. Wilson/The College of Wooster) 1 of 2. It is found worldwide. Inside the substrate, the sponge bores interior canals of up to 3 mm. Cliona celata, occasionally called the red boring sponge, is a species of demosponge belonging the family Clionaidae. Cliona spp. Grant, 1826: Common Name: Boring Sponges Shell-burrowing Sponges: Synonymy: Anthosigmella Topsent, 1918 2 of 2. This sponge creates round holes up to 5 millimetres (0.20 in) in diameter in limestone or the shells of molluscs, especially oysters. If you find an empty shell covered with pockmarks, it means that animal was once infested by a boring … Color: Description: These species are visible as scattered papillae, protruding through the surface of corals, or as incrustations, that actually bore into coral heads ( Cliona janitrix ). Florent's Guide To The Tropical Reefs - Vagabond Boring Sponge - Spheciospongia vagabunda - Common Sponges - - Common Sponges - Indo-West Pacific, Hawaii - Species Name: Cliona spp. (Bernard Picton/Encyclopedia of Marine Life of Britain and Ireland) 2 of 2.

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